5 CPM Advertising Programs to Make Money from Your Blog

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression) based  advertisements are good way to earn income with your blog. CPM advertising pays you according to impressions of advertisement. An impression means a single instance of advertisement appearing on your blog which means that even if your readers are not clicking on your blog CPM Ads, then also you are going to be paid. Though if you place CPM ads at a prominent position, this will ensure better income source for you.

CPM Advertising Programs

You might find the offer very appealing but generally CPM Ads are for the bloggers who get good traffic. If you are driving traffic more than thousands visitors per day then you can get good amount from CPM Ads. Generally a CPM network pays you $1 to $3 per thousand impressions.

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If you are interested in making money through CPM Ads then here are 5 CPM advertising program which you can consider:


Technorati CPM ads

Technorati  gives you different ad images format. Minimum payout criteria is $20. They offer you four kinds of payment that is PayPal, account credit, check or wired transferred. We had some good experience with Tecnorati media and those who get into premium list of Technorati media, claimed that it’s working great for them. Getting into Technoratimedia is not as tough as tribal fusion. Though you might not enjoy the dashboard of Technoratimedia and support of it. But none the less, it’s one of the best CPM ad network which you can try as an alternative to Tribal fusion.

CPX interactive

CPX interactive is an ad network which provides ads in different size and types of advertisements like banner (468×60), leader board (728×90), Skyscraper, Pop-ups etc. You can select the one which suits your needs and blend with your blog layout. CPX interactive minimum payout is NET 30, $50 and they have 60% payout percentage.


Value Click Media

Value Click Media is another CPM network which requires 3,000 impressions per month for getting the blog approved. Even they have different size and types of advertisements like CPX network. The minimum payout of Value Click Media is $25 and they pay through cheque and PayPal. Value click media is a good alternative for those who can’t get into tribal fusion or Technorati media.

Value Click

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion require minimum of 500,000 unique users per month. When I checked out their site requirements for publishers, I found it too be very strict. Apart from that, their minimum payout is $50 in net revenue. They pay you with check through mail. So far, Tribal fusion is one of the best CPM network available. Getting into Tribal fusion is the toughest of all. But if you get lucky enough, you can make huge income from Tribal fusion alone.

Tribal fusion

Burst Media

Burst Media only approve the blogs having 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views. They provide different ad formats like scroll banners, leader boards, skyscraper and pop-ups with different size. Minimum payout is $50 and they pay you through cheque or Paypal.

Burst Media

These were few CPM advertising networks which I found worth considering . Do share with us which CPM advertising network gave you good results?

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COMMENTs ( 57 )

  1. says

    I strongly believe that Burst Media is completely useless and doesn’t deserve a place in this list, I have been using it for a while, most of the time it only returned community ads, What Burst media can paid me in a month will still be less than my one day payment from ad-sen-se

  2. Karan says

    I need a little assistance on it, they ask the ad server, can anyone give an idea about it ? What is it and how to get one ?

  3. says

    every cpm ad network I take a look at requires paypal. But paypal isn’t available in our country.

    Sir, can you please let me know of such a network which pays via Payza or Skrill or Paxum?

    Sir, if you do, plz let me know.

  4. Mahesh says

    I have a website have 1500 visits per month, have added Google adsense from last 5 year but earned only $30 yet.. can anyone please help me to earn more..

  5. Sofia says

    I would strongly recommend adtomatik. Amazing worldwide reach and not to mention the ecpm. The best adnetwork I’ve discovered. Totally satisfied!

  6. Tarun Soni says

    my site more than 50000 page view per month but google absence don’t approve my account so tell me which cpm ads network good for me I am waiting for replay

  7. Aditya Jois says

    I am starting a new sports oriented blog. I’m really concerned with SEO and traffic issues right now. But I also want to know how much they give for one CPM? Because on some blog I have read they will give only 0.5$ for Indians and even less! Is it true?
    And I really appreciate your articles, this is eespecially good for beginners like me. Thanks you..!

  8. LadyBlogger says

    This is the main problem with my blog…..”traffic”. I have been working really hard to get more traffic. I want to join in for CPM but before that my main aim is to get more traffic. Anyway, thanks for this list Ruchi

  9. Dan says

    Great list, however I do have a question I hope you might be able to answer. I am the CEO of an online sports writing company and am looking for a program that will allow my writers to earn for their writing. There are a ton of other same-natured companies that offer their writers a 50% revenue share. That’s the type of program I am looking for. Do you have any suggestions.

