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    SEO: 5 Working Link Building Tips For You

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    Link building is a Search Engine Optimization Process and it is one of the most important factors for achieving top search engine rankings. When building links to your website, there are what you are supposed to do and what you are not supposed to do in order to achieve high search engine rankings. It is also important to know that link building includes both on page and off page linking.

    link building tools SEO: 5 Working Link Building Tips For You


    Relevancy is a very important factor to consider when trying to acquire backlinks for your website, even though quality links from unrelated websites can help increase your website authority, links from relevant websites tend to help you easily rank better as it let the search engines know that you are in the same category with the website.


    Usage of anchor text is very important in achieving High Search engine rankings, If you could have the right amount of backlinks using the anchor text of your choice, then you can easily rank for a keyword without you having it’s traces on your website. Try as much as possible to also use variation of anchor text when building links to your website, if you use “home work” today, then use “work home” tomorrow. This is really important because it makes the search engines trust you and your site will not look like a spam site.

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    It is important to consider deep linking to internal pages of your website using your desired keywords, it is not a good practice to focus all your link building efforts to your homepage only but also to other relevant pages on your website. Deep linking also helps a very old page of a particular websites; it notifies the search engines of the pages and also makes them think the page is still relevant thereby increasing it ranks in the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). A good idea is to try to get a minimum of 5-15 links to every pages of your website and within a short period of time the inner pages of your website will begin to rank for various long tail keywords.

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    The authority of the website or page linking to you is also very important in achieving top search engine rankings, getting links from only low quality websites will make the search engines keep more eyes on you, because it is related to a blackhat practice in which a user create multiple blogs and tries to make them link to a particular website. Try to get links from established websites in your niche, also try to get links from educational, government and military sites as this tends to make your website more of an authority to the search engines.


    The consistency of the links you get to your website is also very important, it wouldn’t be a good option to build 100 links on day 1 and then change it to 10 on day 2 neither will it also be a good option to build 10 links on day 1 and 100 links on day 2, try to build links with consistency, try as much as possible to make sure all your links are of the same number each day and if you want to increase the number of links make sure it is a gradual process.

    Above all, try to get backlinks from relevant and authority sites most especially in your niche, be consistent in doing this and in a little period of time you will see an increase in your search engine rankings and in organic search traffic.

    Google is going to run page rank update soon. I hope all of you are working on improving your Page rank. Do let us know your trick on link building?

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    Basant Singh

    I am contributing to ezineArticles for strong backlinks to my blog. Hope this will serve good in upcoming Google PR update.



    That is a good way to build backlinks to your blog ;)

    Anyways people tend to forget or not be aware of the deep linking concepts most of the times.


    Pradhyuman Singh Verma

    yea.. agreed with Basant Singh.. ezineArticles is a goodway.. for backlinks..


    Julia - Fast Blog Finder

    Thank you for great link building tips. Link building process should be well thought. Not all the sites are worth to get links from. Links from bad sites will most likely hurt the website’s reputation.

    It’s important to have the keywords in the anchor text when building links. And it’s more important to vary the anchor text from link to link. Firstly, this helps rank the website for different keyword phrases and secondly, this will make the links look natural in the “eyes” of search engines. Better if you vary your anchor text in a 60%/30%/10% manner: if 60% of your link titles contain your primary keywords, 30% contain your secondary set of keywords and 10% a third set of keywords.



    Great Post and very helpful tips. The information on deep linking is very helpful.


    Anjali Sharma

    Link Building is all about finding quality back links and optimizing its usage for your businesses. Give your website the advantage of ranking on the top page of Google through Link Building. Our Link Building program has proved very successful. To get Visit Us at http://bit.ly/d7bxV0



    Thanks for fantastic post. For promoting websites link baiting is the primary method and deep linking is always be the next big thing in search engine optimization


    Diseño Web Toledo

    very usefulll information, thx


    Fajr Breeze - Yuxx

    great tips, thank you for sharing :D i’m a newbie in SEO :D



    Nice article, forums can also help us to get links to our blog.



    ezine articles is also a good of getting backlinks because it is a pr6 article directory and approves instantly. i am wondering whether a 100 links from same website make a difference in SEO.



    You should also try goarticles & articlebase both are also very good for link building through articles


    Sky High

    An impressive list of tips, thanks for sharing. I will utilize this as my personal resource. I appreciate your effort posting and sharing your thoughts like this.



    Great tips. I never knew you were supposed to interlink to other pages of your website.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try that then.


    christoffer gustavsson

    thanks for the tips will test it for mine site



    Nice share. Hope this will help every people.



    There are lots of way of building links to your site but you have to find which method is very effective.

    Dofollow links would give you good advantage on the other hand try to build natural links it is required by Google also.


    Tejas Suthar

    Everything is perfect as pinpoint. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful impressive information.

    Best regards,
    - tejas



    Certainly there are many bloggers who forget to use anchor text which is very important


    Rodrigo Pila

    You are very right and I fully agree in you. But let me ask you something? Before anything else, I have started my career online based at home as a Link builder but after a while, I started to become an SEO Manager and to make the story short, Right now, I own the Avic’s Marketing Firm and one thing that surpises me is that, I only created the website just for two days and right after two days, upon completion of my website, it immediately ranks number TWO in the search Engine and this is something I am very much surprise but happy. Please give me your thoughts on this? thanks a lot.



    You have highlighted about anchor text which is definitely a very important factor for SEO of a website but according to latest penguin case studies, the use of same anchor test can again be harmful. I disagree to this fact logically as my name is Julia so it must remain same on any commenting forum for making new anchor link. If you have any views on this subject please let me know.


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