The 5 People You Need To Meet To Be Successful In Business


Getting yourself surrounded with the right kind of people is one of the most powerful things you can do as an entrepreneur.

It’s quite easy for you to start your own business, but it’s not always possible for you to take your business to the next level without having the support of people in your corner.

The people you meet and spend time with will have an enormous impact on your business.

Here are some of the reasons why meeting with the right kind of people will be the bedrock of your business.


If you’re a beginner in business, you can find people who will work directly work with you on your overall business goals.


By meeting with a lot of people, you will find some individuals who have connections to PR firms and medias outlets. They also might casually mention your business to a major publication like Forbes or Entrepreneur, forging a connection that you’d be missing out on otherwise.


If you meet with a lot of people, you’ll be gaining knowledge that will surely help you out later. Everyone has some kind of wisdom that you don’t have. One 15-30 minute discussion with some of the people around you will help you gain tremendous amounts of knowledge.


The people you meet will have their own network of contacts. This will increase your range of potential connections many times over.

Five Kinds Of People To Meet To Become Successful

Here are those five peoples you need to meet in order to get the above benefits.

1. The Mentor

The Mentor
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Mentors are those fortunate people who have already accomplished what you’re trying to do — not only once, but quite a few times.

These people will have the experience, intelligence, and knowledge that you don’t currently have. They will help you acquire valuable insights simply by having fruitful discussions with you.

This will help you and your business successfully pass through many of the obstacles that you’re sure to face.

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2. The Expert

The Expert
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One of the most powerful ways of increasing your brand’s visibility and tapping into the local market is to meet with people who have a good reputation in your industry’s niche.

There are two major reasons for doing this:

  1. This niche influencer could promote your content to their networks (online and offline) which would give your business a huge boost and send you a ton of followers.
  2. This person will able to recommend resources, contacts, and opportunities for your business to flourish.

3. The Peer

Meeting with peers is also a good idea. However, they won’t have as much experience as a mentor or an expert will. But they’re trying to accomplish the same thing you’re trying to do, so it’s nice to be able to talk with someone who is in the same boat as you.

Because they’re on your level, you’ll have to rescue them and they’ll have to rescue you, too. You’ll learn to work together and find solutions for common problems. Having someone to share these experiences with will form the basis of a great lifelong friendship.

Also, if they’re in a similar niche, their networks and connections will be helpful to you as well.

4. The Local Talent

The local talent is some kind of expert in some aspect of your business. These make the best collaborators and employees.

You can find these individuals sitting in a university, starting their own business, or working under some other entrepreneur.

5. The Investor

The Investor
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If you want your business to keep moving, it’s important for you as an entrepreneur to have some working capital.

Even if you start your business with your own money, eventually you’ll have to find an investor for the sake of building momentum or taking your business to the next level.

Investors could be vital for your business, as they’re a source of wisdom and come with a great network. This could prove especially valuable to you if they end up holding equity in your business.

But there’s one major problem here:

  • You never know who is going to give you money.


  • Meet as many people as possible, in as many contexts as possible.

You don’t know who is going to give you money, when they’re going to give you money, and where you’ll meet them. So meet lots of people, and always be friendly, respectable, and open.

The People Who Will Help You Succeed

Meeting with these five kinds of people can have an enormous impact on your business. Learn to surround yourself with lots of different people, and be open to opportunities when they arrive.

You never know when one of these five people will come knocking on your door.

What other kinds of people do you like keeping around to stay motivated and driven toward success? Let me know in the comments below!

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I am Shakir Hassan, best known as one of the younger Entrepreneurs from Pakistan in the age of 15. I've been blogging for last 5 years now, but since last 2-3 years, I am on the right path of blogging. I've also written for the sites like Huffington post. Feel free to connect with me on my blog, i.e. where you'll be learned how to build an ethical business fueled by passive income.

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  1. Zaffar Ali

    Great post! I agree with the author a good mentor is the most important thing to make your business successful because you need a person who can guide you through the market situation and trends! After that Investors and peers come!

  2. Raj Bhardwaj

    Really you describe the start up planning in a very simple way, right skill of writing and expressing. But i recommend you to write more on Investor.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      I will write on it on some other posts. Thanks for your comment here. 🙂

  3. Saurabh Tomar


    I really like too much your post,and its real need of every entrepreneur on their business phase as well as in life phase, As u told about knowledge so its really a good thing that you have to be updated about business and u can gain the knowledge from related news site, press release.

