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One of the most essentials skills to have been discontinued from your school days is typing. Although people tend to underestimate the value of typing faster and accurately, it is one of the most fundamental skill required in any field you wish to pursue.

Be it in writing emails, writing a blog post, or writing copy, typing is one of the most essential skills. As a blogger, typing faster and better will save you a tremendous amount of time spent proofreading your article for errors and crafting the article itself.

While the average typing speed is around 38-40 Words Per Minute, the world record for the fastest typing speed is held by Stella Pajunas who struck a whopping 216 WPM (Words per minute) on an IBM Electric Typewriter!

Typing accurately is as important as typing fast. There is a speed-accuracy tradeoff that needs to be considered when you begin practicing typing faster.

Faster is not always better if your accuracy gets compromised in the process. Aiming for a faster and accurate typing speed is essential. Finishing that assignment, blog article or just an email quickly and saving yourselves some amount of time in the process is a great way to make room for other tasks.

Having written over 10 million words in all forms of posts, I can justify how valuable improving your typing speed and accuracy is. With the majority of the audience here at ShoudMeLoud being bloggers or wannabe bloggers, it is the time that you work on your typing speed, while not compromising on the accuracy part of it.

How To Increase Typing Speed

Now that you’re convinced about the importance of typing quickly and accurately, let’s move on to the how’s of it. Here are six ways to significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Rework the way you type

Desk typing ergonomics
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The first step to improving your typing speed and accuracy is to reconsider the way you approach typing. The moment you sit down to get some typing done is what decides everything that follows next.

During our Ergonomics and human factors class, we’ve been walked through all the fundamentals of proper posture, backed by numbers, to avoid Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD).

A proper posture is the first step in preparing yourself for success. Without working on a proper positioning and typing habit, one cannot achieve high typing speeds while maintaining acceptable accuracy levels.

To get started, make sure that you are sitting upright and with your back not leaning forward towards your desk. A proper upright position helps increase concentration levels and will give you the needed focus boost to type efficiently.

Secondly, the way you position your wrists and elbows also make a considerable difference in typing faster and accurately. Make sure that your elbows are at right angles to the keyboard and that your arms are not bent upwards or downwards. This bending of your arms will make it harder on your forearms or wrists if not positioned correctly.

Apart from a proper posture of your body, proper positioning of your fingers is also essential. Below are a few methods to position your fingers for typing faster:

  • The left-hand’s pinky finger should be placed on the ‘A’ key and should be responsible for all the keys to the left of it including left shift, caps lock, control/cmd, etc.
  • The right-hand pinky key should be placed on the colon/semi-colon button and should be responsible for everything on the right of the keyboard.
  • Position at least one of your thumb on the Spacebar key.
  • The ring finger, middle finger and index finger of your left hand should be placed on the keys S, D, and F respectively.
  • The ring finger, middle finger and index finger of your right hand should be placed on the keys L, K, and J respectively.

Eyes away from the keyboard!

Eyes away from keyboard
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If you have ever attended typing classes, you may remember the way tutors forced people to type without looking at the keyboard. The sub-conscious mind is pretty powerful and as you type daily and more often, you will develop the habit of typing faster and not looking at the keyboard while doing so.

Looking at the keyboard while typing reduces one’s typing speed and the written words are more prone to errors as you are not aware of what’s going on screen. Although this means more errors n the initial days, this technique will help you increase your typing speed over time.

A little bit of cheating is permitted, where you can peek once in a while at the keyboard, but try to look away from the keyboard as much as possible as you are typing. Looking away from the keyboard and the screen during typing aides in real-time copy-editing, saving you a lot of time in the end. You easily get used to the layout of the keyboard and the positioning of the keys as you work your way without looking at the keyboard much often.

The Quick Brown Fox!

“The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog”

Does the above sentence ring any bell? This special sentence has every alphabet of the English language in it. It is also one of the primary reasons you would find most fonts illustrated in this very sentence.

