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    List of DoFollow Forums to Increase Backlinks

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    Dofollow blogs and Dofollow forums use the dofollow attribute and that helps you to boost your backlinks and give link love. Link juice from a high PR blog or forum is good for your blog to boost your Google page rank. Specially, if you are active in a niche forum which allows dofollow backlinks, you will not only get a quality link to your site but you will also be getting targeted traffic.

    Here is a list of dofollow forum which have Google page rank, register there use your blog link as signature and make sure that you stay active as these forums are very active and you will get backlinks as well as traffic.

    1 V7nForum

    Siteowners Forum

    Joomla Forum

    Search engine watch Forum

    CNET Forum

    Mysql Forum

    Digital point Forum

    Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Site Point Forum

    10 Warrior forum

    11 Capital Forum

    12 Deviantart

    13 Domain Name Forum

    14 File Sharing Forum

    15 Free Advertising Forum

    16 Geek Village Forum

    17 HTML Forum

    18 MyGame Builder Forum

    19 PhpBB Forum

    20 Search Engine Roundtable

    21 SEO Forum Australia

    22 Siteowners Forum

    23 Webhosting Forum

    33 Directory junction Forum

    You can use the below search button to search for more Dofollow Forum

    dofollow forum list List of DoFollow Forums to Increase Backlinks
    To be very honest its not possible to be active everywhere but I will suggest give a visit to every forum and select 3-4 forums of your choice according to your niche and stay active. Add values to the people post by commenting. Even I’m active on few of them like Digital point and I try to help as many people as I can and seek for help when I need one.

    Of all these above dofollow forums, I’m active on few of internet marketing forums (WarriorForum, V7nForum and Digital point forum).

    I suggest you to keep checking this forum for Dofollow attribute because sometime webmasters remove the dofollow attribute because of spamming.

    Do share more forum who are using dofollow attribute with Google page rank and are very active.

    If you like the post a stumble will be appreciated.

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    { 59 comments… read them below or add one }

    Justin Brooke

    Wow! These are bunch of list. Thanks for your suggestion.



    @ Justin
    Use few of them and you will see a big difference in terms of traffic soon. If you a blogger I will suggest use the bloggger forum and try to help ppl there. That will give you the most traffic and backlinks.



    Thanks for sharing. You could have added more.



    There is endless forums but I tried to keep the list short and sweet.
    Let me know if you need more of them I can make a new post and can add almost 100 dofollow forum list :)


    joe comp

    wow thank you for this big list dofollow forum.greetings from me



    Fantastic..i can’t stand all night to view this dofollow forum list. thanks for sharing dude.



    Wonderful list! Thank you, I’ve been trying to research this subject lately and it is great to have a list all in one place. Finding a lot of good information on your site- thank you!!



    Great post mate! I do have my membership in couple of them, but never been really active in the discussions. Surely will try them out again.



    Honey Singh

    Thanks for the suggestions and information’s.
    No doubt this will boost the traffics and backlinks.
    When ever we try to submit a new thread or replying the suggestions on the forums then we always get the handsome amount of link backs and real unique visitors from different geo ips.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Very true honey
    (Dofollow) Forums and best way to create backlink and traffic. Though one need to find the target forum to make most out of it.
    Though for tech bloggers, Yahoo answers is also a great place to build traffic.


    S.Pradeep Kumar

    Hey cool list buddy !

    I never thought CNET was also do follow ! ;)


    Tech Buzz

    i personally participate in forums as to get updated with new things and build good network
    appreciate the above list from u, dofollow forum links wud be really helpful



    Will be really looking into the doFollow list and find ones that are helpful. Hope I can “Pay It Forward” .
    Thanks for the Info.



    Very Good List.
    Forums are low quality backlinks. 10 backlinks from one forum is just as good as 25,000 backlinks.



    I would like to add some do follow forums which is not in the lists webcosmo, webtalkforums,warrior forums , bzimage forums . By the way directory junction no longer allows sig links



    Awaesome list, thanks for information, this will really helpful in getting backlinks



    Thanks for the great list. Do you have the list of dofollow adsense revenue sharing forums?



    It’s very helpful, thanks for information grabbing to us.

    I am sure I will going to register and use all those given forums. ^_^



    Thanks for this valuable information Harsh, this may help. Nonetheless, do anyone knows what’s the best place for academical forum like engineering? Thanks again and cheers…



    Hi Harsh thanks for the list. The v7n and DigitalPoint are good one that I loved so much now I am concentrating on them as you said to concentrate on only some forums.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Suraj and do let us know about more dofollow forums if you know any.



    Yeah why not I love
    and submitexpress.com/bbs
    also good for back-links. :)



    i try to join this forum, but some inactive and some are paid members. Warrior Forum is become paid member effectively soon, as they notice me. But thank you anyway…


    Mithun John Jacob

    Thanks for the giant list. It’s also a better idea to use Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites.



    Good site, will deff help me increase my backlinks, is it true that if you do too many google can sandbox you?


    Harshit Singhal

    Great list Harsh.Forus posting definitely helps in a lot of ways – bringing traffic, building backlinks, increasing SERP rankings and getting google PR juice.



