5 Common Mistake A New Blogger Frequently Make

A New Year have come again. As a blogger, we are all eagerly waiting for a more successful year in blogging journey. In order to getting the goals, not only do we have to work harder, but also learn from things we experienced and dealt with last year, both success and fail.

As a blogger on the first stage of the blogging way, I would like to share with you here my personal story, what mistakes I made in 2010. Hopefully, many of you won’t make again and to get more success.

1. Think Big…

Instead of think small. That is my biggest mistake I made in 2010. Setting a high goal is likely good at first, in case you have already had a pretty success, a good reputation. As many other new bloggers, I have ever hope that as soon as I took part in blogging trip, I can instantly get a huge amount of money. It is a common sense you might ever think that why you are not able to get money, meanwhile many other people are getting thousand dollars per month and make a good living thanks to blogging.

From that mistake, I have drawn the first lesson from what I learned from pro bloggers is that, you would not able to get any green paper unless you have really dedicated and concentrated on your work. Setting a proper goal will not let you feel exhausted, in case your blog does not get success at the first blogging phase.

2. Spend Less But Earn More

This is also a popular psychology all new bloggers face up. Blogging is prosperous and promising work but it requires many factors to make sure your trip will be able to get money at last. In 2010, during 2 early months after jumping into blogosphere, I always keep a good mindset that I had to work hard and did not let income, revenue or any other problems distracting me. But it is not easy indeed. My blogging trip stopped then without anything returned.

So the lesson I have learned from that mistake is that, you should have to work hard to get juice back. That is very simple but a really hard challenge for new bloggers.

3. Take Action Too Late

I wish I could back to 2008 when I bought a domain for my blogging trip at the first time. The feeling to own a brand (despite at that time, I did not care about what brand was), a domain, the small land on the Internet was great. But time went and I have not built that blog as best as I can. Some of my friends bought their domains at that time too and now, many of them are standing high on the Google index. Each month, I feel jealous when they announce income from their blogs.

Now, in the first month of 2011, I back to blogging trip and I hope, 2 years afterwards, I would not say the above sentences again. My friends, take action as soon as possible.

4. Wrong Niche Choice

That is another mistake I did in 2010. I re-blog (if I can call that) in some early months of 2010 with a blog related to studying English. It worked well and I ever felt great when I could contribute something for others.

Day after day, my blog reached higher milestones and gradually blogging works became one of my parts in a daily life. I realized that I can make money from blog and tried placing some Google Adsense codes. My blog returned with a decent money which gave me lots of joyfulness.

One day, all of advertisement slot on my blog accidentally disappeared. I got a notification email from Google said, my Google Adsense had been disabled due to lots of invalid clicks. Horrible, I know the reason. Someone had stolen my opportunity in blogging trip. Then, I decided to quit all of related blogging works and keep all of my power to write for a local online newspaper.

Might be I am not lucky but the lesson I have learnt from that incident is that, I have to choose a good niche to reach more visitors. Money will not come in case I still live up to local people, though I do not want that.

5. I Have Not Concentrated on

This is another mistake I made last year. At the August, I back to blogging by ordering 3 domains. One for WP Theme collection, one for Tech blog and last for Blogging Tips blog. I ever hope they will be the last choice but I was wrong again.

In fact, none of them is good as I expected. Of course, when you have a good contributor team, you can build as many projects as you want. But in my case, I usually felt frustrated each day. And deadline was always a nightmare too.

So the lesson is that, I should to concentrate on one blog, regardless you write a bout tech niche or blogging tips niche. That is my choice. The reason is that you have only two hands, 24 hours each day and ton of other routine works.

That is what I have experienced in 2010. I hope I would never have any chance like this to tell my story. Hopefully time will heal our fails and mistakes will be good lessons for a better future. Do you think that?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. Naeem says

    Stuck at Point 5, your outbound link says you did not make good enough on SML. Or it just needs to be strikethroughed.

    This is another mistake I made last year. At the August, I back to blogging by ordering 3 domains. One for WP Theme collection, one for Tech blog and last for Blogging Tips blog.

  2. AMR says

    Hi I also got the same email from Google for my first blog. i was shattered. Total disappointment and went outside blogosphere for several months and in a come back now. :)

  3. Nihar says

    Well written post.

    Thanks for listing out the mistakes. This will help bloggers not to make such mistakes…

  4. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Setting huge goals is necessary…but also breaking them down to small and achievable goals is more important…and i also agree that selecting a proper niche is a must….BTW Great article mate..

  5. James M says

    I have only been writing my blog for about five months now, and had over 1000 unique views in December. Do you think this is good progress, or should I be attaining better results? I am only doing this part-time for now, with a goal of being more full time as the year progresses.

  6. Rahul says

    I just started IM in January. I am taking actions, spending money, researching and doing lot of things. My goals is huge. We will be trying to achieve them this year.

    • Nguyen Vuong says

      I think you should set your goal properly mate. It will not let you feel tired when your work is not good as you ever expected.

  7. seenu says

    How you got invalid adsense clicks based on your niche?
    I want to know some reasons why google bans someone adsense account.

  8. Mahendra says

    All most all mistakes are common made by new bloggers. Every new blogger must read this article at the time of starting blog. Thax for this article Vuong

  9. Pumama says

    Yes I agree with you at #2,3,4,5.
    But #1: I think that have a big goal is very good but we need to split this big goal into many small goals. My big goal is make over $50k/month but my small goal in 2011 is make $1k/month

    • Nguyen Vuong says

      You are really a young talent mate. I hope you will get more success in 2011 in blogging trip. Your paid to upload working is better as well.

  10. Wasim Ismail says

    taking action too late is easily done, with so much to do online, one can become easily overwhelmed in doing other activates and miss the important things that relay matter.

    • Nguyen Vuong says

      Take action before it too late. I hope I will never write this sentence again mate. Thanks for dropping by your idea.

  11. Vivek Parmar says

    Well written, every blogger in initial stage not able to decide what he was doing, what he should go for, choosing a niche is the crucial one because it decides how the things work in future. And concentrating on writing is necessary is a must, rest all things will work out

    • Nguyen Vuong says

      Thanks for your comment Vivek. Your blog is increasing fast :-P. I am on the first stage of blogging trip so it is not easy to resolve tons of obstacles ahead. Yeah, I have only one choice now is continuing to write :-P.