Why Career As A Blogger Is Tough In India?


The rise of blogging and social media in the past couple of years is remarkable. No one ever thought that online media will replace traditional media, and moreover blogging will not be seen as just a hobby.

But being an Indian, it’s really hard to be a blogger, and here I will outline some of the common problems we face being a blogger. This post will be incomplete without your input, so I suggest you to also mention your viewpoints on why blogging as a career is not so favourable for us, and what we can do to make it in our favour.

Indian Bloggers
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We are the Indians, best thinkers, hard workers and always eager for success. We face so many problems when it comes to choosing the best path for our career. I, you and all of us have to answer several questions before deciding about the career.

Whether you want to be an engineer, doctor, lawyer and blogger, you have to bear all the criticisms that lie in our society. And for sure when we talk about blogging then people start saying, “what, blo-blogging???”

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Blogging as a profession is catching up in India but it’s still at very infant stage. It is so risky to tell your well-wishers that you want to be a blogger. Here are some common reasons why India is not producing so many bloggers and why a career as a blogger is not a piece of cake.

Why a career as a Blogger is not preferable in India?

No awareness

blogging awareness
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Awareness is a very big factor in India development and so as in blogging. I have many incidences where I feel so helpless to explain to others that what I do? The whole discussion starts and ends with some taglines.

  • ABC: What you do?
  • Me: I do blogging.
  • ABC:”Blo- Blogging”? What does it mean?
  • Me (Blank): I run a website through which I earn money.
  • ABC: In attitude, so you design websites???
  • Me (let’s end it): Yah….

The same kind of discussion takes place with many bloggers because there is no awareness about blogging in India.

Study Pressure for students

Indian education system problem
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Harsh has written a remarkable post on why College students should be blogging and we all know about the pressure we have lots of pressures and Indian study is also on this list. I am not saying that study is a problem but our educational system (Indian study) is not made to produce game-changers. We travel through a long education journey in which no one has the time to do anything different. Reason being, we have lots of tuition work, classwork, exam stress and other activities to do.

If you ask any master degree student about internet then half of them will get blank. And if you ask about blogging then only a few of them will be answering you precisely. So better, we need to come out of this pressure cooker and do something out of the box.

Quick income from Job

In India, everyone follows a thumb rule that studies and get a good job. And if you don’t get a good job then find it. I have many friends who are seeking a good job from the last 2 years after B. tech and you know the real fact is that they want just a job whether it is good or not. Because their motto is to earn money as soon as possible and only for this reason they have given 2 years of their life to job hunting.

When I tell them about blogging, they say,” we don’t want to waste our time.” Great if blogging is wastage of time then what about 2 years job hunting after B-tech. All the people of India are finding a good job (with no serious efforts) and wasting their time if they start giving this time to blogging then this can be their first step towards a bright future.

Family Pressure

Family pressure is the key that why there are fewer companies in India like Google, Face book, Microsoft and Apple. From our childhood, it is told to us that better you do a government job and if you don’t find a government job then better you do a private job. For a child who wants to be a businessman, an entrepreneur and a blogger, the conversation is like this.

  • Child (With full determination): Hey dad, I want to be an entrepreneur.
  • Dad (Angrily): What!!!!!
  • Child: Dad, I am not saying to be a terrorist.
  • Dad: It is like being a terrorist, leaves this dream as soon as possible. See Sharma’s son, he got ### AIR rank in JEE-Main and conversation ended.

And when you overcome these hurdles then you face other problems

Blogging without knowledge

Surely no one is the master of any field in starting. Everyone starts without the knowledge and after that, they gain knowledge about that field. Getting knowledge about bogging is somewhat difficult in India because there is no institute that tells about how to do blogging. There are few questions come in mind when you are in the starting stage.

Web Hosting

Website designing

  • Best CMS for blogging
  • CMS and theme Installation Process
  • Important plug-ins and modules

Writing Skills

  • English Grammar
  • Poor writing
  • Relationship-building content with the audience

No promotion and SEO

Less Knowledge about monetization of the website

  • No idea about earning through website except Google Adsense

Blogging with guidance

If someone is ready to guide you on some cost or freely then still you will face these problems in blogging.

  •  Writing skills

No one can teach you how to write great articles for blogs, they can advise you that write like this. But in blogging more you read more you will be able to write precisely. They can’t teach you English grammar, it is understood that you work on your English from your own.

  •  Dependency

Ones someone starts guiding you then whether you get to know or not but surely you will become dependent on him. You will be calling him for little problems and ones he doesn’t pick your call, you will be losing your temper soon.

Blogging with knowledge

Above all the problems of family and knowledge if you are determinant for blogging then there are some other hidden phobias like

  • No Google Adsense

I have seen many bloggers quitting from blogging due to no AdSense approval. Even I have wasted my enough time for getting my AdSense approval but failed all the time. So I decided to only blog because there are other methods too for monetizing a website. Check out this useful post on how you can make money without AdSense.

  • Responsibility

It may kill you because ones you start this journey there will be no one with you like class fellows in academic. There are few known Indian bloggers who did so well in blogging so try to be in their company to overcome this phobia. And take responsibility for your decision.

Well, I don’t mean to discourage you from taking blogging as a career, because blogging is one lucrative job where you are your own boss. Moreover, it helps you to become an online celebrity.

Though these are the problems which I believe will take time to overcome in our industry and many professional Indian bloggers are already founding the base for those who are planning to take blogging as a career option. I have embedded a great video discussion between Harsh and two more prominent Indian bloggers about blogging as a career in our country.

