Akismet marking comments as SPAM and solution

Akismet is one of the best plugin for wordpress to get rid of spam. Though sometime you might realize, your comment is being filtered as spam by Akismet spam filter. This is a known problem and there could be many reasons for the same, that includes your earlier comments might have been marked as spam by some admins, you using keywords as commentator name, you adding self promotional link in your comments and so on.

Akismet Marking Comments as SPAM

If you remember I wrote a post few days back How commenting can help you increase your feed readers by 1000. So finally I got some time and I started adding comments on other blogs.

I keep few points in my mind before commenting :

  • No self promotion
  • No self links
  • Meaning full comments
  • Comments with at least 2 sentence.

While I started commenting on regular blogs where I comment the most, I found that my comments were not appearing in the post, neither I was getting familiar comment that my comment is held under moderation.

I logged into one of the blog where I had author privilege and found that Akismet is marking my comments as spam.

These days I have noticed Akismet is putting most of the comments in spam folder. Even from regular reader and bloggers. If you have Akismet Installed in your blog, make sure to check each comment before marking it as a spam.

How Akismet comment spam blocker works?

Akismet mark any comment as spam in following pattern :

  • Swear words, Po*n words, Poke* words.
  • How your comment was moderated by other blog admin earlier.

So if any of your comment is marked as spam, afterwards all your comment will   go in the spam folder.

How to get rid of Akismet spam problem?

One of the simple thing which you can do here is by adding a comment to your friend blog and asking them to mark your comment as not spam. If not, you can comment on many different WordPress powered blog which gets moderate or less amount of comments (Hoping they all use Aksimet), after adding 2-3 meaningful comments, drop an Email to admin using contact form and ask them to unmark your comment as not spam. It’s a slow process but very effective. I highly recommend not to comment on very active blog which gets hundreds of comments every day, reason being admin won’t find time to filter your comments from spam folder.

Akismet algorithm will learn from the user interaction with comments and chances are very high that afterwards your comments will not be marked as spam.

Alternatively you can contact them using the Akismet contact page.

I wonder how many of you have faced the similar issue? Do you check your Akismet Spam folder?

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COMMENTs ( 16 )

  1. Shailly says

    Hi Harsh, I am facing this issue. When I comment on a friend’s blog that comment does not appear at all. And when I try to re-do it gives an error message ‘duplicate comment detected’ though I do not see any previous comment on that post.

    As you have suggested in this post, I tried to contact with Akismet for this issue but their support is down as of now. Can you please suggest some alternative in order to post those comments ?


  2. says

    Well, I haven’t faced this problem on my site. Only the meaningless comments were thrown in the spam folder.

    But of late, my comments on different sites are neither appearing nor shown as waiting for the moderation.
    Donno why.

    Now on, will mail the admin if my comments do not appear.

  3. Amrish Singh says

    I am also facing the same problem .my comment doesnot appear to the blog .
    Now after reading this artical ,I think I got the solution

  4. Anand Kumar says

    Harsh, May you suggest any better antispam. Akismet is best but i need some alternative. I am currently using Typepad Antispam+Hash Cash and recently included Captcha. I am now feeling better. but 3 plugin for SPAM??

  5. amy says

    Hmm… I recently noticed this.
    FIrst, it was pingbacks from my blog that got spammed. Then, I noticed that the comments on my friend’s blog weren’t getting through.

    Also, a blog I’m a regular commentator… and I don’t remember marking me as spam, so it must be some code words. Geez…

  6. IJ Styles says

    Akismet started to mark my comments as spam since last 2 months. I really wonder how did it happen because I rarely participate in discussion or even just by leaving any comments.
    .-= IJ Styles ´s last blog ..Make Blog | How to Create a Blog with WordPress =-.

  7. Michael Aulia says

    I no longer use Akismet as it’s wasting so much time to check the comments one by one. I’ve actually published lots of posts on my battle against the spam comments :D

    At the moment, I’m using the AntiSpam Bee in my blog. It keeps all the automated comments away

  8. Nihar says

    Harsh, Thanks for this post. I do get some commments followed by email from the commentator asking me to approve the comment.

    From now will mark it as not spam.

    • says

      The sad part is I’m still facing this problem. Marked a mail to Akismet team, waiting for a reply from them. :|

      Harsh Agrawal™s last blog post..Make money online with Sponsored reviews