ClusterAi Review – Automates Keyword Research & Saves Hundred of Hours

Save time in Keyword Researching
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Product Name: ClusterAI



ClusterAi is a keyword grouping tool that users search intent to group keywords, and helps you to save significant time in keyword research process. Since grouping is done based on SERP data, the result is more accurate than manual keyword research. You need to have a Keyword research tool like Semrush or Ahrefs to use ClusterAI.


  • Fast and works as intended for keyword research
  • Clustered keywords can be downloaded in excel format
  • Easy to use


  • Need you to have Semrush or Ahrefs paid plan to use this topic clustering tool
  • Pricing is not shown on the homepage
ClusterAi Review
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Keyword grouping is one of the misunderstood areas of keyword research, and in my understanding, it is one of the critical aspects of a rock-solid keyword research process. Thanks to tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, one could mine thousands of keywords within minutes. But making sense out of these keywords by grouping them is a tiring task. It could easily take a few hours to group keywords (If you are doing manually), and then also the accuracy is never guaranteed.

This is where keyword grouping tools come into the picture. Meet ClusterAi which automates grouping keywords.

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If you have never tried such a tool, you need to use it once to see the power of it. In this review of ClusterAi, you will learn everything about this amazing SEO tool.

What is ClusterAi and what it can do for you?

ClusterAi is a keyword grouping tool that users search intent to group keywords, and helps you to save significant time in keyword research process. Since grouping is done based on SERP data, the result is more accurate than manual keyword research.

If you like to learn by watching video, watch this video to understand what ClusterAi Keyword tool could do for you:

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According to the website homepage, here are steps in which ClusterAi works:

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  • Step 1: Use your favorite SEO tool to do keyword research. ClusterAi supports Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, and Google Search Console keyword lists.
  • Step 2: Import up to 25,000 keywords into ClusterAi.
  • Step 3: ClusterAi uses data from the search engines themselves to make keyword decisions by crawling and retrieving the top 10 websites ranking for each keyword .
  • Step 4: ClusterAi matches every keyword against every other keyword and compares the number of pages that rank for both sets of keywords.
  • Step 5: When ClusterAi finds 3 or more pages that rank for a set of keywords, it’s likely you can also rank for this set of keywords with one page also.

When I tested ClusterAi, it seems to be supporting only Ahrefs as of now. I believe it should soon add support for other popular keyword research tools.

However, here is how you can use ClusterAI:

  • Login to Ahrefs account (Read Ahrefs review)
  • Click on Keyword explorer, and enter your seed keyword
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Click on search, and on the next page click on having some terms. This would show you all the keywords related to your seed keyword. Now, here you can add filters to sort your keyword and let go of those which doesnot meet your business needs.

Once you are ready with the long list of keywords list, export the list.

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Now, head over to ClusterAI (Create an account if you don’t have one). They also offer a free plan which gives you 500 credits, and you can group up to 100 rows at a time.

Now, simply upload the downloaded CSV file on ClusterAi, and it would start doing the work. This could take a few minutes to hours, depending upon the size of your keyword list.

Once it is done crunching all the data, you will have a simpler excel sheet where all the similar keywords are grouped, and you know which keywords you have to target. I suggest you watch the video which I have embed above to clearly understand how ClusterAi works.

I feel a tool like this is an essential part of any agency or SEO’s who are into keyword research. This not only simplifies the process, but helps you to have a consolidated winning keyword list.

In the coming days, I will share more such tools, but for now, I want to ask you:

Have you used a keyword grouping tool like ClusterAi before? How was your experience, and how likely you are going to recommend such SEO tool to other SEO’s?

If you find this review of ClusterAi useful, do share it on your social platforms. This helps us to reach out to more like-minded people.

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  1. Cluster AI is really a good tool as i read to find keywords in groups. All new modern tools are coming to make things easy on internet. You are doing wonderful job to explain these fantastic tool to us and save our time.
    Good Luck Harsh.

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