10 Extra Tips To Grow Your Blogging Business

Blogging BusinessBlogging is a great medium where you can share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with a group of people and profit. For those who haven’t seen much success in their blogging business, I want to show you how to fly high and become the next blogger that others reckon with.

What you should know is that blogging is similar to running an offline business. Every activity like customer service, product delivery, planning, networking, research are all present in both online and offline businesses. The difference is the medium of delivery.

Let’s take the guess-work out and dive into the 10 extra tips. Please note: these are no rigid rules but they are proven to work for you.

10 Blogging business tips for every Blogger:

1. Stick-Ability

This is your ability to pursue your blogging business objectives without relenting. Often, the success you strongly wish for will not appear overnight. You need to stay at it. Keep doing what is right and before long, a total chain of command would spring forth bringing smiles and fulfillment that last.
Did you try something earlier and it seems nothing worked? Why not try it once more and again. The tides would fall in your favor if you stick to it.

2. Plan Once More

Effective blogging business is powered by a well planned business model and clear goals. These are like two Siamese twins that are inseparable. So many bloggers do not have plans of where they are going and yet, they are the ones who complain that things aren’t working. I often asked them “how do you mean?”

Things won’t work until you have a direction in life and business. Have you planned your marketing strategies before and it didn’t turn out well?  Do you have a blog Business plan? Plan once more!

3. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is what makes the difference between a successful blogger and the complainants. With countless blogging terms, you need to keep updated on what these terms mean. Subscribe to Business blog sites and real lots of Business articles, this will help you to educate yourself more.

Do you know the difference between SEO and SEM?

That sounds simple but there is a huge difference and until you know it, you would muffle both and think you’re on the right track. Educate yourself by reading books, attending live webinars and workshops.

4. Improve Your Environment

Yes, you’ve a role to play in your working environment. This part of planning could make you more productive and zealous to pursue your dreams. For instance, when I’m writing for clients or my blog, I switch off my cell phone, switch off the light and concentrate on what I’ve on my desk.

A clumsy environment takes the motivation out of you. Kills your entrepreneurial passion and dampens your self-confidence.

5. Relax With Visionary Friends

Don’t be too occupied with blogging and all these make money mumbo jumbo. You need others to succeed in life. But when making friends, please stay close to those with vision of where they are going, and a clear-mapped-out plans on how to get there.

You mustn’t look for a super affiliate to connect with; even a beginner with passion to succeed would be of immense help to you. By chatting with your friends and sharing business, life, sports, entertainment, family and lifestyle issues, you would tap into their rich resource of ideas to improve your business without paying any consulting fee. Lol!

6. Re-Invest Your Profits

The way to go forward is to invest more. When you start blogging for money, you shouldn’t squander all your profits. Make budgets on how to use it wisely. One great thing you could do to earn more is to build more niche blogs.

Within 3 – 6 months, your niche blogs would start generating decent income on autopilot. By working and channeling your precious energy on worthy investments, your future brightens up. Invest in domain names, auto responder service to build your list and site tracking services to know how your business is fairing.

7. Take Responsibility Now

Do you blame others for failure?

Time has come for you to take the bull by the horn. I want you to know that you’re the CEO of your blogging business. No one is going to help you succeed. If you’re not getting targeted traffic today, you can do something about it.

By pointing accusing fingers on others or the tools you use, the ability to see solutions and opportunities for growth is hindered. If only you would forget about failure and rise up again, blogging could build you a house, buy you a new sexy car and make your life beautiful. Yes, I know people whom blogging have made millionaires. Take responsibility now!

8. Ask Intelligent Core Questions

Whenever you ask the right questions, the invisible intelligence delivers the right answer in a natural way. People who do not ask questions seldom know anything. By asking, you develop that inner spirit to take action.

If someone is succeeding online and you aren’t, have you asked why? As much as possible, ask experts how they made it to the top and what you can do to grow your business. The selfless ones will help you while others would ask for money. Get ready to invest some few cash for the right answers.

9. Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Every successful blogger out there are hard-core writers. When I first came online, I couldn’t earn any reasonable income because of my inability to write articles. The web is powered via words.

There are videos and audio clips, but 85% of the web’s contents are articles. Can you write quality and interesting articles, blog posts and press releases? How fast are you when you type? You need speed, you need skill and you need a willing heart to make it work.

10. Fight Failure To Stand Still

As a blogger, a lot of things would come your way to deter your smooth sailing ship. You need to fight and be on the look-out for negative loopholes. Watch your affiliate offers and see if it’s from a credible marketer. If not, please back off and switch over to other responsible marketers.

You’re better off creating your own product that you can vouch for, than entrusting your entire business for craps.

Extra Takeaway

The ultimate thing in life is to know your source and trust him to make your life sweet. I’ve succeeded with these tips to grow my blogging business and you’re ready to go. But bear in mind, the strength to begin and see the end comes from somewhere. You need God to become better in your family, career, business and life – think about it and see you at the top!

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  1. says

    Appreciation for these notable points. But one most important thing is to make contacts with other bloggers. This let you know about the challenges you may face if you are new to the business and also what innovation you can do to make your blogging carrier more successful.

  2. Jomson George says

    wonderful tips. I needed this because i am new to blogging. I have to apply all the points eespecially the 10th. Thanks for sharing this:)

    • Michael Chibuzor says

      I’m glad my guest post is of help George. I look forward to seeing you succeed in your new blogging career. Keep at it, success may not happen overnight, but it WILL HAPPEN FOR SURE!

  3. jayaar says

    Excellent article with precise points.
    Creating a work environment and educating ourselves are sure to give us great results apart from improving the way we express our knowledge.
    Thanks for such a great presentation.

    • Michael Chibuzor says

      You made a very good observation Jayaar. Creating a work envirronment and education are requirements for success in blogging. Thanks for commenting and good luck in your blogging business.

  4. Michael says

    Thanks for publishing my guest post. I truly appreciate your kind gestures and do hope this piece impact lives around the web.

  5. Mohsin Ali Waheed says

    I Think that sixth point is very important which is to Re-Invest Your Profits in your blogging business. Many bloggers start with free webhosting but as you earn money you should invest money and buy your own domain and hosting.

  6. tushar says

    i think you can include one more in that list i.e. share what you know. blogging is all about sharing and a blogger who does not share can not survive. It is always important to give and take relations as a blogger

    • Michael Chibuzor says

      It’s a great addition Tushar. Share what you know so you can touch lives. Thanks for commenting and do check back for updates on my guest posts.