Exclusive List of Websites & Directories To Submit Your Blog

Submit your WebsiteHere is an exclusive list of Websites, directory and places where you should submit your blog. Most of the sites listed here are free and if you are creating a new blog/Website or have not submitted your existing Website to these places, you should go ahead and create one.

This also includes many social networking site and social bookmarking profile. It’s not an extensive list like 1000 sites or something, but I’m creating a list of those sites which are important and will be helpful in either search engine ranking or tracking your site report.

Where to submit your Blog?

Let me start the list with Webmaster tools as it will be first step to get your site on search engines. Submitting you blog to other sites will help in better indexing and crawling of your blog. Specially when you create a new blog, it takes time for search engine bots to find your blog and crawl it, by submitting your site to these Websites which is listed below, it will help in faster indexing. Though if your sole motto is to let your site index in no time, here is a quick guide : How to index your site in 24 hours.

I’m not adding those directories or sites, which asks you to place a link back to verify the site ownership, as it will be considered as two way link exchange. Though, there are few directories which are quite useful and you may consider adding the link for a day or two just for the verification.

Many of these sites like Alltop requires you to have feed on your blog, so I recommend you to burn your feed using Feedburner before you get started.

Google Webmaster tool:

This is official tool by Google, where you can not only add your Website but also submit your sitemap to Google. This will ensure, Google will quickly crawl all your links and index them. More over, GWT works as free SEO tool for your website. You can apply various SEO techniques using GWT data.

Bing Webmaster tool:

Official Webmaster tool by Bing, and like Google tool, submitting your blog to this place will ensure your site is visible in Bing. Learn how to submit website to bing webmaster tools, and how to use bing webmaster tool.

Alexa :

I’m sure many of you might not see Alexa as a credible source of ranking information and we have already discussed about this. Though, I always find alexa reporting to be useful and close to accuracy and more over, it’s a useful place to find Keywords. We will talk about it soon in another article, but yes, you can refer to my earlier guide on How to submit Website to Alexa.


Facebook could be really huge for your blog traffic if you do the marketing right. In order to submit your Website to Facebook, you need to create a Facebok fan page and that’s how you start. Simple and easy.

Google plus:

Like Fb, we can create Google plus page for our blog or Website and this works as starting point of your blog footprint on Google plus. Learn how to create a Google plus page for your blog.


Twitter is one of the famous micro-blogging and social networking site. I already discussed why your Website needs an official Twitter account and having a profile on Twitter for your blog, will help you to get a free link. Though it will no follow, but again it’s very useful for blog branding. Learn how to create Twitter profile.


This is actually a site to measure your blog backlink and a free account will let you monitor one complete site. Simply go ahead, register a free account and under reports > add new domain. Add your blog and verify your ownership. Now, ahrefs will help you to keep a track of links to your site. Very useful if you really understand the importance of backlinks. Link: Ahrefs

Google Analytics:

Not a typical place to submit your blog but very useful to keep a track of your site stats and best part is it’s free stats tool by Google. Highly recommended for a new site to add GA on your blog. Read: What is Google analytics?


Blogcatalog is one of my favorite Web directory to submit a Website. They manually accept or reject a blog submission, so make sure your site have enough content before you submit here. Also, while adding your blog, take care of proper category. Link: BC


Not for new blogs, but if you have a quality blog, make sure you add your blog to Alltop. Very useful for giving good exposure to your site.  Requires you to create a free account before submission. Link to submit


Pinterest is a popular image based social networking site. When you submit your blog to Pinterest, and verify your profile, you earn a free high quality backlink. More over, it will help in improving your brand online presence. Join Pinterest.

IMT Website submitter:

IMT Website submitter

This is an online tool, which submit your Website to over 3000 places. For example, sites which stores site analytics, site price and so on. Those links might not be very high quality, but it will help in quick indexing, and improving backlink profile of your blog. Link

If you like slides, you can use this slide on your blog or for your team:

This is a quick list for now, and I will keep updating the list with time. For now, I hope this list will be helpful for your new blog to get started online. If you know more Websites, which will be useful for any new blog, and we should submit our blog there, let me know via comments.

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  1. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Great post with some real valuable info, especially for someone just starting out like me. I’ve been doing research for days on various things to help improve my blog so it’s nice to have a whole list of directories compiled together rather than having to go out and find them one by one.


  2. says

    Thank you Harsh !! I just started learning SEO , and making quality backlinks is my biggest challenge … came to know about your blog from my frnd …who told me to follow your blog …for seo related tips … :)
    Thnxx again :)

  3. says

    Thanks a lot Harsh. I am a newbie blogger and your blog is the best guide ever in the whole internet I could find.
    Keep sharing good stuffs. :)

  4. ashish says

    Oops , Sorry didnt checked your slideshare presentation …which mentioned not to submit more than 100 pages… IMT already submitted my pages to 250 + sites … and den i stopped … am i in trouble … please let me know

  5. Agraj Agrawal says

    Hyy Harsh I read your blog I have a question in mind that What are the ways to earn money through a blog on gadget reviews other than affiliate marketing, adsense and Sponsored posts. I want to develop it like a ecommerce portal and curently m hosting my blog on blogspot due to lack of funds.
    I cant spend money on ads and promotion right now
    What are the ways to promote your content
    Secondly Is blogging can be carrer opportunity because I bet my MBA xam for blogging and do blogging without support of my family members.


