Installing WordPress on Sub-Domain with Kinsta Hosting: Tutorial

Kinsta sub domain
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Kinsta hosting is not new, but a few of you might not know about it yet.

Kinsta is one of the top names in the Managed WordPress Hosting industry & is also where ShoutMeLoud has been hosted for the past year. A few days ago I upgraded my plan which now lets me host up to 20 WordPress sites.

I will leave the full detailed review on Kinsta for another day, but if you are interested in learning more about them, you can do so from the following two links:

The other day I had to add a sub-domain to my blog (which is hosted on Kinsta) and install WordPress onto that sub-domain.

Sub-domains are helpful when you wish to add new stuff to your existing domain.

What kind of stuff?

Well, you can add many new side projects such as:

As you know, you can create any kind of website with WordPress because of its versatility and customization capacity. So when you decide to expand your operations with a new website, you can easily create it with WordPress and install it via a sub-domain to keep your branding intact.

Now, let me show you the step-by-step process:

Adding WordPress to Sub-Domain on Kinsta Hosting

In my case, the domain’s DNS is managed by CoudFlare.

If your domain is not configured to use CloudFlare, you should do that right away. It doesn’t matter if you are on shared hosting, VPS, or Managed WordPress Hosting; a DNS managed by CloudFlare has many advantages.

One of them is that it protects you from hacking attempts & lethal attacks such as DDOS. You can read more about CloudFlare’s benefits over here & this is the guide you need to follow to configure CloudFlare for your domain. It takes about 10 minutes to configure everything, but doing that will help you a lot later on.

Now, it’s time to start installing WordPress on Kinsta.

One thing which you should know about Kinsta is you can install any number of WordPress sites (allotted in your package) & you can add a new domain or sub-domain later on.

In this case, we will be adding a sub-domain.

  • Login to Kinsta Dashboard
  • Click on WordPress Sites > Add Site
  • Save

On the next screen, you need to select Install WordPress and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Select your server location. You have the option to select from available server locations:

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  • US Central
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Select the one which is closest to your target market.

The next few steps are simple. Give a meaningful name to your new install (for your purposes only).

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Click on “Continue”.

The Kinsta auto-installer will install and set up WordPress for you. This should take about 1 minute.

Once this is done,  click on “Sites”.

Click on the install name & the next screen you will see the details about the installation. What’s important here is the I.P. address for your installation. (We need to point our sub-domain to that IP.)

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Now you need to login to your CloudFlare dashboard & go into your DNS settings. Here you need to add a new “A record” for the sub-domain & point it to the IP address given.

So if the sub-domain is, here is what I’m adding:

Adding sub-domain on Cloudflare
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Note: When you make changes using CloudFlare, you don’t need to wait for DNS propagation. Changes take effect immediately.

Assigning Domain to your WordPress Install on Kinsta Hosting

So far, we have done the following things:

  • Added a new WordPress install on Kinsta hosting
  • Created a new sub-domain & pointed it to the Kinsta server.

Now, the final piece of this puzzle is to add that sub-domain into our newly installed WordPress site.

For this, you need to click on Site > (Installation name) > Domains

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Click “Add Domain” and type in the sub-domain name that you wish to add.

Once this is done, you should be able to access your newly installed WordPress site on your sub-domain.

One last thing which you need to do after logging into your new WP sub-domain is go to Settings > General & update the WordPress Address & Site Address.

Change it to your sub-domain. Example:

  • Change to
Managed WP hosting Sub-domain
  • Save

You’ll see that once you start doing this it’s pretty easy and straightforward. But do let me know if you get stuck somewhere (or you can always get help from the hosting’s customer support team).

Overall, I’m enjoying what Kinsta has been offering. With them, we grew from a quarter million PV/month to 1.5 million PV/month.

Of course, a lot of credit goes to a lot of other things as well, but in terms of hosting, it provided me with the right infrastructure to grow ShoutMeLoud. Stay tuned as I will do a thorough review of Kinsta hosting in the coming days.

For now, if you have any questions regarding the above tutorial, feel free to ask me in the comments section.

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  1. Alen

    Kinsta is super cool for blogs that earn thousands in USD and its worth with the CDN, uptime, backups, staging and lot more.

  2. Arjun Koroth

    Thanks Harsh for this awesome article! I’m going to try Kinsta hosting if I have time. The admin dashboard in the picture seems to be like WP admin right? And is Kinsta hosting free? Please tell me Harsh.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Arjun,

      Glad that you liked it. Kinsta is not free. You can see the pricing here

  3. Surya Konduru

    Hey Harsh,

    Good article, I too have a question which one of the shouter asked above, is it better to use to subdomain or subdirectory. Which one is advisable?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Surya,

      There is no benefit of using one over another. It depends on your preference.

  4. Lh Louis

    Definitely great to learn more about different hosting companies and how they work, this guide would definitely be great for any beginner.

  5. Palashtd

    Kinsta Hosting is really great hosting

  6. akin

    thanks for the great post on how to add wordpress on subdomain with kinsta host. you are the best

  7. Bilal Khan Meo

    Hi Harsh Agrawal Sir,
    Kinsta powered by Google Cloud.What is Your Experience about Speed and Support.Little Different in Kinsta Installation WordPress.Thanks For Sharing it.

  8. Shoaib Iqbal

    Hi Harsh,

    Very useful tutorial. Really appreciate your efforts. You have made blogging easy for new bloggers.

  9. Siddharth Solanki

    Hi Harsh

    I want to know that,

    How can i host my main domain on blospot and the sub domain of the same on other host?

    can you guide me on that ?

    Siddharth Solanki

  10. Khushboo

    Hi Harsh,

    Today you make me feel so happy. You know why? B’coz when I read your post, I get it very clear, with your explainable manner and your screenshots. I would like to say you that it is as good as I read your other posts.


  11. Anika

    Hi Harsh,

    It’s really an useful article. Appreciate it so much. What do you think that is better for SEO? Use subdomain or sub directory structure?


  12. Orphicpixel

    Utilizing the CloudFlare that comes with the hosting account is one of the best free stuff that you get when having your own hosting account. It has a lot of features that helps protect a website

  13. Pramod

    I am using HostGator hosting baby plan unlimited domain.
    Can i install WordPress on subdomain.
    Please tell me sir.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yes, you can!

  14. Amar Banshiwal

    Hi Harsh sir,
    You share quality articles always. Your blog is like a novel. I have learned here two things, First blogging and second improve my english. This tutorial is good for who have high traffic blog/website.
    Have a good day.

  15. Janardhana

    Do you use any security plugins for or Does Kinsta take care of security?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      They take care of security. I have installed DNS level security to prevent DDOS & few other attacks.

  16. swayam prakash

    NIce guide harsh. I tried this beforw on Hostgator so it’s not new for me; But I think it help those people a lot who didn’t knkw to add subdomains

  17. Shibam Kar

    Harsh Sir, Here you have described the topic with every details. Thanks for your informative post and excillent writing style. I want to know that which type of hosting is best for medium traffic blogs? Dedicated? or Shared? Managed WP hosting? or something else?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Cloud server or managed WP hosting. The thing is medium traffic site can easily become a high traffic site with a blink of an eye. So, you should be ready for that. If your blog is earning $1000/month, I believe spending up to 10-20%/month on infrastructure is a good idea to keep the growth consistent with occasional spike.

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