4 Best In-Text Advertising Program for Bloggers (2023)

Best In-Text Advertising Program
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Being a blogger, we should not limit ourselves to one way of monetization. If you have seen How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide), you will realize along with Adsense we use many other methods to make money from our sites.

Today, we will learn about In-text advertising and I will share some of the best In text advertisement networks that you can consider joining.

September 2022 update:

A lot has changed recently, and I have updated this post with the latest information. In-Text ads are no more as profitable as they used to be and a lot of networks have been dying. Affiliate marketing or using AdSense alternatives, and that’s the route you should be taking.

ShoutMeLoud has covered lots of tips to make money through advertisements. It doesn’t make much difference whether it is Banner Ads, Affiliate ads, or ln-text Ads, you just need to follow a few tips and tricks to earn through advertisements.

When it comes to In-text Ads, I prefer to blend them properly with the blog layout in order to make it a lucrative method to earn a good amount. Also, intext advertisement uses Javascript, so the presence of advertisement won’t hurt your site’s SEO.

One of the most common questions people ask is In-text advertising compatibility with AdSense and to let you know, I have used Cuelinks on a few websites for years along with AdSense and never had any issue.

In short, you can use in-text ads along with Google AdSense.

There are many options available for ln-text Ads, but I won’t suggest you give a hit-and-trial method for ln-text Ads. You can find a few options provided by good Advertisers, such as Sovrn Commerce, which I have also covered in my earlier post about Alternatives to Google Adsense.

1. Sovrn Commerce

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Sovrn Commerce works on a different model and unlike another In-text advertising network, Sovrn Commerce converts your normal link into an affiliate link. Saying that instead of earning a few cents/click, with Sovrn Commerce you can earn much more with affiliate commission. Sovrn Commerce is partnered with many existing affiliate networks and it converts your normal link into affiliate links. Don’t worry about SEO, it won’t make any difference in SEO.

For example: If you write about App store product and you are not an Apple affiliate, Sovrn Commerce will convert your link into aff. link and when a reader buys the app, you will get a commission. I tried this network on ShoutMeTech, and it turns out to be really good. I highly recommend tech bloggers give it a shot.

Here are more articles you should read about Sovrn Commerce:

2. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a mobile optimized application set to monetize your apps or sites to earn money from the links you might have created for mobile content.

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Skimlinks is the best advertising program for a blogger to automate affiliate marketing across your entire network. The link used in the content to intent purchase automatically monetizes on social media, access searchable product feeds, and measures your content’s performance. Skimlinks is a popular advertiser and trusted by over 1.5 million of the world’s top publishers.

3. Infolinks (Not active anymore and not recommended)

September 2022 Update: Infolinks is slowly dying and is no more recommended In-text ad network.

Let me start with one of the most famous and popular networks among bloggers. Infolinks is one of the easy-to-start and implement the network. You can control ads from the Infolinks dashboard, and it offers a minimum payout of $50.

Infolinks also offers related tag features to further boost your earnings. Overall, after using Infolinks for almost 2 years, I can recommend this network. The payout is via PayPal.

4. Vibrant Media

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Vibrant Media is a popular advertiser with more than 6000 partners, thus the chances of relevant advertisements automatically increase. I used Vibrant and I was pretty happy with it. Vibrant Ads are easy to blend with your blog content and increase the chances of more clicks.

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Well by the end, your earnings depend upon your blog demographic. For example, traffic from countries like the U.S always pays more than traffic from Asian countries. So, my advice is to pick a network that converts better for your blog demographic.

I have used Sovrn Commerce from the above list on my blog, and they work out to be good. You can also check other network TOS, apply for them, and see which works.

Do let us know which In-text advertising network you are using at the moment and which one you will recommend to others.

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30 thoughts on “4 Best In-Text Advertising Program for Bloggers (2023)”

  1. samueldpoetry

    This 2017, every ad network is melting down on their strict policy as to stay ahead of competition yet som e ads networks are still acting rigid and the more rigid they get the more they go into extinction and become less popular as before: e.g. vibrant media, chitika, kontera, kontextual, etc

    1. Matt

      I dont think its about having strict policies.. that doesnt help

      What’s really hurting these guys is GOOGLE.. look at all the organic sites that used to do lots of traffic.. they are getting crushed because google is keeping the user in their world.
      If you do a search for movies, lyrics, health advice, weather, sports scores, how to, it’s all in google answers.. organic listing start after the fold or 2nd page and the Results are the same top 1000 sites over and over again.. The little guys are getting crushed therefore, so are the smaller adnetworks that used to cater to them.

  2. Pete

    Infolinks and Kontera still the best inlink ads

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