  4. sherya dutt

    Wonderful article for me.. And you are right #mentor pull us from wrong path to correct path and we should also maintain the path followed by our #mentor. Its like pillar in our life
    Thanks for sharing wonderful article with us..

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad you liked it. Be sure to be in touch with them more frequently.

  5. Anuradha Chawla

    Hello Shakir

    Hi, thanks for the article and information. Nicely written. All in all, cracking post!

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad you liked it, Anuradha. Glad you liked it.

      1. Shakir Hassan

        Thanks for your comment here.

  6. Jayant

    Hey Shakir
    That was quite a good read. A mentor is really helpful especially when you know nothing about that industry.
    But finding them is a challenge and to make strong contact is also not that easy.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      You can checkout this article to learn how to find mentors:

      LinkedIn is also an amazing social media platform that you can use to find mentors.
      Try to be in touch with them and have a meaningful discussion with them

  7. Punit kumar

    Great article. keep informing us these type of ideas. Thank You.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad you liked it. Thanks for your comment here.

  8. Divya sharma

    Thanks for sharing this informative article with us.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad you found this blog post helpful. Thanks for your comment here.

  9. Jhony_Isaacs

    I think every entrepreneur learn this five definition as well. If they want run their business specially IT sector with huge or big success.

  10. Gagan N Rao

    Hi Shakir,

    I am delighted to see a person like you at this age becoming a successful entrepreneur and blogger. At this age i never knew much about internet and was a stereotype. I always wanted to be a blogger and a successful entrepreneur , but i am struggling now . I quit my BPO job to start a business but everything went Topsy-tury and my dreams were gone but i dint retaliate and tried to do other businesses which are also failing as the same, i don’t know whats my mistake, but one day i hope i will become one( I want to start a blog to share my experiences but the fear in me and thinking about life restricts me). You are a true inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge through your blog posts to us.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Thanks Gagan for your AWESOME comment here. Getting comments from the peoples like you is what motivate me to do even more.

      Good luck. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      Thanks! 🙂

  11. Sanjeev Kumar

    Thanks for very informative and helpful article.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad you liked it, Sanjeev.

  12. Tanooja Agarwal

    there is people with all sorts of intentions and goals everywhere on the globe, on-line and off-line. You have to make sure that whoever you take on board does it for the same reasons as yourself. If that is going to build a sustainable, revenue generating business, make sure your partner sees it the same.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Sure thing, Tanooja.

  13. Aswani

    Very helpful post. Meeting right kind of people is so very vital today especially for business success. I have been lucky enough to meet such people. But there’s a lot more to be done. Thanks for sharing such insightful post.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Best of luck, Aswani. =)

  14. Milton

    Hello, Shakir Hassan.

    Glad that you shared your thoughtful message. Yes, indeed we really need to have a network of people around you but have some chosen ones to keep you motivated and encouraged when you are in our down times, it is fair enough to choose and keep few so that you don’t skate and fall.

    Thank you once again, Shakir Hassan.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad I could help you, Milton. 🙂

  15. Sam

    Great article Shakir. You are absolutely right in that having these types of people around you will take your business to the next level. You can only go so far on your own.

  16. Ratan

    Thanks for your motivational and inspirational post. Yes, mentors are always the best example to be on track to achieve the achievements of the life.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Exactly. And learning from their mistake and try to overcome of it is what makes you better than them.

  17. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hi Shakir,

    You are right. Every entrepreneur need these people you listed here if they want to be successful. Being with the right kind of people has a way it boosts your network.

    Emenike Emmanuel

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Absolutely right, Emenike!

      Best of luck

  18. Shahswat Asati

    Hey Shakir ,

    Good article. It is very informative.
    As a beginner it will help me to grow my business.
    Really we need #mentor in our life bcoz at various situations during this journey we loose ourself.
    So Mentor is like an kick for me.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Of course, you need them. Thanks for commenting here.

  19. Bilal

    Very informative and motivational article!

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    Tahnk you so much for sharing this information with us…

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Glad I could help. 🙂

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