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    5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

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    Twitter is a social networking and site for quickly spreading your words to your followers. Like any other site people like you to follow them and for many users who like to automate their Twitter profile, it’s a good practice to use features call Twitter Auto Follow offered by many online Twitter web apps to maintain ratio. In short, these Twitter web tools start following any Twitter follower which follow your profile.

    Though, there are down side of this as there are unlimited automated  bots which start following you based on your tweets and keyword, and some how following a Twitter bot doesn’t make much sense to me. But by the end, it all depends upon your marketing strategy and how you want to grow your profile.

    We have already shared an article on unfollow  non-follower Twitter users, which will let you quickly unfollow those profile which is not following you back and you can use it in between, to remove those profile who have followed an unfollowed you.

    Similar Tools:

    There are Twitter tools like SocialOomph, Geeky reciprocate. which also provides feature to follow your followers on Twitter but as I have already covered those tools in our previous articles about Twitter,I would prefer to share few other useful twitter tools which will help you to follow twitter users who are following you on Twitter.

    Twitter11 5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

    5 Free and useful Twitter Auto Follow sites:


    FriendorFollow is an twitter tool which will help you to get quick glance about your followers, mutual friends and fans. Thus you can easily select the twitter user who are following you and you want to follow them back.

    friendorfollowers1 5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

    [ Link ]


    Refollow is another tool which helps you to follow your followers. Apart from following tweeter followers in bulk, it also helps in managing your friends and followers, group them , filter unwanted users, use crowd tagging and comments and much more. It is a complete package to manage your followers on twitter.

    Refollow1 5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

    [ Link ]


    Reciprocate is a Tweepi tool which gives you the number of followers whom you are not following and gives you option to follow them in bulk. Reciprocate is very user-friendly and is not messed up with other features.

    Reciprocate1 5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

    [ Link ]


    Tweepler gives you the list of twitter user whom you are following, who are following you, Total tweets, Avg Tweets, followers to following ratio etc. Tweepler makes it easy to follow or ignore followers in bulk.

    twepler 5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

    [ Link ]

    Twitter Karma:

    Karma is very popular free tool to follow your followers back that too easily and quickly. It also helps you to unfollow twitter users who are not following you. The best part about Twitter Karma is that there is no time-consuming process to follow or unfollow followers, you can do it in seconds.

    TwitterKarma3 5 Free Twitter Auto Follow Tools for auto Following Followers

    [ Link ]

    I would like to know your opinion on following all your followers ? Do you think it’s a good practice and if you use any other Twitter Auto Follow software, then do let us know via comment.

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    Ruchi, you have missed Buzzom.com :)



    Thanks Bhupendra for suggesting Buzzom.com :)


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Great tools.

    But I follow everyone manually, and only if I am genuinely interested in their tweets. I do no follow back everyone, as then Twitter can be hard to manage.




    Agree with you Nabeel, even I prefer to follow Twitter users manually.


    Hieu Martin

    Great tools for twitter. I like FriendorFollow because it can help me follow my friend instant



    i used FriendorFollow once…. it simple and easy….



    @Hieu @ Universitysix, FreindorFolllow is easiest of all.



    I mostly use tweepi .but i didn’t know about other follower tools..This post helps me to know about other tools..



    great post! makes following people a lot easier in twitter, and a lot easier to unfollow those who are not following you! cheers!


    Putra Eka

    Great tools to auto follow, now I’m using tweepi with tweetingmachine (trial 10days). So I can easily auto follow (with tweeting machine) and unfollow who are not follow me back with tweepi.


    Aqib Shahzad

    I am using FriendorFollow tool due to reason that it is more effective than other tools. Another benefit i am getting from this tool is that number of my twitter followers are increasing.



    Just wondering which one from all those 5 sites is the best…?
    Maybe some of you already use those site… :)
    Need your recommendation guys.. :)
    Thanks before… :)


    Baju Mutif

    i have twitadder, it’s a great tools ever, follow targeted people and get fast growing follower with target we choose, very simple and worth


    Andy Parsons

    Thanks for the great list. I haven’t heard of many of those before, I’ll have to check them out. I’ve been using a service called Canny Crow for a while which has some really good features.


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