6 Effective Tips to Brand Your Blog Like QuickSprout

Branding of a blog is the most important feature that often many bloggers miss out on. Apart from good content and optimization, making a Brand out of a blog can boost your traffic exponentially, and you have better chance of becoming an authority blog.

Brand your blogBy building a brand you are establishing yourself and your company as one of the key player in your niche and people will love to link with you in any possible ways.  Branding yourself or branding your blog are two different things and in this post I will talk about how you can brand your blog. Covering all the aspects of blog branding is not possible, so I will highlight only key points which are most important part of branding.

Tips to help in establishing your blog as a brand:

Choosing Domain name:

Branding starts with choosing Domain of your blog/Website. The URL should be catchy and it should also tell what your blog is about. More over if you use any word like (Shout-Me-Loud) , Make sure you brand it properly. Let the people remember your name. Short is always sweet and better, but if it’s big, make sure it should rhyme in some way that people are bound to remember the name.

Blog design:

Your blog design is an important aspect of branding. Make sure you get a custom or any good looking premium template for your blog. There are many great themes out there, and you can start with simple $80 theme from Genesis, which will not only help you to give a good design for your blog, but also it’s fast and search engine optimized.

Your content:

One thing which is very important from branding aspect is niche of your blog. Instead of blogging on multi-niche, you should blog on a single niche, and try to cover every important news from your industry. You should also curate other content on your blog social-media profile. Make sure your content is not a mediocre content, and set your target to create quality content.

Eye Catching Header

The header of your blog should be able to catch attention of your readers, it helps in attracting your viewer moreover there is increased chance of someone visiting your blog for first time to become regular reader or atleast bookmarking your blog.

It also helps in making your blog stand out of other blogs and also be easily memorable. If you are investing on your blog, you should make sure designing logo+ banner should be a part of it. Hire an expert or put a bid request on freelancing sites and get your logo done. Do remember: A visual impression last for ever.

Your Blog Gravatar

First of all get some unique logo for your blog and make this your wordpress gravatar, it can even be your own photo. Use this gravatar while commenting on other blogs, this will help establishing an image for your blog. Try to use the same gravatar everywhere, including Twitter, Facebook and so on. Remember people can remember an image in better ways than text.

Unique Style Of Writing

If possible have some unique style of writing, this way your readers easily get associated with you. Style can be anything like sharing some incident in between your post (obviously it should be related !!) or some punch line that you always write. But be wise in choosing your style as it may prove to be offensive to certain readers so chose it carefully.

Dedicated ID for your Blog

Have dedicated ID’s for your blog on social networking sites such that username of each ID should be your blog’s name. The main advantage of this, apart from SEO, is that when your blog’s name is searched in google, all your blog’s ids will be displayed, giving your user an impression that your blog is active and popular.

Help Others

Helping others surely helps in branding, as for the person that you helped will never forget you and your blog and will easily become a regular reader. Helping can be done by starting forums on your blog. “Helping” can also help in promotion, you can create a video tutorial with your blog’s name and little description embedded in it, and share it on many video sharing sites.

Many buddy bloggers try to drive traffic, build backlinks and comment on other blog, But before you start doing all this, is your site ready for branding? Can you call your blog as a brand? Do let us know what do you do to brand your blog?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. rakesh kumar says

    Dear kartik, your tips will surely help me to bring my blog on to second level.What else we van do besides these to create your unique identity? Looking forward for your answer.

  2. magie says

    Very true indeed!
    I would say helping others really accomplishes a lot and using your blog gravatar along while doing your branding stuffs points out to your idea of “people can remember an image in better ways than text.”

  3. Jens P. Berget says

    I’ve been focusing on branding myself and not my specific blogs. I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing though. I try to leave my picture (one or two pictures) all over the Internet, and my name (I never use my blog name or keywords) and I try to build trust so people will know that I’m here to help and that no matter where they’ll find me (discussion forums, blog commenting or my own blogs) they know who I am and that they can ask me anything and get help :)

    – but doing it this way might not be the best for my blog?

    • DailyTechPost says

      Well it depends on what you want. Branding yourself will certainly benefit your blog indirectly. I think if you want to do both then best possible solution would be to have blog’s URL something like this : http://www.yourname.com and your photo as your gravatar.

  4. Roy Scribner says

    Building a brand around a blog is a lot of fun – and can be challenging, depending on your niche. I like your idea of having a consistent look to everything (blog, Twitter background, ebook layout, etc.) not just the logo, but the color scheme and other visual elements, too.

  5. Joynal Abedin says

    I am going to publish a new wordpress article directory. After three days of researching, i found a great name.

    What I have learnt those three days?
    = Take time to chose a domain name. Do not rely on online suggestion. Just close your eyes and think for five minutes.
    (Note: Keywords research can help you find a good domain name for your blog)

  6. Dev - Technshare.com says

    Hey Kartik,

    Nice Post. I think unique writing style plays an important role.
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great tips. Really great Post.


  7. Himanshu says

    supporting others is the best way to make your brand grow. it helps people to keep your brand in their minds for long.