5 Common Reasons Why You Can Not Monetize Your Blog Yet

What do you really want from your blog? Is that money? If yes, you need to know several things before you can monetize it in right way.

Many of you have failed monetizing your blog just as you have not really understood how and why and what to do to make it profitable. That is such a headache issue for any bloggers eespecially newbies. Let’s figure out my consolidated reasons on how you can not monetize your blog yet.

1. Not enough content.

Many bloggers just created their blog for a few days and started putting ads on their blog in a messy way. They hoped to earn money fro accidental clicks generated from their traffic. However, they did not know that their readers are not much smarter than their thinking. So, make your blog rich of content with high quality. You will surely get natural clicks.


2. Not enough traffic:

Traffic is a MUST for any blogs and you can not earn much money with no traffic. Advertisers will never buy ads spots on your blog as it will bring them for nothing. Try to optimize your blog as much as you can to boost your traffic. Your earning will increase for sure.


3. Wrong niche:

Many blogs try to dig in high paying niches while they did not even know what it is and how to support their readers when needed. If you try to make more by farming keywords in your wrong niche or autoblogging, you might earn some but it is not long term strategy as you will loose all sooner or later. If you are using Google Adsense by that way, your account will even be disabled and your earning will be lost too.


4. Wrong targeted audiences:

Targeted audiences are really important as it can help you earn more with high conversion rate. You should think carefully your SEO skills and where to drive traffic to your blog. You can not drive those who are interested in technology to a gardening sites. That is wrong way. No advertisers are willing to pay you with non-targeted clients.

5. Not creative/innovative:

When you have all things needed, another issue can be considered. It is creativeness or innovative. You should think about placement of your ads, what size and format the ads should be to maximize your earnings. Google has consolidated the best performing adsense ad unit format and you should give it a try.

Sometimes, you can rotate your ad to refresh your readers’ eyes eespecially for those who have the most returning clients.

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That is common reasons that many bloggers eespecially newbies have experienced with in order to make their blog profitable. It is not that easy as you have heard from unofficial sources. Let’s figure out what reasons of yours to fix it and you will make more money sooner or later.

What more reasons you can think of that a blogger can never make enough money out of his blog?

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Tinh is a Vietnamese disabled blogger who can make $2,000+/month from blogging. He is the author & owner of Affiliate Marketing Tips. You can find anything related to blogging, affiliate marketing and make money online there.


COMMENTs ( 27 )

  1. Brad says

    You make many valid points. Adsense can be an easy passive income, but you must know how to do it right, and there are several guides explain how to do it correctly.

    First comes a nice WP layout.
    Then comes Fresh Content that is informational + SEO optimized.
    Some back-Linking
    And then you should be getting traffic and clicks on your Adsense Ads.

  2. Michelle Tukachinsky says

    thanks for the post. It was very helpful and concise. I have tried autoblogging and it is a waste of time and money.

    You must have quality content and must be patient when trying to monetize your blog.

  3. Le Hoang says

    Thank for your article, I have learned a lot from you about making money online. I’m trying to become a good blogger as you >:)

    • Tinh says

      It is not a long journey friend :-) You need to be passionate about what you do and more interactive with your readers will help you succeed soon :-)

  4. Jens P. Berget says

    I did some of the mistakes that you are talking about, but what I did to be successful was to be persistent. In the end that was all it took, I kept writing blog posts, I did my share of marketing and then, after more than six months I started to earn money :)

    • Tinh says

      That is great achievement and I do agree with you that persistence is very important too. Happy as you have earned some money :-)

  5. Tech Maish says

    Content and Relevant traffic is what you need to monetize your blog. Both are very important for a blog.

    • Tran Tinh says

      Yes, few traffic but quality and targeted will be more sustainable rather than first visitor but never come back. This can also help maintain your blog revenue and build up your brand too. Thanks for your great comment :-)

  6. Rakesh Narang says

    I agree with it, if you are blogging in the wrong niche and digging just for keywords, you would not gain much authority, since content won’t be unique.

    — Rakesh

  7. Dean Saliba says

    Very good article. I think personally I fail at number 2, driving traffic something I need to get to grips with and quickly!

    • Tran Tinh says

      Yeah, that is the key factor but you need more time to drive more traffic. Invest more on content and SEO, you will reach it :-)

  8. deepak sharma says

    what’s the meaning of 4th point …
    can you pls elaborate it …..
    rest all points are gr8….thnx……

  9. MazaKaro says

    What do you mean by “Not creative/innovative”
    I feel i am a creative and innovative person and thats why i designed my blog so well. :P

  10. Nabeel says

    I would add that not providing value to readers is also a cause for a blog’s failure. Some blogs just write for seo purposes, and their blog is filled with keywords only. As you can imagine, readers do not stay for much time on these blogs.

    • Tran Tinh says

      That is what many newbies have been doing but they could not build up their personal brand :-) Value last for long

  11. Basant says

    Patience & hardwork pays in long run. There’s no shortcut in any biz & online biz is no different.