How To Explain That You Are A Blogger To Your Spouse’s Family


The internet scene in India is growing at an exponential rate.

However, there are many online jobs that traditional Indian parents find hard to understand.

Especially if you live in a rural part of India, it becomes fairly tough to explain your job as a blogger or a freelancer to your parents or the parents of your (current/soon-to-be) spouse.

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The other day I received an email question from Mahesh, a blogger from Andra Pradesh.

He asked a question which seemed like an issue faced by almost all bloggers (be it men or women).

Here is what Mahesh’s question was:

Hi Harsh Agrawal,

My name is Mahesh; I am also a blogger and earn about $7000 to $8000 per month.
My family is looking for brides in our community, but they are unable to understand my job & also they do not believe me when I say I make money on the internet.
I live in a municipality in Andhra Pradesh.

How do you explain that you are a blogger to a bride’s family?

People do not believe me or my earnings… 🙁

How can you explain your blogging career to your future spouse’s family?

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I believe there is no right or wrong answer here, as long as you keep the focus on your future life partner.

However, I did my best to give an answer to Mahesh for his query.

I also asked the same question on my Facebook wall & got some interesting answers from bloggers around the country.

I have shared my answer & other great answers below with the hopes that they might help others win the heart of a bride’s or groom’s family.

My suggestion for explaining blogging to your future family:

I see your problem.

It is really hard to explain this to relatives, and especially your future wife’s family.

IMHO, the best way to tackle this is:

Tell them you are a Solopreneur who is a proud owner of a business. Explain to them that having a website online is the same as having an office offline. The only difference is, people don’t have to physically visit your store/office.

And if you have a team who works for you, that team consists of your employees. 

They might ask how you make money…

Instead of getting in the depths of ads & affiliate marketing, you can relate this to commonly used business terms. If you are making money using AdSense, tell them you are a partner with Google (you actually are). If you are an affiliate with other companies, like Amazon, tell them you are a partner with that company.

Speak in a manner that they understand. They need to understand what you do because they also need to explain this to others. Give them words that define you & are easy for them to explain your work.

However, there will be a few members who are tech savvy or understand the internet; in these cases, you can explain to them in detail what you do. This is important as these family members will make you feel good, as they will be the only ones who understand what you are actually doing.

Before explaining all of this to them, you need to stop seeing yourself as “just a blogger”. You are actually an entrepreneur, a creative person, and someone who has already cracked the code of making money online.

Speak in a way that they understand, and remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about your partner. If you can explain this to her, and if she understands what you are doing & your future ambitions, you will also end up finding the right wife in that girl.

Wish you luck!

Well, that was my answer to Mahesh’s query.

Here are some more answers from bloggers around the country:

Digamber Sharma:

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Interesting questions by Mahesh and Harsh is also explained perfectly. I think an entrepreneur is the write words with revenue details. Most of the bride’s parents willing to know about earning things as a priority.

Madan Gehlot:

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It’s simple. No one would believe in this income figure. Your personality, living standard, house etc. speak itself. Not saying to show off completely but if someone has attained that income level and is constant, one should raise working environment. May be coworking space, the small office on rent, etc. or very simple things show the latest ITR personally.

Bigesh Chandra:

Making a person understand in the way he understands is a great skill. I will tell a short incident from last week when my aunt asked me where I got this money from, I simply said I made it from my website, she didn’t understand, after a couple of minutes she finally made a decision and said me *so you are a computer operator !*, I have to agree with her, because she was totally unable to get my words.

Mankali Koushil:

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I would just say ” am working in Google ” because many people don’t know what it is actually even educated people can also not understand (my experience) so I would say just “am working in Google” that’s it.

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What do you think of these answers? Do you have any more suggestions or ideas for Mahesh or someone in his position? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments section below…

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

74 thoughts on “How To Explain That You Are A Blogger To Your Spouse’s Family”

  1. iaan

    I too have 8 months old blog of mine for which I am working hard. But unfortunately my parents and family members are not bothered about what kind of work i am doing and whether i am just spending my time. They never asked me about what kind of work I am in and do i earn some thing from it or not.

  2. Harsh

    Indian families (particularly the parents) think that having a job is safer than being a freelancer.
    Great post anyways!
    Very different.

  3. Kamran

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, and I’m really inspired with your articles since I always dreaming that someday I may able to write a book.
    So thank you once again for the motivation.

  4. Englishman in Asia

    I really enjoy the interesting stories from your community of online entrepreneurs.

