How Much is My Website Worth? Best Website Valuation Tools

Best Website Valuation Tools
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Have you ever wondered how much money you would get if you plan to sell your website? Whatever type of website you are running, as long as it is generating income, you can sell it for a multiple of 20-50X of monthly net profit.

But the biggest question is:

How much is your website currently worth?

What should be the selling price of a website?

Well, this is where website valuation tools come into the picture. These valuation tools consider a ton of things like:

  • Your website income
  • Your website expenses
  • Domain age
  • Type of website

And a few other factors in determining the best selling price of your website. Depending upon the complexity of running your website, you could expect 2-5x of your yearly net earning as your selling price.

Anyways, rather than shooting in the dark, let’s take the aid of these website worth calculators to find out how much really is our website worth.

How Much is my Website Worth? – Top Website Value Calculators

1. Flippa Website Valuation tools

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Flippa is a well-known name in website buying/selling space, and they have been around for years. Flippa offers a free business valuation tool, which lets you access your website potential selling value within minutes.

If you are happy with the price, you can also list your website for sale on Flippa for free. When I tested this tool, I also got a free consultation call from Flippa team about how the valuation is done, and it was insightful. You could also learn a ton of thing on such free call, such as how to do things which helps in a higher valuation of your website, how to optimise your listing and other queries.

Practically, I have always purchased websites and never sold any. One day when I would sell a site, I would share all these info with you. For now, you can take a free test using website value calculator.

2. Empire Flippers Valuation tool

Empire Flippers is another big name in the website flipping space, and I had a chance to meet their leadership team at DMSS Bali. Their website valuation tool is one of the best, and easiest to use.

See the screenshot below:

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You simply select the type of online business you are running, and fill up the free valuation form to find the potential selling number.

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Empire flippers require you to create a free account, and you can evaluate unlimited websites. Once you are ready, you can also put your online business for selling on Empire Flippers.

Over all, the Empire Flippers website tool is recommended by many pros who are into the website flipping business.

3. AdSense Benchmark tool

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Using this free tool by SEMRush, you can find how much a website has potential to make from Google AdSense. This tool is handy when you are buying/selling a website which is primarily monetised using Google AdSense.

Now whatever value this tool shows, the site potential selling price could be anywhere from 20x-50x. So according to AdSense valuation tool, is worth only $845000, even if we take 50x as multiple. However, the fact is we make more than $16,900 a month, and this is one reason I always recommend our readers to use Affiliate marketing over AdSense to monetise a website.

4. Ahrefs Traffic value

This is another smart way to identify the real worth of a website. Ahrefs which is a popular SEO tool shows the traffic value of a website.

  • To use this feature, login to your Ahrefs account and go to Site explorer.
  • Enter the domain name of the website (Could be yours or others)
  • And it would show you the traffic value
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According to Ahrefs traffic value feature, the estimated value of ShoutMeLoud’s target’s monthly organic search traffic is $199K

And even if we do 35x for this, the potential selling price for ShoutMeLoud should be $199K * 35.

You can use this to identify the website worth using their traffic SEO value, which is idle most times.

Over to you: What is the real worth of your website?

Doing a website valuation test gives an idea about the true potential of a website. It is also the gateway to the world of buying/selling website, which is a lucrative online business in itself. A lot of online marketer I know who are into this business, and are comfortably making 6-7 figures income by flipping websites.

There are a few important factors which contribute to proper buying/selling of a website, such as:

  • SOP ( Standard operating procedures ) – This is a document which constitute how day to day activity are done. Having this document for a big site is essential, and helps the new owner to quickly integrate your process with their own.
  • Income and expense record: To get the right valuation, you should be maintaining a proper book of accounts, or atleast have a clear income and expense report.
  • Transferrable accounts: If you running an affiliate website, you should be in a position to transfer everything to new owner. This is one reason I highly recommend to use a business email like [email protected] to signup for business related stuff.

Ofcourse there are more factors to this when you plan to sell the website, and platforms like Empire Flippers, Flippa are doing a great job to help online business owners sell their website at a great multiple.

Now, if you have an experience of buying/selling website, I would love to learn more about it. Also, if you know of any other accurate website valuation tool, do share it in the comment section below.

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  1. 1 month ago i was thinking about how to sell my website and how much it costs . when i used Flippa Website Valuation tools , i have decided to keep my website

    thank you Harsh Agrawal

  2. Hi Harsh, This is really a nice tool to check website worth. I will go and check my price. But i want to ask you one thing that there is any difference between wordpress site or any manual coding site for these parameters like ranking and price

  3. Yesterday only I was thinking how to sell my website and what is actual value of my site… And recently I received your email of this blog… Thanks a lot keep blogging sir.. and keep solving our doubts…😊😊

  4. Hey Harsh, this is complete new information for me. It is really good to know worth of your website in international web market. I will definitely check may website on suggested tools.

  5. I checked just now my websites valuation is $2,000 and my website is just 6 months old. I am very happy.

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