The 10 Blog Marketing Tools That You’ll Ever Need

The impetus given to Blog marketing is disastrous among many of the bloggers around. Blog marketing is no rocket science and could be achieved with ease, provided you work with the right set of tools. Blog marketing is nothing different to content marketing, as content is the king and the focal point of any blog out there on the web.

Blog Marketing Tools

Content marketing in turn facilitates your blog to get into the eyes of thousands of people around and your target is achieved! I may have now made it may sound pretty simple, when in the real case, you need to input dedication, time and some money (depending on the level you are aiming to achieve) on your end.

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Why do you need Blog Marketing Tools?

You have a point in the argument if you ask why do I need to market my content, if I churn out chunks of high quality and Shakespeare-ique content on a regular basis? The ‘Build it, They will come’ approach doesn’t quite work pretty in real life, trust me.

You need to shout over your voice online to get heard in this crowded web marketplace. These tools will act as a medium for you to reach out to your target audience. These blog marketing tools would make your blogging life an easy and enjoyable one. What’s the point in creating awesome content on a regular basis and to find no audience for the same.

The only Blog Marketing Tools you’ll ever need



Buffer is a tool that needs no explanation or introduction. If you happen to ignoring this tool in the process of your blog marketing, you are missing out on a pretty powerful tool. Buff up your content with it and schedule your content across various social media outlets. Streamline the process of distributing your content efficiently, and at your chosen timing.

Facebook Promoted Posts


Got some money to spend on getting a few extra eyeballs on your content? Facebook might have a solution for you. Facebook advertising could bolster the reach of your blog posts by making it feature on the newsfeed of targeted people across its worldwide network. Its a pay-for-post system, with which you can reach out to both fans and non-fans.



Visit Website

Tweriod is the most innovative Twitter tool around for promoting your posts on Twitter efficiently. The posts and updates usually get lost on Twitter, given its constant updating. But what if you can post your updates during time of maximum user activity? That’s where Tweriod comes into play. Tweriod determines the best time to publish your updates on twitter with extensive reports and auto-scheduling of posts. This is a free tool for assessing accounts with a 1000 followers, for users with more followers, you can go Premium.

Aweber/ Mailchimp


Aweber and Mailchimp, both similar in their operation, are one of the best Email marketing tools that are widely used and promoted by the best of the industry. These services will fuel new readers into your Mailing list. Building a mailing list is essential for building a powerful blog/business.

Try Aweber for only $1 for first month

Visit Website is a great platform that allows people to set up their important content and distribute it to different social media profiles. This tool makes you more efficient and productive in your undertakings. even synchronizes your content, your RSS feeds and your social media accounts all at once.



Hootsuite needs no introduction and is a big player in the field of social media marketing. Hootsuite is the go-to destination for extensive marketing campaigns. Hootsuite also allows scheduling of your content over a wide range of social media services. Hootsuite is the best tool for managing interactions with your fans and followers.

Check out Hootsuite

Blog Engage


Visit Website

Blog Engage is the best tool for bloggers out there. Blog Engage allows you to perform a ton of tasks including connecting with other like minded bloggers in your niche, increase the reach of your blog, or use it as a social media syndication platform. Drive real blog traffic and increase your subscriber list using blog engage.



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Triberr allows you to join tribes of bloggers of your niche. Once you join a tribe, your content goes across the network of hundreds or thousands of triberrs in an instance. The biggest advantage of triberr is that it consists of thousands of influential people and bloggers across the social media. These people are highly likely to share and comment on your content, provided it is noteworthy.

Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz

Visit Website

Viral Content buzz gives you a boost in social sharing for your blog. It provides one of the finest and intuitive system to get likes, tweets, pins and many more with ease. Viral Content Buzz works to get you more likes and shares. What goes around comes around. Like and share others’ content, earn points and get shares and likes in return. Its like the ‘Karma for bloggers’, if you believe in that.

