Battle Of WordPress Themes: Elegant themes Vs. Cssigniter Vs. Themify

Hi guys, this is my first post on shout me loud and here I am writing about a comparison between three major premium wp themes sites which are Elegant themes, Cssigniter and Themify. Whenever someone wants to open a new blog or a new website, the first thing came in his mind is what will be the design of it or should I choose a CMS  or not.  After that he thought about which theme should I use.  There is a choice for the user to go for free themes, but if he chooses premium themes then he can consider Elegant themes, Cssigniter and Themify for awesome themes. Below I am comparing them because I used themes from all three sites.

Theme Comparison
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Introduction to Elegant Themes, Cssigniter And Themify :

1.Elegant Themes :

Elegant Themes was created by the renowned web developer, Nick Roach. He started this thing as a hobby and an interest, but he became one of the giant in the arena of WordPress themes. Now Elegant themes has 89 themes, and each one has its own unique style and design. Each theme is perfectly coded and bug free. They also provide’s a “epanel” which is a kind of control panel to customize their themes. If you have a problem you can easily add CSS code in the given boxes, which will be provided by their support. The support provided by the theme is good, and their pricing is also good. Below is screen shot of some of their themes.

Elegant themes, Cssigniter and Themify
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2.CSSIgniter :

CSSIgniter is a WordPress theme club which was started by 2 great guys from Greece. Gerasimos Tsiamalos and Anastis Sourgoutsidis started it in 2010 and from now they have created a lots of themes.  From there you can get themes for almost every type of blog such as portfolio, ecommerce or just a simple blog etc. They provide a control panel as well. From this panel you can easily insert Google Adsense code, google analytics code, and buysellads code as well.  There is a good thing about them is that, they will give you a free subscription if you write a review about their themes and they like your post. Below is screen shot of their themes.

CSSIgniter themes
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3. Themify : 

Themify is really new in this business of WordPress themes. But what I like about them is their beautiful design and their beauty. The viewers will love your sight on the first sight. Right now they are providing around 40+ themes, and that’s include all the niche such as e-commerce, portfolio, blogger etc. They also provide a control panel through which you can customize your themes. But there is a one little thing in their control panel that it is too much complex. I mean it has very much option to use but they are a bit too much for a regular user, for an advance WordPress user it would be fine.

Themify WordPress theme
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Now Lets the comparison begin between Elegant themes, Cssigniter and Themify :

1. Installation and Implementation :

Elegant themes :  Installing the themes from elegant themes is very easy. Even a new comer can also do the task. After installation of elegant themes a pop on the WordPress dashboard which will tell you to customize your theme. From there you can choose all the things for your WordPress customization like title, headings, favicon etc. This dashboard also provides a way to add google analytics code, you just have to paste the code in the box and that’s it, means no need of extra plugins or editing your self.

CssIgniter : I used Cssigniter and I find this theme to be installed very easily, but there is a problem in installing this theme. In the installation process you have to upload your favicon icon or header poster again. And if you don’t wanna do that than you have to go through the media library and then search for these items, then note the url and then put it on in the control panel. So it’s a bit more complex than elegant themes. And there is one more problem that arised in their themes (well not on all themes) I used their pinboard theme and when I put a category name into the menu and clicks on it, instead of showing me all the posts of that category it shows me an error message or some PHP code.

Themify : If you are thinking that you will buy a theme from themify and make your website look like that in a second than forget about that. I bought their Magazine theme and it took me more than 1 hour to make it look alike I seen in the demo. To customize it, is a very difficult part, it has the most complex process. After installing a theme you will see a lots of custom post type, and you have to create new post in each one of them to make your website look fabulous.

2. Ad Placement :

Elegant Themes : Elegant themes provide good ad placement options. And in their control panel it’s easy to add ad code. But there is a problem in their panel. Their is only one place to add google adsense code. Means you can not add google adsense code to any other location. Second thing is, when I try adding the ad in the sidebar with default sidebar size, it still giving me scroll bars to show the ad. Means the ad is not fitting properly. Plus you can only add static ad with their control panel and it means that you cannot add ads containing the function. I contacted their support and they provide a way to add these types of ads but for that you have to edit the header.php and footer.php files which is bit more complex.

CssIgniter : Cssigniter themes has good functionality but they lacks good ad space. They do provide a widget to add ad code but in their panel their is only one option to add the ads and that must be of buysellads . Means it only provides a way to add buysellads but there is no place for adsense. Means  you have to enter the adsense code manually into the theme. After that it doesn’t provide good position to enter the ads.

Themify : I have only the Magazine theme from this site, but what I heard about the website all of its themes functionality are the same. Its control panel doesn’t provide any type of ad placement code. You have to make some effort here and add the ads code or the static banner by your self.

3. Pricing :

Elegant Themes : One of the main feature of elegant themes is its price. Elegant themes doesn’t sell a single theme instead they give you a membership which is of 3 types and in each type you will get access to their 89 themes and the themes which will came in future as well. I have pasted a photo below describing their pricing. Well as you can see the developer is the most popular in all of them because in that you will gain access to the psd files of the themes and you will also get 4 premium plugins from elegant themes. If you took standard or developer license than you will get support and updates for upto one year. But after that you will have to buy for another year

wordpress theme pricing
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CssIgniter : Cssigniter also famous for their pricing but they also provide a membership instead of selling a single theme. Their price is 39$ for the membership in which you can download any theme you want and you can also have psd and html5 files as well. The membership is only valid for upto 1 year, so you can access the update and the support for only one year after that you have to pay again the yearly fee to continue the subscription.

