4 Factors that Make Visitors Feel Comfortable


Have you ever visited a blog and while you’re there you feel welcome and comfortable? There are lots reasons that make you uncomfortable when in any blog. There are lots of web masters who try to make their site more attractive by displaying lots of flash, animations, videos email subscriptions box etc. Do you really think your blog readers will like that? Ever think of it? No? Well, There are 4 factors I think that makes visitors uncomfortable on a blog, these are:

Blog Loading time:

One of the thing that personally irritate me when I access a website and it takes ages to load. I’m sure you must have faced this issue and it takes only one click to close that webpage. According to research, average attention span of a human being is only 9 seconds and when you are online, you need to make sure your page loads in less than 3 seconds. If not, you are more likely to lose one reader.

There are various ways by which you can make your blog load faster and I’m listing down some of the major one:

Too many advertisements ( PPC and Banner)

I understand that your blog needs advertisement to make money so that you can pay your hosting bill and pay other bills too. But don’t be greedy by putting numerous ads on your blog which hampers the readability of the content. Make sure you limit your number of ads and more over place ads outside your content area.  Don’t use popup ads as they are big turn-off for anyone including me.

My suggestion would be use only high-quality and high-paying ads. If you are using AdSense, you should read this guide which teaches you to get high paying ads on your blog. More over, do you know using too many ads above the fold on your blog has negative implications.

Bad navigation:

Most of your readers land on your blog internal pages and if you don’t have a clear navigation path, this will make them go right away. This is one reason many blogs have high bounce rate and bad user-experience. To make your blog visitors comfortable, make sure your post structure is clean and you offer a clean layout and navigation. Here are few things which you can do right away:

  • Add related post to help readers find more content.
  • Add recent posts or popular posts in sidebar
  • Your blog navbar should be clean and have links to your important pages. Such as about page, landing page.\

The best way to test it out yourself is by going to one of your internal pages and see are you able to move to next pages or not. If not, it’s time for you to change your layout and pick a right theme for your blog.

Other quick tips:

  • Don’t use too many widgets in your sidebar.
  • Have about page and contact page at the top.
  • Put subscription box at the sidebar so that your blog visitors can subscribe.
  • Make sure you are serving a mobile optimised version of your blog.

Last words:

If you plan to create a blog which is loved by your readers you should take care of all big and small things which is affecting good user-experience. The best way to judge is by asking one of your friend to start reading your blog and see where they can go from one page to another. Take their feedback on the basis of loading time, reading experience, navigation experience and make changes where ever appropriate.


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Hello, My Name is Rajesh Patel and I am a Windows Enthusiast. Presently, I am pursuing my M.B.B.S degree from Sharda University.


COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Navin Kunwar says

    lots of advertisement decreases page load speed and user experience, one must avoid these things mainly.

  2. ajay s bisht says

    Pop ups are realy irritating.I have recently created a blog,it will be highly appreciated if you just have a look and suggest me for any modifications…

  3. Sanjay says

    I think main point that makes visitors comfortable is when he gets the exact answer for his question. Which means good post must be there to make visitors feel good…..

  4. Maninder @HackTik.com says

    Nice points though I am wondering, you didn’t talk about the content and its quality in the above points. The very reason any visitor come and visit your blog is for the quality and informative content. You will find many well established blogs providing excellent quality content but are very high on advertisements as well.
    Thanx for this writeup, though.

  5. letmebuzz says

    I agree with you but if you have two post with same content, which one will you prefer to read. Of course with well organized because your eye likes it to read it.

    No one like to read which is unorganized. I don’t…. :)

  6. Vijayraj Reddy says

    i always hate pop ups, they make visitors irritate and they may leave you site…

  7. fazal mayar says

    Good post, as bloggers or any kind of website owner, you have to make your visistors come back and make them ” sticky ”. There are some things that will annoy your visitors though!

  8. hamarasathi says

    Your theme also effect visitor count,if navigation of your blog or website easy then more visitor come to your blog.

  9. Roy C.C. says

    Wahoooo, These are another great tips that we should pay attention to.

    The one of “Pop Up Ads”, I hate that with a passion.

    Thank you so much for this article.

    Roy C.c.

  10. Shubham Dev says

    I think site speed and pop-up/ads are the most important!
    As people get annoyed and leave your website soon resulting in increased bounce rate. Nice points, btw (:

  11. Digital Bunch says

    The design also effect the blog visitors. Some of the crappy CSS make feels visitors not to return back.

    Thanks for the great post.

  12. admin says

    Certainly one needs to be very careful about these things as visitors are very sensitive they would run away because of a single poor thing. Using premium customized theme can help