6 Best CDN Providers for WordPress in 2020 (Compared)

Best CDN Providers for WordPress
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Do you know that slow loading pages are bad for search engine ranking? Page loading is an official search engine ranking factor, and if your pages are not loading within 3 seconds, you need to work on it right away.

You need to take care of loading time on the desktop as well as mobile. Along with taking care of basic requirements such as good hosting company, cache integration & a few others, Content Delivery Network (CDN) plays a great role in speeding up your WordPress site.

In case you have missed it, Harsh has already written a great piece about what is CDN is and why you should use it. If you are completely new to CDN, you should read that post first.

Also, check out:

Got back? Great.

Now that you know why you should use a CDN service let’s see which CDN service providers are the best options for WordPress.

In this post, I will introduce you to the 6 best CDN services for WordPress.

Best WordPress CDN Services To Make WordPress Site Faster

Let’s see what’s on the list, shall we?

1. Stackpath (Formerly MaxCDN)

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Stackpath is one of the most popular CDN services for WordPress. Used by many popular WordPress sites including few in the ShoutDreams network. Stackpath provides a number of plans for the users to choose from.

It integrates with almost all available WordPress cache plugins and you just need to enable CDN and provide the necessary information.

Stackpath has servers located in different cities of the USA and EU along with other locations like Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Israel, Sao Paulo, etc. Its powerful control panel lets you control different cache options for your website.

While Stackpath plans start from $9 per month for a 100GB plan, you can test the service by creating a free test account.

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The free account comes with unlimited bandwidth, instant support, and all the premium features. If you have been planning to integrate a CDN service with your WordPress site, Stackpath is the idlest choice. One important thing for those who care about SEO, Stackpath offers the canonical feature which ensures your SEO remains top-notch.

2. Your Web-hosting CDN

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These days most of the WordPress hosting companies are offering CDN as a feature. Rather than looking for 3rd party CDN solution, you can use CDN offered by your hosting company.

Below is the list of best WordPress hosting that offers in-built CDN:

Many companies like Bluehost, SiteGround offers CDN for WordPress in partnership with Cloudflare, that I have covered below.

3. Cloudflare Global CDN

CloudFlare is a widely used CDN service for WordPress. The intelligent CDN service makes your website super fast by optimizing the page delivery system. As Cloudflare blocks suspicious threats and limits access for potential abusers, it will also make your website more secure. Cloudflare offers Ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery.

The proprietary ‘Rocket Loader’ feature of Cloudflare will make sure that the network connections and third-party resource usage are optimized properly. Here’s a 5-second video showing the advantage of using Rocket Loader.

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You can enjoy the basic CloudFlare features for free. Yes, you only have to pay for getting additional features like mobile optimization, instant support, web application firewall, multi-user access, etc.

Unlike most other CDN services, CloudFlare does not charge for the bandwidth usage. The free service also includes SSL support. And if you want to disable Cloudflare for any reason, you can do that with a single click.

The integration is fast and easy. Chances are your hosting has in-built integration with Cloudflare and you just need to enable it. Otherwise, you can manually Setup Cloudflare using this guide.

Features of Cloudflare CDN:

  • One-click cache purge
  • Intelligent traffic routing to avoid congestion and latency
  • Cache-control header extensions

From the pricing point, you can get started for free and something we have been using here at ShoutMeLoud for a long time. You can always opt for a paid plan that is available for $20/month.

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4. Sucuri

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Sucuri is one of the industry leaders that offer CDN services. As claimed Sucuri content delivery network improves page speed and reduces server load by 70% on average.

CDN location Availability: 9 SuperPOPs in the USA, Europe, and Asia and 2 CDN POPs in Australia and Brazil

Highlights of Sucuri CDN service:

  • Multiple caching options
  • CDN runs on globally distributed Anycast network.
  • Available with Sucuri core product
  • Easy to integrate
  • Excellent support

The pricing starts from $16/month which includes a lot of features. This is an idle solution for a Woo-commerce CDN or a high traffic website.