Cssigniter Theme Price
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Themify : Themify has diffrent options than above two. Themify also provide some free themes but as you know on free themes the support is not that effective. The second option on themify is to buy a single theme which will cost you 49$ for standard license and  69$ for developer license but you will get one more theme free as well and updates and support for one year. The last pack is of 79$ in which you will get all the current themes and the new themes as well. This subscription is also only valid for only one year.

themeify WordPress theme
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4. Design and working of themes :

Elegant Themes : Well I love the design of the new elegant themes even one of the theme (NEXUS) I am currently using on my website. But truthfully speaking the design of the older themes are not so good and there have been many glitches in them. Like I tried FOXY on one of my another blog but it was to difficult to customize and contains many glitches. Then I try DIVI which comes with an advance drag and drop page builder, was so difficult to customize and very much of complex.

CssIgniter : Cssiginter got solid designed themes but truthfully speaking I don’t like them a lot. I mean their design look too old and did not have a “EYE CATCHY ELEMENT”. Although everything depends how you present it, they have some good themes as well. Their is a saying that “First Impression Is Last Impression means if you go to their site which looks like old basic html websites, half of you will already start crying that this is bad. But if you neglect their design, instead of that look at their themes you will find some pretty awesome themes their.

Themify : The best thing about themify is their design. I mean it just so awesome, if you look at their homepage which display a beautiful combination of css and html5, half your mind will already be prepared to buy their themes. All of their design are so lovely, even the free themes didn’t lack any quality. They are a bit complex to customize but after the work your site can’t get unnoticed.

5. Support :

Elegant Themes : Elegant themes are in this business for a very long time, so that means they must have a good support systems. The support is provided through forums. The first time I got a problem, it was solved in just 8 hours. But just a week ago I posted a problem and for my surprise my question was solved after 2 days. Then again I posted a new question just 5 days ago and it was replied by a moderator yesterday. But I can’ t have that much time so I figured out my problem and solved it. So Elegant themes has a good support but now these days I think they are lacking some of their quality.

CssIgniter : CssIgniter is also in this business for a very long time. And they also got some awesome moderators to answers your queries. Here as well the support are give via forum type. I used many of their themes and found some problems in them but all of my questions or my queries were answered the same day. So you can assume that they have an awesome support system.

Themify : Themify is new to this business but if they have to survive than its obvious that they must supply good support for their users. I used their Magazine theme on one of my blog, and it was too tricky to understand what I have to do. So, First I read their documentation but their were some doubts remains in my mind. I posted a question and my question was answered in less than 5 hours, which was really great. So I love their support.

So, that’s all from me on the comparison between Elegant Themes, CssIgniter and Themify. Now if you are going to buy a theme from these sites than think carefully. If you have any question then please comment below.

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I am Rohit, a student and a part time blogger on . I love writing posts on wordpress, blogging, smartphones, android. I am also developing wordpress themes as well.

11 thoughts on “Battle Of WordPress Themes: Elegant themes Vs. Cssigniter Vs. Themify”

  1. You mentioned that Themify themes are pretty tough to customize. But I don’t think so. I have been using their themes for long time. I started using and customizing their theme when I had zero knowledge on php, html, css etc. I started customizing one theme with the help of their super fast support team/forum. Don’t know if they provide it for all themes or not but they have a great theme option panel from where you can easily customize their themes.
    The next thing is ad placement. Yes, in terms of ad placement, they are not so good. They do not offer any option to place advertisements. Also their themes are pretty good in terms of loading speed.
    Anyway, thanks for the information about other theme providers.

    1. Nothing is difficult when you are determined to do it. What I meant was that they are tougher to customize than other two types of themes.

  2. I MythemeShop is also one of the best wordpress theme store, they provide best good looking and responsive premium and free theme, free themes are also very good

  3. Amazing comparison Rohit, I think Themify is doing a great job in terms of design and the best part is they are adapting to the changing taste real fast.
    TeslaThemes is another club I would like to mention, even they are creating some superb designs.

    1. Thank you Dhiraj !
      Yeah, TeslaThemes is also a good website for premium themes and I have 3 of its themes (Novelty, Universe, Zoomy) but I didn’t tested them all. Soon I will write another article for them.

  4. Very useful comparison of the three most popular themes. No doubt that all these themes are used by thousands of bloggers around the world but can you tell me which one of them is more search engine friendly and will take less time in loading??

    1. All of the themes are search engine friendly and loading time also depend upon you no. of posts per page and size of the images. But loading time also changes with diffrent themes, So I tested almost 30-40 themes from which I got that themify (Magazine) having the lowest loading time.

  5. Elegant Themes recently changed the price on their personal plan. It’s now $69. I was a member of Elegant Themes for a few years and I would definitely recommend them, eespecially for people with multiple sites/blogs. I haven’t used themes from CSS Igniter or Themify, but I am familiar with both and they also have some great looking themes.

    1. Yes Marc they recently changed the price after I wrote this article. I will soon make the changes in this article.

  6. Good comparison Rohit. Personally I feel Elegant themes are the best in market, I like their clean design particularly. I didn’t use Themify or CSS igniter, so I am not going to make a statement about them. What do you use on your personal blog?

  7. Among the three theme providers, I like Elegant themes most. I love their designs and options. But, the theme loading speed of elegant themes is too high. So I always consider using Studiopress themes.

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