These Useful Blogging Tools Will Help You Blog Smartly

It’s been almost 6 years that I’m into Blogging and with time I have used many applications, Blogging tools, websites and software to enhance my blogging. I think it’s a good idea to share what all tools and software’s I use in my pro-blogging world.

Amazing Blogging Tools

Most of the software’s I mentioned below is something I already talked about here in the form of reviews. Though, putting all of them in one place will make things easier for every blogger. Also, while finishing this article, I realize I have most tools that works on desktop. I would love to know, how many of you are a big fan of desktop blogging tools over online tools?

List of Best Blogging Tools for Your Blog:

Before we move ahead, let me clear out what do I mean by Blogging tools here. These are usually those blogging software’s, tools, platform, web site without which my blogging is incomplete, or probably won’t be like the same. I’m sure this will help newbie bloggers and instead of waiting years to try them, it’s time you should at least give it a shot.

Windows live writer: (Desktop blog editor for Windows)

Windows Live writer

Windows live writer is a desktop editor that works with almost all popular blogging platforms. I have been using it since 2008, (Now I don’t use it as I’m on Mac OS) and it helped me a lot to increase productivity. This is an entirely functional desktop editor, where you can not only write content but add, edit and enhance images. Specially, Watermarking images using windows live writer is super easy. You can download Windows live writer from here, and if you are new to it, my guide on Configuring Windows live writer with WordPress will help you. Only downside is it doesn’t work with Mac & Mac users can refer to Mac desktop editor.

Blogo (Desktop blog editor for Mac)

Blogo Blogging App for Mac

If you are on Mac, you shouldn’t  miss on using Blogo. Blogo is a desktop editor where you can do offline writing and directly publish to your WordPress blog from the dashboard. It offers many features such as Image editing, upload images directly from the desktop, retrieve published post and so on. Blogo is one Mac blogging tool that you should install right now. It’s available in Mac App store, and you can download it from here.

Update: I would suggest you to also look at Desk which seems more promising. I’m constantly switching between Blogo and desk, but I think ultimately I will stick to Desk.



English is not my first language, and I often make silly grammatical mistakes. In the past, I had an editor to help me with the proof-reading, but the process was time-consuming. In the starting of 2015, I started using Grammarly, and I’m in love with it. This tool is highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with English. You can try Grammarly for free using the below link.

Try Grammarly (It’s free)



BuzzSumo is one free tool which you should know of and started using right now. With BuzzSumo you can find most shared content from any blog. All you need to do is add the URL of the blog and it will show you most shared post from that blog on social media. There are many more filters which you can use to find content which are popular on any website. Best part is it’s free. You can use this tool here.

Content Title maker:

Topic title generator

Your post title is one of the crucial element for the success and vitality of your blog post. If you write a post that has a catch title, you will not only get more eyeballs, it will also help you to get more social-media sharing. This is a free title generator for blog post that will automatically generate and suggest click-worthy post title.

Check out title-maker

ManageWp for managing multi WordPress site:


If you manage more than one WordPress blog, ManageWP is a blogging tool for you. With ManageWP you can manage all your WordPress blog from one dashboard. This a paid tool and it’s free for those who have less than 5 sites. You can learn more about ManageWP here and create a free account using below link.

Check out ManageWp.


This is one service that I would highly like to recommend to people who have multi-media social profile. This one will help you to keep your social profile active. Also offers many addons and bookmarklet for a quick share. I’m using their iPhone app and Chrome add-on. You can read Bufferapp review here and sign up for a free account here.

Snag it: Image Capturing and Editing

Snag it a desktop based image capturing and editing tool. Most of the pictures that you see here on ShoutMeLoud for tutorials are taken using Snag it! It’s a paid tool but worth a buy for a long run. Buy snag it right now. Highly recommended image editing tool for Bloggers. Here is a video tutorial for Snag it:

Camtasia: for Video Blogging


We have already talked about video blogging and how you can go viral with video Blogging. You might see my very active on YouTube here @denharsh. I’m using this video recording tool to create a screencast and video tutorials. One of the best paid software for video recording. I’m not adding any mic recorder recommendation here, because I’m still looking out for the best one. You can download Camtasia for free from here.

SEMRUSH: For Keyword analysis


SEMRUSh blogging tool

SEMRUSH is one fantastic tool for any blogger who doesn’t like to dig down a lot on SEO. SEMRUSH does all the work for you to find the keywords for your blog, and also let you monitor your blog back links and SEO report of your site. This is like a plug and play SEO tool which is loved by anyone who uses it. I started using SEMRUSH in 2012 and even after 2 and half years, I’m in love with it. You can read the review of SEMRUSH here and try this tool completely free for 15 days using this special link.

PayPal for Payments:

Paypal is one of the best service for Bloggers to send and receive money worldwide. I own a business, account and if you are making money from Blogging, it’s time for you to have a PayPal account. Getting a PayPal account, is free and you can get your first account here.

