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    4 Factors that Make Visitors Feel Comfortable

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    This is a guest post by Rajesh who blogs at iPhone5Jailbreaktips. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.
    Have you ever visited a blog and while you’re there you feel welcome and comfortable? There are lots reasons that make you uncomfortable when in any blog. There are lots of webmasters who try to make their site more attractive by displaying lots of flash, animations, videos email subscriptions box etc.
    Comfortable Visitor 4 Factors that Make Visitors Feel Comfortable

    Do you really think your blog readers will like that? Ever think of it? No? Well, There are 4 factors I think that makes visitors uncomfortable on a blog, these are:

    Blog Loading time:

    When a reader has opened any page on your blog, and the page is rich with heavy pictures, flash, animations or videos then it will take lots of time to load up. Readers really hate slow blog or slow loading blogs. And its very dangerous for your blog, because you might have very few visitors due to loading time.
    For this, try to compress your images with yahoo smushit or any other programs, if you are are using flash then you should know flash cant read by search engine bots. Sometime flash can attract readers but not always.

    Too Much Advertising ( PPC and Banner)

    By Advertising bloggers use to earn money through their blogs, but remember you do not overdo or collaborate on PPC ads (text) with banner ads that even seems your blog is only visible advertisements only from the article. Okay to collaborate but not to make visitors feel uncomfortable with the presence of the ads.
    For this, arrange the ads, neatly either PPC (text) or any other ad banner.

    The existence of Pop Up Ads

    Pop ups are ads that appear on the new page. It’s also one of the reasons that make visitors uncomfortable blog. Pop Up Ads can only come from the widgets that you attach.

    Un-Structured Blog

    Unstructured Blog is a blog that does not mean neat as for example the distance between one content to another content is too far or too large widgets from the space that is supposed to be and passing the dividing line between the widgets and content and much more.
    Make your blog as neat as possible so that visitors feel comfortable while browsing your blog, if your blog have too many ads a good idea is to cut the unnecessary ads that might annoying for readers.

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    Certainly one needs to be very careful about these things as visitors are very sensitive they would run away because of a single poor thing. Using premium customized theme can help


    Digital Bunch

    The design also effect the blog visitors. Some of the crappy CSS make feels visitors not to return back.

    Thanks for the great post.



    I think popup ads are the biggest problem on some blogs. No one likes popup ads.


    Zero Cost Business

    Navigation is also an important factor. A visitor should be able to find what they want immediately without spending time searching for it. Visitors are so impatient that if they do not find what they are looking for instantly then they will leave your website.

    So your navigation should be properly arranged into categories and sub-categories. It is also a good idea to display popular posts prominently so visitors can get access to your best material easily.


    Shubham Dev

    I think site speed and pop-up/ads are the most important!
    As people get annoyed and leave your website soon resulting in increased bounce rate. Nice points, btw (:


    Roy C.C.

    Wahoooo, These are another great tips that we should pay attention to.

    The one of “Pop Up Ads”, I hate that with a passion.

    Thank you so much for this article.

    Roy C.c.



    Yup ! You’re right :)
    Thanks for sharing with us !



    Your theme also effect visitor count,if navigation of your blog or website easy then more visitor come to your blog.



    All webmaster should follow this basic rules. Thanks for refreshing us.


    fazal mayar

    Good post, as bloggers or any kind of website owner, you have to make your visistors come back and make them ” sticky ”. There are some things that will annoy your visitors though!


    Vijayraj Reddy

    i always hate pop ups, they make visitors irritate and they may leave you site…



    I agree with you but if you have two post with same content, which one will you prefer to read. Of course with well organized because your eye likes it to read it.

    No one like to read which is unorganized. I don’t…. :)


    Maninder @HackTik.com

    Nice points though I am wondering, you didn’t talk about the content and its quality in the above points. The very reason any visitor come and visit your blog is for the quality and informative content. You will find many well established blogs providing excellent quality content but are very high on advertisements as well.
    Thanx for this writeup, though.


    Nikita mishra

    ya, your blog traffic depends upon all these factors.


    Money Blogger @pythonskynet

    Shoutmeloud theme makes me stay in this blog… I am new visitor although, I am reading all the posts



    I think main point that makes visitors comfortable is when he gets the exact answer for his question. Which means good post must be there to make visitors feel good…..


    Rajib Kumar

    I just hate pop-up ads and Un-Structured Blog. Others is ok.


    ajay s bisht

    Pop ups are realy irritating.I have recently created a blog,it will be highly appreciated if you just have a look and suggest me for any modifications…


    Navin Kunwar

    lots of advertisement decreases page load speed and user experience, one must avoid these things mainly.


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