Here is a collection of best articles from ShoutMeLoud, which will let you know more about the professional aspect of blogging.

So what do you feel about a career as a blogger in India?

What are the common challenges you are facing and what do you suggest to overcome these challenges.

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Hello everyone, I am a blogger from India. I love to surf new websites and apart from surfing I like to help people in blogging and career. I am also listed in Indiblogger list :)

56 thoughts on “Why Career As A Blogger Is Tough In India?”

  1. Daksh Pokar

    I agree with you totally, I know how difficult it was for me to start a blog. In the early stages one problem would cost me 3 nights to repair, but still I would do it, even on the exam days.

    I did not had a good hosting service, used free hosting to start a blog. Everyday I used to get like 70% up time but I continued, at last finally got the hosting. I continued because I got inspiration from the professional bloggers like Harsh and Amit.

    Their articles I think are godly, just love them. ShoutMeLoud was one of the reasons I started my blog.

  2. iaan

    I totally agree with you. I have experienced that most of the guys in India just want to blog for making money. On the other hand, I think it’s not completely their fault, Whenever we type Make money online in Google, we get results saying “blogging is also a good way to earn online” but people ignore the second half of the post saying they need to learn a lot to do blogging. And when they start blogging without any knowledge, writing skills and seo skill – they quit.

  3. Pooja

    I agree with all the points. Nice article . The 1st one is relatable to me 🙁

  4. Akshay

    I am 14,but I started blogging back when I was 10 with a blogspot and now I host my own WordPress website with BlueHost for about 2 years.

  5. Prem Sahu

    Well said ,thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.It is very helpful for me to understand about the blogging and the difficulties that every blogger can face.

  6. Deekshith

    Nicely summed up article. I’m 24 doing my CA articleship but somehow I always feel it’s not for me, I must be doing what interests me, but didn’t know what to do. Suddenly this blogging thing excited me and I started learning more and more about it. Next month I have exams and here I am studying about blogging because I feel this is what I needed in my life. Hope I can be successful in my journey.

  7. tuhin

    In bangladesh, our condition is critical. Many of our parents didn’t allow phone till we are 18. And education system is just f****g. Parents say, “the son of …. Became a doctor, will earn million…. Read more and more. Be the first boy. 90% marks etc. In bengali jobe means “cakri” . It cames from “cakar” which means servant. In hindi “nocker” to nockri. But question is why we have no freedom? An bright example: when our country were ruled by others than many people accept it and became a servant. But many guys didn’t accept, fought and country became independent. Alike, my grandfather worked under a boss, my father is doing, but i don’t wanna do. But they are forcing. Untill the are aware nothing gonna change. Students of bd use their talent not their brain. The guys who use their brain can’t stood first in exams. Bookish knowledge is of no work in practical life also in hardship. Parents must realized that. Or 9to5 job will kill our youth. Everybody want money. My question is i am studying better , i may marry a educated girl. We will do job from day to night. When we will have a child we won’t be able to provide time to him/her. I got it in my personal life that educated mom is the best, but jobby mom is the worst. If parents both are in work, the will hire a woman for taking care of them, teachers for all subject, will force to get 90 up marks in every sub. Then why i am studying for. Coz after a few year of job i will do for myself. After that have to do for my wife and child. If my child won’t grow up in a natural and perfect way then job and education both of them is useless. Need a great change.

    [Sorry, this post is titled for indian, but i wrote a lecture like einstein being a bangladeshi.]

    1. Istiak Rayhan

      Hey Tuhin,

      I am also from Bangladesh and have been blogging for last 3 years. It is true that blogging is not a popular term in Bangladesh, at least pro blogging. Things got worse when some atheist bloggers got killed by extremists. Most of the people started thinking that Bloggers are atheists. And it became tough to introduce someone as a blogger. I never called myself a blogger in my first year of blogging. I was just a proud web site owner.

      When I made my first income from online, I shared it with my family. Believe me, it felt awesome. And I got full support from my family. So even if you make just $1 from blogging, share it with your parents. You won’t be able to explain your parents what blogging is, but you can show them it is possible to make money out of it. And you are not wasting your time in front of your computer. Your parents want you to be a doctor because they think doctors are successful which is visible to them (but it should not be this way). They can’t imagine that it is possible to make money from home by doing work on computer. So show them the results.

      I know we have a lot of problems that need to be fixed. What we can do as bloggers is to create awareness about blogging what exactly Harsh is doing in India. I think situations are changing gradually and more and more people are coming to realise that making money online is real.

      However, if you have hard making your parents understand about make money blogging, just share Harsh Agrawal’s income reports with your parents.

  8. Ahsan Choudhury

    each and every word is true in this article , its really tough to become a blogger in India , your parents will wont support you , they will think its a waste of time , you are your own best friend if you choose this profession in India.

  9. Rajkumar

    Awesome Article Sumit , you have discussed points from which Blogging is tough for Indian. If anyone knows about blogging during his graduation than His successful rate is better.

    After Graduation we began to find job to get source of money. We Do blogging at home and our family think “ये दिन भर इन्टरनेट पर ना जाने क्या करता रहता है काम धाम तो कोई है नहीं , इसके साथ वाले तो सब जॉब लग गये , इसका तो काम लैपटॉप पर बैठना और सो जाना”. But No one Knows that one day We can be Next Harsh Agarwal.

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