5 Blunders Which Keep You Away from Online Blog Income

Many bloggers quit blogging career because they don’t earn any income. Earning through blog is not due to luck, you earn after doing with lot of smart work and dedication towards your goal. There are bloggers who are earning good online income, but other bloggers just read their article and never implement that’s the reason they fail to earn online. You need to find out the reasons why you face failure in making money online.

Online Blog Income

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Blunders to Avoid for Making online money Successfully

1. Shortcut to earn money:

Many bloggers want to make money fast, which is not possible. You will need time and smart work to make money online. No affiliate programs, eBooks or advertisers can make you rich in few days. Working for 4-5 moths won’t make you a professional blogger. Give your best efforts and time to your blogging career; you will surely earn online income.

2. Lack of efforts

You might get a purchase a blog and start wishing that it will generate money. Just having a blog and posting articles won’t lead you towards your dream. You need to learn everything about making money online and equally put efforts to it. Just reading article and not applying the tricks with proper planning will only result in failure.

3. Fear of hurdles

If you want to make money you have to pass through hurdles, you won’t find red carpet always. You will find lots of problems in beginning. Be confident, search for solutions, ask other bloggers but don’t fear from failure.

4. Distraction

This is very common mistake bloggers make. They will choose lots of options to make money online and keep jumping from one option to other. This will surely lead to failure in making money online. Focus on one project at a time and give your best to it, you will surely get success.

5. Lack of passion

Only passion will drive you towards your goal. It is important to have passion and positive energy to achieve what you want from your blog. If you have passion, you will overcome barriers and achieve your targets.

Hope this post will help you to earn money online. Do share your insight for making money online.

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COMMENTs ( 43 )

  1. prabhat says

    another interesting article…i am amazed,,, i am reading the articles one by one since yesterday night and every time i find a new article grabbing my attention within a post…btw i am a newbie and learning lots of new things here
    thanks for this post

  2. vrunda says

    i m agree with you dear… passion, persistence and patience always required to become a perfect and successful blogger… nice post… needed to be understood by all the bloggers who are new to blogosphere..

  3. TheTechMedia says

    Nice post. Got inspired…. Was bit frustrated after 1 month of blogging… for lack of traffic.. need to keep fighting n sme dedicated time!!

  4. Deepak Jain says

    That’s a well explained post.

    Bloggers should be aware of the fact that they cannot start making money overnight and huge effort and smart work is a must to be successful.

    Also, as Raju from techpp says, “one must never stop experimenting to be successful”.

    BTW, stumbled this post so that some budding bloggers may get inspired from this.

  5. Jaq says

    Never get involved with get rich quick scheme. They always leverage on mass amount of people and make themselves rich instead. The best road to take is always the “down to earth” way. And have the 3 “P”s. That is Plan, Patience and Passion. With these 3 ingredients it will be hard to fail.

  6. Avi Singh says

    Very nice article Ruchi.
    Atleast you should try to take your blog frequency to that level where you can atleast earn from Google Adsense ( only for part time bloggers). And Who want to become a full-time blogger, they need to work very hard.

  7. Shabnam Sultan says

    Nice read Ruchi :) . Lack of passion is the main blunder which prevents from earning money online.

  8. himanshu says

    hey ruchi nice post. must read for amateur bloggers.

    hey i think there’s an error in “Shortcut to earn money”. in the line about affiliate adevrtising

  9. Bert Padilla says

    Definitely right… Bloggers love inspirations. Getting inspired, but doing things less far from what a blogger suppose to do won’t help succeed on his dream to make money online.

  10. Michael Aulia says

    After “jumping” from one to another, I finally stick with my AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, SocialSpark, and private advertisers for my money earners :D

  11. khalid says

    Nice article Ruchi, its very good that you joined this great blog. All of your points are valid and most of them are applying in my story as I am blogging for almost 1 year but no success , traffic is not increasing.

    • says

      Glad you like the article.

      You can refer to Harsh’s articles on making money and how to increase traffic. Those article will surely help you. :)

  12. Rajesh Kanuri says

    distraction is the major factor which makes one annoyed and leave the blogging even the last one is worth mention..

  13. MANoj says


    Great Article
    Actually i am planning to enter into Bloggging Career,

    I am having some questions?
    Would be great if u could help me out….???

    Question : Before i was having Google Adsense Account, but it got banned due to Invalid Clicks?

    What are the other options, How do i get Google Adsense Account

    In case i register account with my Paa Name as Payee,
    Would Google detect if i login with paa and my banned account on same pc with same ipaddress

    Are there any chances that they banned my paa account tooo, in case they detect that having multiple accounts and one with banned account too…

    Thank You for all

    • says

      Manoj , You can apply for BuySell ads, Infolinks, Clicksor, Chitika . There are more Google Adsense alternative, I will write a post on it soon .

      About registering account on your dad name is ok , but you have to take care of dynamic IPs. You just need to restart your modem to get different IPs.

      • Manoj says

        Thans Ruchi

        I will do…
        Are other Adsense Alternative are also too much sensitive like Google Adsense,
        What preparation or knowledge do i need to know before starting my own bloging career

    • All Is Well says

      I won’t suggest you to apply from same ip address for new adsense account. Also, make high traffic blog and apply for adsense every 45 days. They will definitely reject your application many times but some times they approve disabled adsense account too. But you really needs to work for that. Don’t put too many ads when you applying for adsense.

  14. All Is Well says

    I agree, If you will try lot of things then surely you will get some success. So, putting extra effort is always useful.

    • says

      Trying lots of things is good but it’s worst when you keep jumping from one thing to another. Better to try one thing at a time.

  15. TechOfWeb says

    Is Ruchi new member of shoutmeloud.
    I am seeing shoutmeloud link on hovering her name or is it by mistake??


  16. Agent Deepak says

    My main problem is distraction and lack of efforts. But my biggest problem is even if I know my fault I have not yet completely eliminated them.

    Need to re-evaluate what I am doing.

    PS: Sometime I feel I do not really want to make money. Ya! I have that kind of feeling too.

    • says

      Deepak , I guess you need to plan you task properly . A proper planning and equal efforts will surely help you to get rid of your problem.
      And about money making, don’t think too much. Just enjoy blogging. :)

  17. Tushar says

    lack of efforts is the most common reason….1-2 months of full of energy blogging and no hard work after that will always work in the negative side

  18. nabeel says

    you are right :) i got red signal from google when i am in 36 dollar :( but still m tryng :) lets see :)

  19. Mani Viswanathan says

    Rightly said srivath & also the points r nicely listed up..Constant & longterm efforts alongside passion can give the reqd success..thts the moral I got :-)

  20. Puneet Jain says

    Many people are impressed by the success of famous blogs and start dreaming about that they will also be one of the successful bloggers. But just dreaming wont work, one need to put efforts to realise his or her dreams.

    • says

      That’s the reason why blogger fails. Bloggers must implement the tips given by professional bloggers to succeed, not just to read their articles.

  21. Srivathsan G.K says

    I strongly believe in your 5th point. ” Only passion will drive you towards your goal ” Infact this should be the First point. Unless passion is in your blood, you cannot succeed.