    I truly appreciate any advice you can afford regarding this. Thanks!

  10. Johnathan says

    I have several blogs but only have been up for about a week. So far, I’m up to 124 visits in a single day on one of them (in about a weeks time since being open). I hope I am on track for hitting these bigger numbers. My actual website, my main site, has only been up and running since October of 2011. Are there any CPM advertiser companies that give opportunities to people (sites) that are newer, with less viewers currently. It takes money to make money. And it takes content to drive traffic and traffic drives revenue. However, they are all carefully intertwined together, like a fine dance. I’d love to be able to start a CPM campaign and have a few dollars come in, then have nothing at all.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hassan says

      I’m afraid my friend you would score good in cash with 124 or similar hits. My suggestion for you is to concentrate more into site content than making money. Once you have good content, you will get the traffic = $$.

  11. Divyansh says

    I have been blogging on blogger for fun about cbse and other university for 2 years but just 3 months back i shifted to custom domain with ads when i learnt about its income benefits from your site. thanks for this.
    I want to asks you about:
    What network will suite me the best. I have around 3500 visitors a month.
    “I have one more important question. Can i use other CPM networks along with google adsense. Won’t it anoy google and ban my adsense account? ”
    If i can use other networks can i use ozonemedia and value click along with google adsense?
    Please reply soon

  12. Naveed says

    monthly page viewes of my site is 5 millions to 7 millions and now i am using harrenmedia and axill but both of the network give me very low CPM rate just 0.04 to 0.07. Please suggest me highest CPM rate network. My 80% traffic comes from india. Please suggest me those networks which paid on time.

  13. Gagan says

    Hi Ruchi,

    Compliments for this article… If you still getting alert on this thread, do let know – have made application to Casale Media, Technorati, Burst Media, Value Click Media – all have rejected application . Despite having 1500 unique vistors per day having close to 1 Lac page views in month, have clean site – yet dont know why is the application been declined

    This thread is written not for purpose of backlink, but to honestly get a reason for same for rejection. Thanks for sparing time to read it.

  14. Fatima says

    I am new to blogging. I dont even have a single visitor to my site yet.

    My blog is about food recipe from my and mom’s kitchen. It is a perfect mixture of east and west.

    Can you suggest me how to increase my visitors and which ad provider will suite me? I am totally new so please help me in this regard.

    Thank you all.

    • Asad says

      I am using contextweb. Very low cpm :(

      I am sticking with adsense for now unless I have millions of views per month.

  15. mandan mishra says

    casale media is left behind some how in above discussion

    they are very difficult to get into but they really pay good

    give them a try

  16. DigiTheme - Technology Blog says

    Thank you for this wonderful post!! We were selling by our own the advertisment spaces and it proved not to be so profitable. We’ll give a try to AdSense first and if nothing cames out of it in 2-3 months, we’ll give a shot to CPX or TechnoratiMedia.

  17. salman says

    Good post, i am getting about 12 to 14 K page loads daily on technoratimedia and ECPM at 0.10 to 0.15, making 1.5 to 2 $ daily, USA daily page loads at 7000 to 8000 , does not find any way why they are paying so low! And not so un lcucky in conversations with their support, they replied me they will pay higher ECPM in last 4 months of year,and if i am unhappy with my ecpm i can move to another network. While they are displaying Goggle adsense on my site using their own accounts most of the time, I do not have adsesense account as it was disabled due to invalid activity, Please suggest me some way!

  18. Roezer says

    I am using technoratti media ads on one of my sites for a few days now and the cpm is very low. I do not see a way of filtering ads and their minimum payout is gone up to $50 I made about $0.13 from nearly 2000 pageviews they do not seem to be worth using. Then also that they pay on a net 60 basis that is too long to wait for what they are paying.

    • says

      Ali I agree..Most of CPM ad network have a huge criteria in terms of traffic which one need to fulfill to get into the system. Though the good part is, most of them pays really well once you are part of their system.

  19. The Padrino says

    Nice post.

    I use technoratimedia usually earn $2-4 dollars a day and the most $13.00 in one day,they usually pay on time and are awesome! The only downside is the popup for the survey.