Google Adwords/Analytics


Visit Website

Google Adwords and Analytics need no introduction to bloggers around. These are the best tools around by none other than the search engine giant. Get complete analysis of your audience and target audience with adwords using targeted keywords.

What are the blog marketing tools that you make the most of? Have we missed any of your favorite one? Feel free to shout out in the comments section below.

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  1. Trivedi Jay says

    Perfect tools for blog marketing. Thanks harsh for sharing this tools with us. I tried many of them but some tool remain to use.

    Keep sharing useful information. Thanks again.

  2. Raman bathina says

    Thanks for including free tools in this post.Actually there are more paid tools available to do these things.But you mention free tools also by considering all bloggers.Thank you once again.

  3. I. C. Daniel says

    Facebook simply the best and worthwhile, however every each one of them help
    you more or less and shouldn’t be neglected. BlogEngage needs a special attention too.

  4. Abhishek Tavasalkar says

    Great article Harsh,

    Got to know, lot of new tools like Tweroid, and Viral Content Buzz. Other tools like HootSuite, Google Analytics and MailChimp, which too I discovered earlier itself on ShoutMeLoud.

    Since Blog Engage is a paid tool, I would like to make contribution to this post by adding similar services. I found these services on other sites. One of it; similar to Blog Engage is

    Best thing about is its support system. Admins there are very supportive, they constructive criticized my articles there and helped me lot to improve my writing skills. One of my post is even on the first page of the site.

    The other new tool is; exactly similar design to Blog Engage. Not popular as BE and but growing rapidly.

    Even NetworkedBlog is a great addition for simplified and easy social sharing. is also great if you are regular visitor of top sites and want to be the 1st to read its new post. BlogLovin sends an email everytime your selected sites post a new article.

    Have a great day everyone

    • says

      Thanks Abhishek for making this post so meaningful. I look out for such comments which helps me to discover new stuff and you gave me so many new sites to learn about. I would love to see more comments like this from you and learn from your experience. After all, blogging is all about learning from each other…

      • Abhishek Tavasalkar says

        Thank You Harsh,

        I appreciate you took precious time out of your busy schedule and did replied to my comment.

        What we all keep learning from you is much more greater than the comment posted above.

        I respect you alot. Thanks for everything.

  5. Jose Tinto says

    This is a very helpful guide for people who wants to promote their blog. Time to try which I haven’t checked out yet.

  6. says

    Buffer, and Hootsuite are my favorites tools that i use daily to schedule and post updates on different social networks. And Triberr is new in the field, i guess? Didn’t joined it till. Anyways thanks for the awesome list bro :)

  7. Tanveer says

    Great tools. I am aware about few of them but Dlvr and tweriod are new for me. I did try Facebook for one of my Facebook fan page and got many visitors. Getting visitors through organic search is the best if you succeed. I am trying my best on that.
    Will try blog engage soon.

  8. NilanthaNRNM says

    A great post about blog marketing tools.

    Making my voice in these crowded web marketplace, I can get many eyes to my blog. It will make a path to success in my blogging life.

  9. Vikas Yadav says

    Really a great post! I have used some of them and I have seen a great improvement in my blog traffic. Some of the new blogger do not use them effectively and as a result they seen a loss in traffic on their blog. Thanks@Harsh for sharing them with us.

  10. Andy says

    Great post! Blogging is a great marketing tool and it helps to expand your business if your blogsite is teeming with traffic. The suggested tips on this post are really effective. I have been doing some of them and they work great. Selecting the right keywords is extremely important for SEO. Some minor tips for bloggers: you have to be interesting and unique so that people will feel their time wasn’t wasted while reading your post. Eventually, you’ll gain loyal subscribers who may become potential buyers to your online business (if you have one) and before you know it, your business is up and running.

  11. Digital Imagination says

    Good list….

    but the google adwords is mine favourite….

    Thanks for sharing the whole list, looking forward to check it out all……..