4. KeyCDN

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KeyCDN is another popular WordPress CDN solution which is popular for their cutting edge technology & for more optimization they offer along with CDN. This service supports all popular platform including Drupal, vBulleting, Xenforo to name a few.

KeyCDN features
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When it comes to integrating with WordPress, it offers various options like using WP-Rocket, Super cache, W3 Total Cache plugin, Zencache to name a few. If security is one of your concern, you will be happy to know that; KeyCDN offers free SSL certificate using LetsEncrypt.

Key highlights of KeyCDN:

  • 30 days free trial without credit card
  • Free credits worth 25GB of traffic
  • Pay as you go
  • 5 zones are free & additional zone would cost $1
  • Instant account activation

5. BunnyCDN

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BunnyCDN is a popular WordPress CDN service that offers Tier 1 Global Network. All servers are SSD Powered which ensures millisecond latencies when serving your files.

Bunny CDN Features:

  • HTTP/2 and Brotli Ready
  • Image optimization including Webp image support
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Restrict I.P or an entire country
  • Lets Encrypt SSL support

They offer 14 days free trial which is idle for you to try out their CDN service before you start paying for it. Getting started with BunnyCDN is easy and overall it’s a recommended WordPress CDN service.

6. Amazon Cloudfront

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Amazon Cloudfront is most used CDN service throughout the globe according to Builtwithit. Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 190 Points of Presence (179 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 72 cities across 33 countries.

The Cloudfront offers Pay-as-you-go pricing which makes it the cheapest WordPress CDN service. (if not free)

Here is an official tutorial on using Amazon Cloudfront with WordPress.

7. Rackspace

With a reliable system for delivering your media files and other contents, Rackspace is another excellent CDN service provider. When using Rackspace, you are free to upload larger files like HD movies, videos or site backups in multiple segments and download them as a single file.

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As Rackspace guarantees an impressive uptime of 99.9 percent, you can remain assured knowing that your files are always available for the users. Rackspace also claims to write each file in three different storages and provide their servers with dual power supply systems.

Rackspace has data centers in all the major cities including Chicago, Dallas, Northern Virginia, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Therefore, your visitors can always receive the website data from the closest location. Starting from $0.10/GB per month, the service also has several pricing plans for different types of users.

7. CDN77

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Despite being a new entry, CDN77 has quickly become a popular name in the world of CDN services. With a customer-centric approach and a fair, transparent policy, CDN77 provides a huge boost in the page loading speed and overall performance of your website.

CDN77 offers a very simple integration for the users. You can get started with the service by following some simple, easy steps. Once everything is set up, you can manage the control panel from anywhere you want.

And if you are using the W3 Total Cache plugin, you can follow this detailed tutorial to setup CDN77 on your website.

With its 27 data centers located in 23 different countries, CDN77 makes sure that your website is loading in the quickest possible time. If you want to give it a try, you can get started with the 14-day free trial and upgrade to premium plans later.

Which WordPress CDN are you using?

While websites used to rely on a single server for delivering all the content, CDN services have changed the scenario forever. By using a reliable WordPress CDN service, you can make sure that the visitors are enjoying a faster page loading speed and a better-performing website.

Which is the best free CDN for WordPress?

Cloudflare is the best WordPress CDN service.

Which is best CDN for Woo-commerce website

Sucuri is the idle choice for Woocommerce.

So, which CDN service are you going to use on your WordPress site?

And if you are already using a CDN service, please share your experience with the fellow Shouters by leaving a comment below.

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35 thoughts on “6 Best CDN Providers for WordPress in 2020 (Compared)”

  1. I have used MaxCDN and Cloudflare and they both are quite good. KeyCDN is also a good choice. It costs just $0.4 for first 10TB.

    1. Foysal Ahmed

      That’s great, Gulshan, Akamai is the best choice for enterprise level CDN.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. CloudFlare is very impressive and its free. There was a time when I had no idea about CDN and my host warn me high resource usage, then I move to CloudFlare CDN and I am pretty happy with its service.

