10 Blogging Apps For Mac Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

Blogging Apps For Mac

I’m a huge fan of desktop tools that can help me in blogging and increase my productivity. I prefer desktop tools over online because I can work without the internet. Needless to say, how much distraction I get when I try to write online and I end up opening at least 10-15 tabs. If you are also in the similar condition like me, I suggest you to start using that software that can let you work offline. I know it’s hard to unplug the internet, but if you do it once you will notice the increased productivity and you will be able to do more work in less time.

Here I have compiled the list of those Blogging apps for Mac, which I use currently and you should also use them to increase your productivity. Note: All of them doesn’t work offline.

Best Blogging Software for Mac OS

Desk for Desktop Publishing:

desk Mac writing app

I tried Desk in the month of August 2015, and I’m surprised with all the features it offers. The very first thing that I liked about Desk is; it’s a Mac app for writers. Especially if you love the feature to save the draft into iCloud Drive, and you can edit it from your iPhone or iPad. Desk integrates with all the major blogging platform such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Typepad to name a few. The desk is priced at $29 which seems to be on higher side, but after using it for a while; I must say it’s a complete value for our money. This is one writing and blogging app that I highly recommend to you and for any other bloggers who are using Mac OS.

Download Desk from App store


Blogo Blogging App for Mac

If you are in search of an alternative to Windows live writer for Mac, you should go ahead and get this little beast. Blogo has gone under numerous change and on 14th August 2014 they are launched again in Mac App store and is getting great reviews. This is one app you would love if you are blogging on WordPress platform. Current version supports only WordPress and Blog team promised to bring Tumblr and BlogSpot support soon.

moderate WordPress comments desktop

With Blogo, you can write offline and publish post directly from your desktop. Moreover, you can also add images, assign featured image and live preview your post before publishing.

Download  Blogo from Mac App store

Snag It:

Taking screenshot is a part of our day to day blogging work, and we need to edit the image and resize it before adding it to our blog post. Snagit is an image editing tool that I have been using for last two years. This is a complete Mac image editing app that will take care of all your need. This is a premium tool, and you can download it for free for 30 days. Once you start using Snag it App, you will be hooked with it. Check out the above video to learn how I use Snagit.

Download SnagIt!


Imageoptim Mac Image Compressor

A good post is incomplete without a good image and before you add an image to your post you should do a lossless compression so that your images are reduced in size. The lesser the size of an image faster your blog post will load. In the past, I have made a mistake by not optimising my images, and they were as big as 1MB. Imagine if a post takes more than 10 seconds to load, will you be waiting for that much time to load? Specially when the world is moving to smartphones, and our goal is to make our blog loads as fast as we could optimisation of image is crucial. ImageOptim is a free Image compression tool for Mac, and I have already covered it earlier here. This lightweight app will help you optimise all of your images types. All you need to do is, drag and drop the image on Imageoptim workspace and it will do the compression automatically. This is a free app, and you can download it right now.

Download ImageOptim


Camtasia Mac Video Blogging app

Video blogging is now a main-stream part of blogging, and it’s important for you to create videos for your blog. If you are doing a white-board kind of video, you can use your DSLR camera or even your Smartphone camera. But if you want to do a video like I have embedded above (Screencasts) you need a video app that will let you capture, edit and publish it. Camtasia is best available video app for Mac, which every blogger and internet marketer should use. This is again a paid tool, and you can download for free and try it for 30 days. This is a must-have Mac app for video bloggers. 

Download Camtasia for free

Mac FTP tool:

CyberDuck Mac FTP App

Being a blogger, you must be having your own server where your website is hosted on. Chances are you need to login to your FTP server at times for making some changes. It’s important that you keep an FTP software with you always. There are various FTP apps for Mac, and I will suggest two of them.

Cyberduck and FileZilla. You can use any of these FTP tool and both works great. They are light in weight, and you can also save your FTP login within the tool for quick logins. I prefer Cyberduck but if you moved form Windows to Mac and used FileZilla before, you will love to use the same tool.

Download CyberDuck || Download FileZilla


integrity broken link app

This App is more like a SEO toolkit for your Mac OS. This app scans all the links of your blog and shows you the broken links. The best part is; it works with any blogging platform. If you are on WordPress, you can always use Broken link checker but if you have the huge site, broken link checker might freeze your hosting. This is one reason I started using Integrity. You can read this tutorial to learn how to use integrity. It’s a free app, and you can download it for free from Mac App store.

Download integrity

WordPress app for Mac:

WordPress mac app

WordPress launched an official Mac app that works for WordPress.com blogs or self-hosted WordPress blog using Jetpack plugin. This app was launched few days back & you can read the official launch post here. WordPress for the desktop will soon come for Windows & other OS. You can download the Mac version for free from here.

Above list is must-have blogging apps for your Mac. If you are using any other blogging apps on your Mac OS which is helping you in blogging, I would love to know which one is it? If you like this list, do share it with others on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. says

    Hi, thanks for this post. Do you have anything to recommend for blogging offline with iPad? I usually prepare draft of my posts online, but then I keep them to be updated in a second moment (on a plane, normally). It would be great if you or anyone else here could give me her feedback. Thanks!

  2. says

    Thanks for the list, Harsh!

    Just a quick feedback on Blogo. I purchased Blogo and it was ok to start with. But I started having problems once the number of blogs and number of sites started increasing (I have 5 sites with an average of 30 posts in each).

    I wrote to the customer care. They are responsive, but are unable to solve the problem. I had recommended this earlier to a friend, and he also seems to have the same issue on his mac.

    Last week, I had typed a 1000 word blog and the app crashed and restarted again. I assumed it has saved my work. Then it said there is a conflict between the local version and the wordpress version. Assuming that the local must be recent, I chose the local version, only to find that I had lost all my content! Very annoying.

    But having said that, Blogo is a great piece of software, I just wish they sort out these bugs.

    Thought of giving this info to help the readers of this blog. Just about to try Desk. Lets hope that works out.

  3. Arni says


    I am using for my blog MarsEdit, and totally satisfied, saves a lot of time for me. Such features as Easy Upload prevents loosing of images and photos.


  4. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    I enjoyed seeing Harsh sitting with six flashy laptops. Though I don’t use MAC I read this post as it was informative and interesting.

  5. Jitendra says

    Really good information harsh! The image illustration is also good and you look great in the image… :)

  6. Arijitblog says

    I mainly Prefer Desktop Application to Update my Blog because it saves much of my time.
    Web Browsers divert my interests to the social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter but desktop blogging applications keeps me concentrated especially on our blogs without diverting to other web stuffs!