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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Income report February 2010

    By in Shoutmeloud

    Bluehost hosting

    Last month I could not submit my monthly income report but this time I’m not going to disappoint you. In terms of revenue generation February was good for me and we have lots of internal things going on and as I said we will keep updating you upon launch of our new services and portals.

    shoutmeloud1 Shoutmeloud Monthly Income report February 2010


    We are also releasing few WordPress themes and plugins. Development and testing phase has been done and I will be releasing them for public ASAP.

    Here is my monthly breakup of revenue generated in the month of February 2010:

    • Google adsense :                  $301
    • Direct advertisement :      $350
    • Buysellads :                            $232
    • Infolinks :                               $178
    • Affiliate Income :                $1100
    • WordPress SEO Job :          $400
    • WordPress Themes:            $1200
    • Blogspot to wp migration:$800
    • ———————————————-
    • Total :                                    $4561

    Though my Adsense income almost went down at the last moment of the month. This is an alarming factor for me since my organic traffic is more than referring and direct traffic. It’s good to see my WordPress theme job is doing good and making good progress. There can’t be anything better than positive feedbacks. You can read our client testimonials here.

    Meanwhile do let us know about your february monthly income report?

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    Tom | Build That List

    Nice work! those are some big numbers and I hope they continue to increase throughout the year!

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Tom and I hope so. :)

    Neeraj Kumar

    Congrats harsh :)

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Neeraj.

    Basant Singh

    Congratulations Harsh. Hard work pays. Keep it up.


    You are doing great in affiliate marketing. Need tips from you :D

    BTW congratulations :)

    Harsh Agrawal

    I have not written all but I have written few on Affiliate marketing here under make money online category :


    Thanks I will check it out


    That’s awesome harsh. I earn from first 4 sources only :D

    Aseem Shrivastava

    Hey really nice figures. Hope the coming months are even better. Thanks for sharing.


    awesome man….


    Hey Harsh,I’m sure that your parents would be very happy on seeing this REPORT CARD of yours.Awesome !

    Ajith Edassery

    That’s a handsome income man.. Congratulations! I could think of retiring if I get that much per month from blogging and related services :) The best I had so far was ~ $1200 but then I don’t spend much time online of late nor do I stay committed to blogging.

    Great going!


    wow that a good money..
    do u take all money or u have some employers???

    Anish K.S

    Great figures, for me Main Stream of Income is Adsense and Infolinks.

    Keep it up Harsha.

    Avi Singh

    Congrats Harsh :)


    You are becoming more louder ! lol !

    Jitendra Kumar

    Hi Harsh,
    First of all congratulations! Your hard work is paying you off.
    I would like to have your suggestion on how to start earning..I have been including Adsense on my blog ever since i started blogging but I haven’t earned even a single penny…same goes for other options…I have provided three ad slots on my blog for direct advertising…but seems that nobody is interested…can you please help or provide some guidelines on how to get some earning…

    Gedi Junction

    Pretty impressive.
    I had a couple of questions

    How can one design a customized logo like the “Shout Me Loud” Logo in the starting of the post.

    and secondly could you suggest me some resources for learning to create Blogger (Blogspot) Templates from Scratch.


    Cebu Tech Blogger

    Keep on shouting, dude…. that affiliate marketing and wordpress themes income are overwhelming…


    Thats really very handsome income bro, keep it up.


    This is awesome bro :) ., 4k USD per month is really cool. I’m wondering how can you do multi-tasking like this :D. Keep it up bro, you really are an inspiration to others, Im yet to start using ads, waiting to cross the benchmark traffic.


    You’re doing exceptionally well buddy. I’m sure lot others will be motivated to leave their day job and become full-time bloggers after watching your success! Congrats :)

    Surender Sharma

    Hi Harsh,
    Congrats for the new income generation sources for your life.
    Wish you all the best for coming future.


    That’s a huge amount. Congrats!! dude. Good job


    Good to see your income. I am not a wordpress designer but I am also happy as my affiliate earning went up this month for near 2k but adsense is too bad. I need more optimizations too. Congrats!


    sry for late congratulating but cngrats dear



    I forgot to mention..
    u didnt mention about ur traffic report


    congrats for the great income


    congrats for this great income thats great man :)


    Great job, very nice!
    sunny greetings from germany!


    these are very decent amount , hope i will get this amount soon ha ha . : )

    Article Directory

    Wow!! These are dream figures, wish you all the best;

    Ish Jindal

    That’s great buddy…good luck for future…


    That’s great turnaround in time.

    Keep it up !

    Somenath Sen

    Great job dude.. $4.5K /month not a bad income..keep it up…

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