  6. Ahmad Rasheed says

    I Won’t Agree With Such Submission…. I dont like putting my sites in so much of directories and auto submissions. and i also urge all others not to do this act… keep your backlinks limited..of good quality… and from Higher PR Sites…. making such cheap links may de-value your site’s reputation…. i practically experienced it with my blogs…May be it worked for you Harsh…

  7. vinayak says

    Hi Harsh,

    Today I spent more than 2 hours reading posts on your blog.
    Though I have question for you. I would appreciate your help. According to this post if I submit my website to web directories then I will get good back links.
    Tell me whether this is safe or not. And if I submit will my website be penalised by google or I will be safe.

  8. deepak says

    Harsh, thanks for this info. I want to ask one thing that by posting the blogs with our name is a nice option or not. Will it increase the visibility and traffic. Clarify this doubt

  9. Jenifers Lisa says

    Excellent list of the best websites and directories where can submit blog easy way for increasing visitors. Many blogger are struggling to find the right directories to submit their blog so i think that such type of list will be a great source for them.

  10. Adeel Qamar says

    Hey harsh, thanks for providing this nice list. I am currently using Blogger as my blogging platform and use feed burner for feeds but when i tried to add these feed link in all top it shows me some kind of error. Can you help me to eliminate this problem?
    It always says that it doesn’t pass the feed test.

  11. Suresh Natrajan says


    I am again on your blog.I read your reply to sandy which i find quite useful.Lists you have suggested are really important? are they cheap to control the cost? it might be out of way question i asked to you so i can consult my SEO for same.


  12. Mic johns says


    Only want to know if we are there at all pages than will it be easy to manage or we should go for only few option.What will be more useful among them.Please elaborate.


  13. says

    Thank you Harsh, such a helpful list!

    I never knew you can do that with Pinterest, I tried it, and worked like a charm and that’s one good backlink, thanks!

    I will proceed with the other tools you mentioned that I am not using yet like Ahrefs, Alltop, and IMT Website submitter.

    By the way, with IMT Website submitter, I’m assuming they added the feature to limit the number of created pages because getting many backlinks too quickly might appear unnatural (and can get your website penalized). Am I right? Any recommended maximum pages to create or is it safe to just leave it at default? Thanks again!

  14. Krishna says

    Many Thanx for this post I was struggling for finding directories to submit my site and here I got my answer, I’m very sad bcoz I did very hard work on myblog my alexa rank is under 2K in India but still have no pagerank and it’s really so much frustrating, I hope submitting on these directories will help me be get Page rank for my blog.

  15. prem pandit says

    Hi, Harsh

    This article really benefit for those who do not know where and how to submit their blog to directories and Websites, the list of directories and websites are mentioned above are really a best one.


  16. Renjiv Raman says

    Hello Harsh,
    Thank you! for this handy list..couple of other sites I can think of at the moment

    1.If you are an indian blogger.. “IndiBlogger [dot] in” can be a good place..it’s again a blog aggregator like Technorati..
    2. “Sulia”..a comparatively new micro-blogging platform…[though i’m not sure about whether the links are “Do Follow”

  17. Anup says

    Thanks for the quick list, Harsh. I tried to submit my new blog to BlogCataloge, but they declined it. I don’t know what’s the reason.

    I’m appreciate your help :)

    Best, Anup

  18. Pradeep says

    Hi Harsh,
    Very nice and useful information for the novice bloggers like me. I will try some of them, which I have not done yet.


  19. Sandy says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for the lovely article, apart from the websites you mentioned above there are other directories as well, what do you suggest directory submission is a better way of driving traffic or blog commenting.


    • says

      @Sandy Anytime blog commenting is better than directory submission.
      Blog commenting will help in getting backlink from relevant niche, and link are from better quality sites than article directories. More over traffic + branding advantages are there, which you don’t get with directories submission.

      • Chetan Bhasin says

        It’s true that we get linkbacks from websites of proper niche. There is one problem, though, with blog commenting. You don’t get proper anchor text for a link back by commenting.
        What do you think?

  20. Saurabh Rai says

    The last site named as IMTalk help is website submission. So, there would be a chance to get poor quality links too ? What to do against that ?

    • says

      They might be poor quality links, but they are not bad quality links. Bad quality links are one which comes from spammy sites, and these links are coming from websites which keep index of websites. Hope this clears your doubt.