Get Social Share Count of any webpage for free With BuzzSumo Chrome Addon

I have talked about Buzzsumo a lot of time in the past & if this is the first time you are hearing about it, here is a video that you should watch.

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Buzzsumo is indeed one of the must have tool for a blogger & a content marketer. It helps in many ways such as:

  • Content discovery
  • Content Alerts
  • Influencers & outreach
  • Content research & planning
  • Check backlinks to a specific page or a domain

& many more things that a blogger like you & me need in day to day life. Recently they launched their Chrome extension that is free for all & is worth installing. In this guide, I will share what all you can do with BuzzSumo Chrome extensions & at the end I have recommended few more extensions that you should be using.

BuzzSumo Chrome extension: Get Share Count & more

BuzzSumo Chrome extension is available on official Chrome web store & you can download & install from here. This addon is perfect for those who have a BuzzSumo pro account & even for those who don’t have one.

This addon brings a lot of feature of BuzzSumo with a flick of your click & you can get many details like a total number of social media share for any web page. Even without clicking anything, the Buzzsumo chrome addon icon would show the total number of share for that web page. You can click on the icon to get more details as shown in below image:

Check total social share
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You can further get details like who all shared a post on Twitter (Great for content marketing) & get other vital details about the page. When you click on any of the options such as view sharers, View backlinks or any other, it would open Buzzsumo page & show you the details.

You might think that these details could be fetched by going to official BuzzSumo site & you are right on that part. The major benefit of using this extension is it’s a major time-saving addon for users like us.  Especially when you are doing content research or writing an article, a total number of social media share reveals about the popularity of the content. Moreover, it makes your research compelling. I hope they also integrate the Mozrank in near future, that would make it a great SEO addon for Chrome. For now, you can download & install this free chrome addon from here.

As promised, here are few more chrome add-ons that you would love:

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3 thoughts on “Get Social Share Count of any webpage for free With BuzzSumo Chrome Addon”

  1. Sprasen

    Hey Harsh, Thanks a lot for this info what I was looking for. it will help all the blogger of newbie. Could you please tell me it is available to find influencer who share the content in free version?

  2. Riyaz

    Hey Harsh,
    Again a piece of worthy content here at SML! Yes this is pretty useful for bloggers and webmaster as it shows the social shares very easily in a single place. Furthermore after registering for a trial account it shows more details on Backlinks. One more important feature of this tool is “competitor analysis” I find it quite useful in term of analyzing my content compare to my competitor websites. I might go for the pro version in the near future. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. deepa

    Thanks for updating us a lot of feature of BuzzSumo. Before this post I read somewhere else about BuzzSumo wordpress plugin but I am unable to configure. As you said BuzzSumo Chrome extension is available on official Chrome web store I will definitely use this and share my experience about it.

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