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24 thoughts on “Brandmark: Use Artificial Intelligence To Create Instant Logo & Brand Identity”

  1. Rupesh Kumar

    I wish I had seen this or similar article when I was struggling to get a logo designed for my website. Getting the perfect logo designed for your website or company is a tedious task. And moreover, a noob may not be aware of colour theme or palette selection, etc.
    Brandmark looks awesome when it comes to educating about the prerequisite learning around the overall requirement of the logo.
    I went through Brandmark website and tried a generate example logo. It is quick with tons of selection. 20$ is nothing since with any professional designer you may spend more than $400-$500. I spent around $400 but then the final outcome was pleasing. But in the whole process, I lost around 4-5 weeks.
    Brandmark type of website could save time and money when it comes to logo design or branding.

  2. Mohd Gulam Ansari

    Thanks , i was also developing a brand for the company. This helped me a lot. This is a game changer in field of creating things. Thank again.

  3. PD Subraa

    Well!! you made my day!!

    I shall try Brandmark App for sure!!

  4. Rajeev

    Great article branding & logo is very important apart from seo if your logo is unique then customers know you by only your logo branding name, like apple, samsung & many more, Thanks for sharing the post it’s help me a lot.

  5. Rahul Kumar Shandilya

    Definitely a game changer as I know how costly it is to get a logo designed. AI has been rocking anyways but I think this is definitely something cheap that can be put across using AI. Thanks Harsh for sharing this.

  6. Lucia

    You are right sir. Last few months ago.I spend many hours to create a brandable logo for my webstie but Unfortunately, I could not found on a fiver. I don’t understand what I was wrong to even lost some money on a fiver ( . After found logo design expert and solve my brandable logo crisis. (My personal experience)

    Thank’s sir.

  7. Don Martins

    Thanks Agrawal for this disclosure. I really need to build a brand for my blog(s) and I hope these exposition will help me achieve something tangible and breath-taking. I wanna ask though, is creating logo for a blog a must? Cuz I seem to slack much in that area.

  8. Prosper Noah

    Hey Harsh,

    These definitely seems new to me however its promising, I have been using the Logaster WordPress Plugin to generate my logos but here is a cool one to use too.

    I’d test it out

  9. Prabhudatta Sahoo

    Artificial intelligence has been a key for the digital revamp that the world is going on. With the changes that are happening to the recent IT, the area is as well moving to AI and Automation kind of an industry. We are looking for fewer efforts and more results kind of stuff which is definitely going to change a lot of things. With the addition to that with the way, we can create logos as you mentioned would definitely help us to get what we want in less time and going back and forth is in our hands. We do not need to have to go back to the developer for the small changes we want and we can make them as much as we want. Once that is done we can get it with a price which will save a lot of amount of time investment which is the key. Thanks again for sharing such valuable information Harsh. Cheerio.


    Hi Harsh,
    I was looking to create my own brand logo. This is much needed. Thanks fro sharing

  11. Noufal Binu

    Thanks , i was also developing a brand for the company. This helped me a lot. This is a game changer in field of creating things. Thank again.

  12. Ravi chauhan

    It gives identity for our name ,i’m happy talking about it

  13. Davs

    Great post! Branding and logo is very useful when it comes to SEO, Specially for newbie website. I am alway learning how to improve the quality of logo and branding for our website. Thanks for the very informative post.

  14. Rakesh

    Yes Brother, Logos plays very important part in the business world, it makes easier to remember your brand. However creating logos required professional techniques but above mentioned tool make it easier. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Pawan Sahani

    Branding of a business makes people more trust and take serious about it. Just think, how we get fooled by fake brand by just putting a logo of a real brand.
    That’s the power of branding.

  16. Syed Salman Shah

    Thanks, I was also working on AI, it’s a great info for creating a logo identity using AI.

  17. Joshua Orekhie

    Branding is a necessary factor for the success of every business. It gives a professional look to your business. It makes people to do business with you. Branding tells more about your business purpose than wordings.

    Harsh is a blogging doctor. It takes a serious blogger to master the art of branding to his or her business. Thanks. I will follow this principle to the latter. Right now, I’m considering of changing the old pattern of my brand at least,

  18. Tusar

    Hi harsh,
    I think that those guys who use Android can make a logo from PicsArt or Photoshop touch.
    But these logos are cool too.
    And needless to say logos are very improtant for branding.

  19. MakHas

    Thanks for sharing Harsh. I’ve been trying Logomakr since I’m not a graphic expert.

  20. iaan

    A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud (Award winning blog), speaker at various international forums. Life motto: Live while you can! Teach & inspire while you could & Smile while you have the teeth.

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