    Many of these tales made me laugh so hard and remind me of similar experiences I’ve had with elderly relatives who thought I owned the Internet or “BookFace”.

    Your Indian/Asian success stories continue to be a real motivator for my efforts and impresses me greatly how much SML and other sites have achieved.

    Keep up the good, honest, and profitable work!

  5. Siva Nadh

    In future I may ended up Same problem. My mom and dad know what I’m doing. But neighbors and relatives they can’t even know. What things going my career.

    They always asking me what are doing already you have completed your Btech.

    Iam really feeling nervous while taking to others who are rerely visit my house.

    Now, My parents want me to do job which is only for intimating to others.😌

  6. सेहतमंद स्वास्थ्य के फिटनेस टिप्स

    I too have 8 months old blog of mine for which I am working hard. But unfortunately my parents and family members are not bothered about what kind of work i am doing and whether i am just spending my time. They never asked me about what kind of work I am in and do i earn some thing from it or not.

    But I am really happy with my visitors who like the blog and show their interest.

  7. Nithi

    Indian families always believe that having a job is more secured than being an entrepreneur. They thought monthly income from a 9 to 5 job has more security than investing in a business and waiting for profit.
    I think in our generation this will change and we prefer our own business than the job.
    Success we achieve in our business will bring hope to our family and neighbours.

  8. Moumita Ghosh

    hello Harsh,

    I am Blogger and Freelance Writer. It is really a confusing situation when people ask me what you are doing? Because none of my relatives and friends do not understand blogging and they think that doing freelance writing job, I am wasting my time.

    Now I am telling people that I am associated with Google when they ask about my work. if someone want to know more, then I tell them that I earn from Google Adsense.

    it’s really a nice article as well as helpful.


    Moumita Ghosh

  9. K Bharath

    still now my parents doesn’t understand what i do online and how i earn. anyhow i didn’t face this problem when my marriage got fixed.

  10. piyush kumar

    Thanks Harsh for such a nice article…

    i always thinking how i manage This situation.. but this article really help me a lot..

    Thanks again harsh…

  11. pervez akhtar

    Thanks HARSH AGRAWAL it is a great artical for us bcz we not realize a blogger and i think how to explain that i am a blogger

  12. Zubair Tufail

    HI Harsh,
    I just listen your interview yesterday on facebook and today i just read your some articles, Its very helpful.

    thanks for these updates and information.

  13. Aniket

    This problem is faced by every entrepreneur in his life. I am earning good amount from stock market but still its very difficult for me to convince my relatives about it. BTW good answer Harsh.

  14. adamu musa

    Thanks Harsh I have waited for an article on this since you posted the case on facebook. Despite the fact that I provide every thing for family from blogging they still pressure me to get a job. When they ask me What I do I show them my computer and internet modem. LOL. Thanks for the post

  15. Shashi

    I am blogger and my mom know that but still from last 1 years my mom want me to find some real job so she can tell to her relatives

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      The irony of life 🙂
      I hope you don’t do a job to please her. Become your own boss!

  16. V P Singh

    Such a fantastic matter arose for understanding about online earning as a blogger or other way, it is more difficult.
    After Read Harsh’s explanation over this matter “How To Explain That You Are A Blogger To Your Spouse’s Family”, it will very easy to explain to family members about online and offline business earning.

    Really a nice topic. Thanks Harsh.

  17. Ashutosh Devshali

    People are bit ignorant and try to judge you with the restricted knowledge they have. Even my friends who are well qualified don’t know how do bloggers make money and I am like why you call yourself engineers if you don’t even know how this digital world is running. But I simply ignore these people and want my achievements to the talking.

  18. shajeer

    Hi Harsh Agarwal,

    This is an unexpected post from shoutmeloud. This is absolutely useful for all those who pursue fulltime blogging as career. Really in rural areas, the people even educated people cannot understand the value of blogging. We cannot convincing them the power of blogging. You have shared here, how to explain them the rising industry blogging here in india.


  19. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hi Harsh,

    That’s really a difficult question but long story cut short, I will tell I’m an entrepreneur and if they ask of what I sell, I will tell them I sell digital information and also partners with Google.

    I fought hard to explain to my parents.

  20. Nuri

    My husband is a Govt. Servant, but he wants to leave his job for full-time blogging. My parents don’t understand “what is blogging?” He is much more confused, what to do?

    Thanks for sharing your good work.

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