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3 Steps To Get Your New Website Indexed In 2 Days

3 Steps To Get Your New Website Indexed In 2 Days

Last time we have shared how to index your website in 24 hours and now Lee is sharing some more SEO tips to get your blog getting indexed quickly in search engine.

Whenever we build a new blog or website, we always want it to be indexed by Google as soon as possible. Usually it will take about 1-2 weeks for Google to crawl and index your new blog or website, in fact we can make the index process even faster, it may take 1-2 days to get indexed. There are many ways where you can do to make the index process faster, such as blog commenting, link exchange, and etc.

Recently I create a few micro niche websites which target high paying keywords with minimum competition, usually the websites have only 1-2 pages each. After I setup the website, I’ll do something to get them indexed as soon as possible. If the competition is low, definitely it will rank well and start receiving organic traffic.

What I did was very simple, I’ll test the micro niche website in a list of website value sites, website value site is website that tells you the value of your website, says how much it worth and etc. Normally these sites have high pagerank and easy to get indexed by Google. Therefore, whenever you test your site, the website value site will generate the result in a new page. With that said, you’ll have a backlink from each website value site you submit. Once the new page is indexed by Google, then your link will be easily crawled by Google spider and will be indexed soon.

3 Steps To Test Your Website And Get A Backlink

1) Here is a list of website value sites. Copy them and paste in a notepad, replace the “” to your website URL. Some of them may or may not work, but it doesn’t matter, just use all of them.

2) It will take you longer time to open one by one to test your website, now you open the website, copy all the website value sites from the notepad and paste into the URLOpener, and press submit.

3) When you press submit, all the websites will be opened in a new tab. Hold for a minute for them to load. Once all of them have been completely loaded, close all the tab and you’re done!

Wrap Up

I’ve been creating tons of one page micro niche website and make money with Google Adsense, so I want all of them to be indexed by Google as soon as possible and pull in some hardcore cash in short time.

With this method, I get all my micro niche websites to be indexed by Google in a day or two. You have to try this yourself and see how long your website and blog to be indexed.

Do you find this method useful? What other method that you use to get your blog and website indexed in short time?

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    • Mike

      Thank you! This is the first good article I came across that actually helped me get my site indexed! The website value tip is great, never thought of it!


      I needed this tips. I will use it in my blog because google take several days to index my post

    • Benjamin

      Amazing! It indexed my website in no time at all…. Thanks.

    • Siddhu

      This might be a trick..
      But without doing the above my site got indexed by google in just 48 hrs of domain registration :)

    • aatif

      There are sites on which you just have to insert your domain name , it will automatically submit you domain to all above sites .

    • tricia@best forex software trading

      Very useful post! I will probably try this one to my previous sites. I really find this very interesting and I am thankful for the author above, for sharing this wonderful and very useful ideas. Very much appreciated!

    • Tushar

      thanks for the post lee…..i wish it works exactly as you said

    • Balaji J H

      This post is too useful!
      Need to add my new site


    • fareed

      use, the big pinger your site indexed in 2-4 hours

      • NpXp

        That’s a nice site to get yourself indexed. I use it for my blog all the time ;)

      • aatif

        yes is great do follow microblog , there are many services related to .

    • Lee Ka Hoong

      Thanks for publishing my guest post Harsh.

      If you guys have any query on the article, kindly shoot me an email or leave a comment here.



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