    This is very useful, thanks for the list. but the problem is many forums allows signature links after a set number of posts, that’s where it gets boring so i feel it is better to outsource such work to freelancers.


    Jesse Dictor

    My issues with these is always the same- it is a journal to be able to put a link on the site. And I mean, I know they have to be, but spamming the site until you are accepted is an odd strategy. Luckily, SEO forums are easy to hang out at and chat regularly, as it is our interest, but the joomla forum?



    I think you were smart in keeping the list short. I’m tired of registering at all of these sites just to get bombarded with useless emails from them afterwards. Only choose a few and stay dedicated.



    @Harsh Agrawal the Digitalpointforum is now no more a dofollow site.. edit your article and remove it from the list



    wow – fantastic list of do-follow forums – But do “no-follow” links carry any weight? is it also useful to build no-follow links?



    Warrior Forum / V7N / Digital Point are the three best



    This a huge list of do follow forums. I’m on Digital point Forum and Warrior forum, hopefully I will be registering on couple of more forums. Thanks Harsh for this awesome list :)



    I found , digital point forum very useful, also I there is lot of information and traffic in webhostingtalk forum too. This is a very good information. Thank you so much



    Wow, nice list. I was just looking for this one… I am going to sign up in Digital point forum. It would take some time to be familiar to the forum and to become active. Thanks for the list.



    I am an active memeber of warriorforum and digitalpoint. I will defenitely care about others because i need backlinks



    hi harsh
    when we comment any dofollow forum or blog so our backlink which is getting by that dofollow blog is a dofollow backlink or not????


    Murtaza Nimuchwala

    Thanks a lot harsh for these great Do Follow Forums List, this will help me and New Bloggers a lot..

    Thanks again bro!!



    Harsh, Digital point forum is no-more dofollow they have changed all external sig links to nofollow. Only premium members have dofollow sig links.. Please update the list.



    HI harsh, would appreciate it if you could add the page rank of the sites as well t’d next time you update the post .




    Hi Harsh,

    thanks for the share, Would be nice if this was made as a google docs or some thing so that you could keep it updated or else have few moderators to help you with the same.

    We could then add more columns to it, i think having a PR column would help for sure to start with .


    Sai Kumar

    Hi Harsh, Great list of dofollw forums. I am active on Digital Point Forum and Warrior Forum, and will signup in the other forums which you have listed. Thanks a lot for Sharing :)


    Chintan Jain

    Hi Harsh,

    I am already active on Warrior Forum and Black hat world. But this list is just awesome to increase my signups

    Thanks a lot for Sharing :)



    Digitalpoint owner has already canceled many features that used to be helpful for webmasters.
    Free Links are now No-follow on it.


    Rahul Chawla

    Hi Harsh,

    Why not share the love and create a google spreadsheet ?

    Not sure if you would be keen in doing it , but a link on the post would help all of out !



    Hi Harsh,
    When i resistor on V7nForum its show a error you are not allow to make multiple account but i don’t have any account on this forum.


    Harsh Agrawal

    That might be happening because of I.P issue.. Try registering using a proxy site or use a VPN, and see if it works..Probably you might be on the LAN, and sharing a common I.P with many others…



    Hi Harsh,
    Nice list of forum . I have account couple of them. I am new blogger, So i need such kind of information about backlinks specially do follow links . Thanks for sharing this post,


    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Hi, I just checked some of the forums mentioned in this list.
    Warrior forum is paid and also gives only Nofollow links.
    Links by Digital Point are also Nofollow. :(


    Camilo Zabala

    Thanks for sharing I am registering on the free ones for now. I ll come back and let you guys know how my experience went.


    Deljo Joseph

    Very useful for effective backlinking, thereby long term traffic. I was just searching for a few. Got handful amount from here. Thanks for the list Harsh.


    Kushal Azza

    Thanks for this Harsh ! Indeed, it will help me lot to gain traffic.




    Hi Harsh Some forms Told that the sign up has denied,,, It asks any referre of webmaster I am asking yours username refererer v7m reffereer I am sking your user id for referer


    RK Web Solutions

    Harsh, thanks for your list of forums but these are somewhat less, because there may be people searching for forums from different niche.

    Most of these forums are for Website/Search Engine Marketing/Social Media Marketing and such related forums, so are these also effective for the people from different niche???



    Well, those were a nice list of dofollow forums. I have been active on most of the SEO related forums that are listed above and some are new to me as well. Thanks for that.

    Maybe, this resource was posted long ago. Therefore, it needs to be filtered as some of the links of domain are either expired or redirected. Such as, CapitalTheory’s domain has been expired and File SharingForum redirects to the wrong page.


    Ravi Verma

    Hi Harsh !!!
    Just a Big Thanks to you for this Great list :D


    Warta Info

    Nice list of do follow forums, thanks for share
    This Web contains very useful informations which help me a lot. thanks again


    JR John

    WarriorForum is NOT dofollow.


    Hari Prasad Chaudhary

    Thanks for the Forums List. I think digital point is the best one. Keep sharing information.


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