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    5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

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    Apart from quality content it is important that we must take care of the presentation of article too. To enhance any article presentation the best way is to add a relevant image to the article because images do says much more than words. You might have noticed that we use images with all the articles in our blog to make articles more attractive. There are many images available online but it is important that you take care of copyright issues of images, you can only add images which are not copyrighted and free to use in blogs.

    Download Free Stock Images 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

    Of course there are lots of stock photos websites available like Dreamstime, Fotolia and many more but I won’t confuse you with 10-20 websites. I will share 5 websites which will provide you free stock images which I prefer to use and easy to search relevant images for your articles.

    Free Stock Images Sites List:


    Flickr is one of my favorite website to search and download free images for websites. It has huge database of royalty free images and whenever I am in hurry to download any image for my article then Flickr is the website which I visit. To download any image you just need to visit creative common category and search for image, you will get lots of relevant images of different size and you can download any image which suits your article. You can read more about Flickr in following articles:

    Flickr 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

    [ Link ]


    Morgue File is one of the best Stock image sites, which makes it easy to search the images via category. You can select the category of images to make more relevant search. It have clean and clutter-free landing page and easy navigation. It gives you option to crop the image at same time and makes it easy to post on your blog. You can read more about MorgueFile in the review of MorgueFile.

    MorgueFile 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

    [ Link ]


    You can download images from FreeRangeStock for personal and commercial use. To download images you need to do a quick and free registration on FreeRangeStock website. Apart from downloading images, if you are a photographer then you can also upload the images and can be an Adsense revenue program.

    FreerangeStock 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

    [ Link ]


    Apart from downloading free royalty images from FreeDigitalPhotos, you can also download Powerpoint, Word , Educational projects, Photoshop projects and more for personal and commercial use. It also provides greeting cards but it’s not allowed to use for commercial use. Thus if you are looking for something more than just images then do head to FreeDigitalPhotos.

    freedigitalphotos 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

    [ Link ]


    Photogen also provides free images for personal and commercial use. Photogen provides you categories of images such as animals, cultures, nature, business etc. You can select the one suits your requirement. Photogen provides very relevant search and good quality images. It is simple to use and easy to search free images.

    Photogen 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Images

    [ Link ]


    Where to find images online

    Do you prefer to use royalty Free Stock Images on your blog, if yes, then do share with us which stock image website you prefer to use for downloading images.

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    Vivek Parmar

    As a blogger i know it is necessary to insert qulaity images in articles aprt from flickr all are new to me. thanks for sharing



    Yeah Vivek, images are best way to present article in good way. Try others apart from Flickr and do share your views.



    I myself enjoy with Bing right now. But sometimes for
    higher image quality, I rush to Fickr only.



    I haven’t used Bing yet for free images. Thanks for sharing your views Vuong.


    Nicholas Teo

    Thanks for the intro, at least now I know where to find stock photos. The only place on the list I know is Flickr.


    Yousuf Khan Jee

    For tutorials, theme reviews etc, i take my own screenshots otherwise only use Google Images.



    While writing reviews and themes its always good to use screenshots, it shows that reviews are written after trying the tool or product. Thanks for comment Yousuf.



    I do not know any of these sites except flickr thanks for sharing. I have used http://www.pdphoto.org/ for royalty free photos.


    Pankaj Sharma

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.I was aware of Flickr but others are new to me.Keep providing good content.I would like to add http://www.istockphoto.com/ in this list.This site also provide great images.



    Thanks for feedback about iStockPhoto Pankaj, I tried it but I find it time consuming to search free relevant images or it might be that I find websites like Flickr more easy to navigate.



    Nice list. I have some success with FreePhoto.com and Stock.xchng. Sometimes I give up and create my own on Photoshop. That is a desperate move, though.



    Creating your own photoshop image always gives a personal touch to the articles. Its nice habit Jacqui.


    Geet | HobbyPainting

    I like Flickr & at times use images under Creative Commons. Others are new to me.



    Hey nice Ruchi, post i have one query that i always use Google for images but as you said copyright issue what bad it can cause to my blog??

    n one more thing ruchi also my sister’s name


    Sagar Rai

    Are you sure flickr is free. Because I heard getty image sueing some people who used flickr pictures.


    James M

    The site I use the most is http://www.veezzle.com, which is actually more like a search engine for any free images on the web. It searches Flickr, morguefile, rbgstock, and more. A search will land you plenty of results if you use broad terms.


    Jack Harold

    Well done man! I have always been trying to find time to search for websites that will provide free images other than Google Images. This is a god damn AWESOME post!



    Great post. I think there are a few more out there. but it would be great if we all got our images from different places. This would be better for our readers too.


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