This sentence will help you improve your typing accuracy, with some practice of course. Practice typing this sentence repetitively. Although you are bound to make some mistakes early on, over the long run you’ll benefit much from this sentence alone.

Practicing this sentence multiple numbers of times will help you understand the positioning of all the alphabets on the keyboard. This understanding will help you achieve better typing accuracy while you work on the improving your typing speed. Get well-versed in the positioning of all the keys on the keyboard by practicing this sentence often.

Repetition is good, sometimes!

While repetitive and monotonous tasks are no good in boosting your creativity, practice does make one perfect! Try to practice some amount of typing daily to keep the skills you’ve been accruing.

A 30-minute slot of daily typing will help you tremendously in improving your typing skills and achieve a better accuracy rate while typing faster. Set a certain goal according to your present typing speeds and try to aim higher every time.

With practice and patience, you will witness your typing speed improve significantly. Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s famous statement in his book Outliers on learning anything you wish to – “It takes 10,000 hours to master anything.”

Although that would be a significantly large number for learning to type faster, growing complacent is a worse way to damage everything that you’ve been working on in the past. Work on your set WPM goals daily, by trying to avoid affecting your typing accuracy in the process.

Make the most of online tools for typing:

Typing Lessons on the Web
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While you can improve your typing speeds by practicing daily or by joining some kind of typing classes, there are also certain online tools which you can use to improve your typing speed. With the rise of the number of tools available online for each purpose, here are some of the best online resources you ought to check out for improving your typing speed and accuracy.

  1. QWERTY Warriors – A typing game to improve your typing speed and accuracy by demolishing oncoming attacks by words!
  2. Sense-Lang Typing resources – The best resource for free typing tutorials, games, tests, certifications and much more.
  3. Typing Test – Check your typing speed and accuracy with this free complete typing test.
  4. – Another free typing resource to work on your typing right from a beginner to advanced level.

Write more often

Another great way to remain focused on practicing typing daily while also improving your writing skills is by blogging regularly. Read out guide on “How to start a blog” to create a blog. This would be the best thing you would be doing to improve not only your typing but also your writing skills.

. This helps you to stay updated with writing practice. You can also take advantage of Grammarly which is available as chrome addon and will help you to identify the mistakes you made while typing.

This helps improve your language and also your typing speed and accuracy.

Frequent diligent updating of your blog, web page or an online journal will help you remain focused on improving your typing speed and accuracy. This way you would also be making some good use of your time and giving you a productivity boost in the process.

If you are not yet ready to get started on your blog, try to consider publishing articles on Medium (It’s one of the best blogging platforms) and other such platforms to work on your thought processing, language and typing speed.

An essential part of improving any skill is through rigorous patience, persistence, and hard work. Do not expect anything to come easily and try to work your way towards it. Practice accurate typing often, and in no time you’ll see yourself typing lengthy pieces of articles in significantly lesser time.

What do you think about these tips regarding improving typing speed and accuracy? Have any more suggestions that you would like to add to this list? Shout out with your thoughts and comments on typing faster and accurately below.

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    How can i improve my typing speed my current speed is 50 plz tell me some tricks which can help me in improving my speed upto 80


    Hi, there!
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    Speed is the new age and same applies to typing speed. We can practice these skills and it improves automatically over the time..Very nice tips.

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    The ring finger, middle finger and index finger of your right hand should be placed on the keys S, D, and F respectively.
    The ring finger, middle finger and index finger of your left hand should be placed on the keys L, K, and J respectively.

    This two statements should be interchange.

    But the article is educative. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the information above. As mentioned above about the sentence that has all the letters A to Z : The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs; hope, an additional sentence would help beginners and at whatever be my present typing speed, an additional sentence I have that has all the letters A to Z would be helpful for beginners and also to those who are among the advanced accuracy and speed level, to them as well, and helpful to me no less, which reads as:” Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.”

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