    1. Foysal Ahmed

      That’s the way to go, Tanmoy. Using CDN is an excellent way to reduce the load on your server.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Amazon Cloudfront is the fastest and cheapest. Give it a try, it is not hard to set it up…. way cheaper than MaxCDN. I’ve used both and I migrated to Amazon from MaxCDN

    1. Foysal Ahmed

      That’s interesting, Ngan. Thanks for the heads-up. I will definitely check it out.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks for partaking the best CDN plugin list and its features. I did not check all plugins, so I just want to know, which is easier to implement, maintain and having high features?

  5. Chandan Prasad

    Thanks for the amazing article. I’m using cloudflare from past 6 months. My question is, which caching plugin is best with cloudflare? And why cloudflare is showing fake page views.

    1. Foysal Ahmed

      I am glad that you liked the explanation, Basharath. Keep coming back for more interesting articles like this.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Jaidayal Saraswat

    As I am a newbie blogger and I never thought that CDN is Important for our blog :3 But after Reading this post I am thinking to buy MaxCDN’s Subscription in upcoming days 🙂

    1. Foysal Ahmed

      Hi Jaidayal,
      If you are a newbie blogger, which means you don’t have enough experience in blogging, I suggest you to start with a free service initially. You can always go for the premium version if the need arises.
      Thanks for your comment.

  7. sanghamitra chowdhury

    hey Ahmed,1st of all thanks a lot for this post..I am a newbie blogger and I don’t have much idea about CDN..so reading all the necessary details from shoutmeloud..as a newbie blogger with pretty much less traffic I want to use free cdn service initially.Will CLOUDFARE will be ok from me?kindly suggest

  8. Is there any reason that you didn’t include Amazon Cloudfront in you list? I think the cloudfront should be on 2nd position after MaxCDN.

  9. I’ve seen Maxcdn and Cloudflare in so many places like in bootstrap cdn, Jquery cdn. I think these are top cdn’s. I suggest both these CDN’s.

  10. Thanks for sharing the list of best content delivery network service providers to speed-up wordpress blog. I am Also using CloudFlare free CDN service to speed up my wordpress blog. Its working great to reduce page load time.

  11. manthan dudeja

    Cloudflare is the Best and Free CND, Which i am Using in All of my WordPress Blogs. Also One more benefit of Cloudflare is they provide free SSL Certificate, I Think Cloudflare is must have thing for every website.

  12. I am using CloudFlare for all my blogs but now a days very frequently I am getting 522 errors in CloudFlare. I have created support tickets but did not get any response what so ever from them. The issue is that my site is offline it says but it actually is not. Every traffic that goes through their Chennai centre is having this issue and that is why I am looking for other CDN providers which I could use. What CDN does SML use? Any idea? Which would be good as far as speed and performance is concerned any idea?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I’m using Cloudflare only. In case if you need to pick one, I would suggest go for KeyCDN or MaxCDN.

    2. Prabhu
      Same Problem Happens With Me. & I’m Gived My Cloud Flare Account Username & Password Than They Solved My Issue.

  13. Hi,

    I am surprise you havent mentioned amazon CDN which is really good and cheap as compared to other CDN in the list. Is there any particular reason you didn’t mention about Amazon CDN ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  14. Hey Foysal,
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge, I am using Cloudflare on my newly started WordPress powered website HD Wale. It’s working fine but sometimes it creates problems specially while using it’s free ssl.

    Please tell me in which mode do I use Cloudflare’s free ssl certificate, Flexible or Full?

    My website is really fast loading after Cloudflare integration but sometimes it shows me the host error, should I replace cloudflare with Maxcdn?

    ~ Vijay

  15. I am surprised to see Cloudinary missing from the list. Obviously, we can’t include all. But for site using images and videos, Cloudinary can be considered. I have just started using it and evaluating it. Disclaimer – I am in no way associated to Cloudinary.

  16. I am using StackPath, their features are good and the pricing is cheaper. They have many zones covered and you probably have heard “Max CDN is now StackPath.” Hence, the quality of their service is quite up to the mark.

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