  20. Anish KS says

    Technorati Media is good for Blogs with high traffic, getting an account in Tribal Fusion is too difficult, those can use technorati media. me using it and very much satisfied.

    but their customer care sucks :(, no replies for any mails. :(

  21. Harshit Singhal says

    Which of these pays the highest cpm for Indian traffic ? Personal experience would be beneficial.

  22. Mallu says

    I have a new site submitted to all these but didnot approved yet may be less traffic but hope in future I will be using these network thanks for providing list

  23. Ashok says

    nice article, but you missed a great one, which is Adsdaq,, i used that before and it is one of the best program which changed my life.. so have a look at it,,,

  24. ajeet says

    I am using Traffic revenue and infinity ads.I have 2000 unique daily and earn 2-3 $ daily.Problem is that they only count us and ca traffic.
    Do u know any sites which accepts indian traffic??

  25. TECH GOSSIPS says

    CPM seems to be attractive but have some issues as mentioned by Dinesh so i am gona wait till my page impression increases till them i am using google.
    Thanks for this topic

  26. jaganmangat says

    post was awesome,but becoming a tribal fusion publisher is very difficult for bloggers.

  27. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    I didn’t know about Technorati Engage and CPX interactive before. I am going to try these ad networks. I too feel that Burst Media is not that good. Informative post. Well Done.

  28. TechGyo says

    Yes, I have a similar question. But first of all. Thanks for this post and it was very informative and nicely presented.

    The question is: Can we have intext advertisements like Infolinks according to Google’s terms and conditions?

  29. Faisal umar says

    Thanks Ruchi- four sharing awesome list of CPM, although i don’t use any one but after reading the whole article i found it very useful in future. Right now my blog don’t have enough traffic.

  30. Sourish says

    I cant find any payout information inside technorati media control panel. it would be helpful if you can share anything

  31. Murlu says

    I’m starring this in my reader because I’ve been looking for some CPM models for one of my blogs. It’s tech related so the audience knows quite well what Adsense is and avoids it like the plague.

  32. Andrew Emmett says


    Great list, which I will bookmark. Eespecially useful as I’m thinking of trying out something other than adsense on a site.

    Many thanks

  33. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Ruchi,

    Nice list.. I never tried any of them except tribal fusion and i’ve bad experience with them. :D. Going To Check out other Programs.
    Thanks for sharing this Great Post.


  34. Basant | Techno-Pulse says

    My AdSense pay is on-hold for non-receipt of PIN. It may take a few weeks to get the hold removed. Till then I am trying out some new monetization methods for my blog. I am using infolinks but the earnings are lower than AdSense.
    Your post have given me enough info to try out new ways. I am eespecially interested in ValueClickMedia as PageViews per month for my blog is approx 4500.

  35. Ramkumar says

    I strongly believe that Burst Media is completely useless and doesn’t deserve a place in this list, I have been using it for a while, most of the time it only returned community ads, What Burst media can paid me in a month will still be less than my one day payment from ad-sen-se

    • says

      That’s sad Ramkumar that you had bad experience with Burst Media coz I have few friend bloggers who are doing quite good with same. Anywayz you can try other CPM.

  36. Dinesh says

    Thanks for the list. For the last view days I’m trying to find a good CPM network. There are more famous CPM networks available than mentioned here. Here are the some common issues with CPM networks I found.
    1) eCPM is not stable
    2) They don’t calculate your all page impressions
    3) Your site will not load or slow loading if their ad server is down or busy.
    4) Payments delay most of the time.

    Ruchi, have you or any readers faced these types of issues? As I’m reaching 5000 daily PV, looking for a best CPM network.

    • says

      I agree with the fact that if you have many CPM ads then it will effect your loading speed but I never faced break down or not even delay in payments. See you will get all kind of CPM advertising network, it totally depends which one you choose and better to select the popular one.

  37. Chandrashekhar says

    Nice share. Many of CPM ad networks are only for those publisher who are getting more than 5000 visitors daily. But i think it depends upon blogging niche and niche saturation.
    Thanks Ruchi

  38. Shiva | Web Magazine says

    Ruchi this is a great article. I have an account at Technorati Media but have not tried them. Can we use any of these along with Adsense or will that be against the Adsense Policies. Can you let me know?