Aweber for Email Marketing:

When you have an Email list for your blog, you can read out to your subscribed users any time. There are many Email marketing tools out there, but nothing beats Aweber for the feature it offers. With few clicks you can set up and have an Email optin box for your blog and from a single dashboard, you can send eMail newsletter to your subscriber. None the less, you can always setup RSS feed of your blog to send out newsletter to your eMail subscriber. You can start with $1 and follow below guide to learn how to use it right now:

Money Making Programs:

I’m using variety of advertisement programs like Adsense, BuySellads and many more. Though, I have already done a separate post for the same and you can learn about it on my post on: How ShoutMeLoud makes money.

iPhone And iPad:

I’m a new fan of Apple (3-year-old), and I own an iPhone4 and iPad2. Both of them combined makes my blogging easier. Eespecially, when I’m traveling (I love traveling) iPad is very handy. In the case if you don’t own any you should opt for one and get the feel of one such gadget, which will make your life easier. Some of the apps, which I use almost every day on my  iPhone: Zite, WordPress,Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, Facebook app, YouTube app, Dropbox, Evernote, PayPal, Pocket app and default Twitter app.


Another addon for Gmail, which organize your Emails and give them a label. This helps a lot to see important Emails first and other promotional and newsletter Email later on. If you are getting hundreds of Email every day, that also includes spam messages in Inbox, you can use IOB service for free and keep your inbox free.

Flickr Uploader:

I have already shared how to drive traffic from Flickr and now only it helps me in driving traffic but also helped me to get free backlinks. Many sites leeches images from Flickr and description of images fetches backlinks. Flickr uploader for desktop makes it easier to quickly upload images. Not to mention, upload images/Screenshots taken by you. Download Flickr desktop uploader.


I use Skype mostly to connect with other bloggers and I also use it along with Team viewer for my Blog coaching. One of the best IM clients for chatting according to me.

Recommended reading:

Well, these are some of those free and paid Blogging tools that I use and I would suggest you to give it a shot and see how it helps you in Blogging. Now it’s your turn to share all those Blogging Weapons which you are using every day.

I will keep updating this page with latest tools which I adopt, you can subscribe to Email newsletter for instant updates. Also, if you find this useful, do share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. says

    Great list Harsh. I do use few of the above described tools and I will be going to try “Content Title Maker” for my next blog post.

    I love to use Online Tools available for blogging.

    Thanks for sharing the great content.

  2. Sayyed Parvez says

    Nice post Harsh. I have been using few of the tools mentioned here. I am going to try the other tools which look interesting and helpful.

  3. Chris Haught says

    Awesome list, I use many of those, Manage WP is one of my favorites, makes doing updates a breeze! I look forward to checking out a few of the others. I like Hootsuite better than Tweetdeck, I can add all my Social Media accounts.

  4. Glenn says

    If you are interested in a personal assistant style tool that can help you discover new topics to blog about that would be of interest to your current readers, then you should check out opportunity eye.

  5. Amit Sharma says

    That’s the huge one and of course, useful, Harsh.

    Appreciate your sharing, some of the tools you use, are new to me. Another thing worth adding would be some online cloud storage services like Dropbox, SugarSync, as nowadays, having documents over the clouds is highly necessary. :)

  6. Jason Mathes says

    Great list of tools! (though I’m a fan of Android..) I have been using HootSuite over Tweetdeck – but I’ll have to take a second look at it.

    Hrm.. and Live Writer? I’ll have to take a look at that as well if it will speed up the writing process. I just hate the dreaded word Microsoft and having to trust it for anything I do.

    Thanks for providing some new and different options for my own blogging toolbox!

  7. Suresh Khanal says

    Wonderful revelation of tools and services that made ShoutMeLoud a strong blog community.

    Talking about Aweber and Mailchimp. Mailchimp allows up to 2000 mails per day and the service is free up to that limit. Would it be better to use Mailchimp if the mailing list is not that large yet?

  8. rakesh kumar says

    Long list harsh, but i am happy to know from this list i am on the right path except thesis and semrush
    ~rakesh kumar

  9. says

    Awesome guide Harsh!

    While I do use most of what you mentioned, I am still new to a lot of things that I am going to check out now. I love the way you put in so many links within each point, which makes it tough for us as now I would have to check up those too. :)

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Ifham khan says

    Great tool hars, some tools i m using too, but some i don’t familier with. Gonna try reportive as its sound cool. Thanks for sharing

  11. sureshpeters says

    Great list harsh :) No link building tools ? ( i guess its top secret ;) ) . Hey have you tried this ” Blue Microphones Yeti ” . If you tried let me know the reviews.

    • says

      Hey Suresh
      Thanks for your comment and I don’t use any link building tool or Network as of now and not planning to. Automated way is considered as spam and won’t be a great idea…Even blindly guest posting won’t help…because the way I see…After Private blog networks it will be blog with excessive guest posting and linking to any niche/domain will be targeted (Outbound links, would matter)…
      Most of the time I get natural backlinks which helped the most and at times I follow my guest posting campaign strategy to create new links…
      Thanks for your suggestion about Blue Microphone Yeti and I will have a look on it.. :)

      • sureshpeters says

        yeah correct. We don’t need it now since we already have Authority blogs as well google trust just we need to focus on Onpage SEO + Awesome quality article that all . Its the key these days , Hey Harsh get that mic and start podcasting about Blogging tips , IM tips etc, this trick will get you thousands of new followers of the blog. Get the mic from amazon :)