SEMRUSH Coupon : Free Pro Account for 14 days Worth $150


SEMRUSH Coupon : Free Pro Account for 14 days Worth $150

SEO is one of the area where I have focused a lot these days and in this process, I have used many SEO tools. Most of the tools which I worth sharing, I reviewed it here at ShoutMeLoud. Best part is, most of these software’s are free to try and if you like it you can buy it. Today, I will be sharing SEMRush coupon code which will help you to grab SEMRUSH free trial Guru account for 14 days which is worth $149.95.

Semrush Coupon Free account

Couple of days back I added a review of SEMRUSh, which is one of the best SEM tool in the market. The Pandora of information you can extract using this tool is endless and enough to take control of your niche. Though, best of the thing comes with a price tag and same is with SEMRUSH. But, it’s always a good idea to try a service before you start paying it and that’s where this SEMRUSH promo code will help you to try their agency account with no restriction for 14 days.

Why you need SEMRUSH?

One of the key to be success in competitive world of internet marketing is tap the best Keywords and find the keywords used by your competitor. Even from beginner blogger perspective, it’s always a wise idea to target keyword with highest CPC and low competition. This will help in driving traffic and increase AdSense income. SEMRush tool gives a great insight about almost all the domains and show which keyword is driving maximum traffic and every other detail related to that Keyword.

You can search detail about Keywords, domain or direct URL. For example, here is what I get a report for Keyword “SEMRush” :

SEMRUSh result

As you can see the report columns and you can see how easy it’s making keyword research for us and not only that, it helps in finding the most profitable Keyword. You can also see the traffic trend directly here, and decide if that Keyword is going to fit into your long-term strategy or not.

Not only that, you can also find the top traffic driven post on any domain and find all the Keywords that is driving traffic to that post.

Domain Ranking report

I will not get into more detail now as you can read more about it in SEMRUSh review, but for now I have SEMRush promo code to share, which will help you to get started for complete two-week SEMRUSH Guru trial account. This trial account is specially for ShoutMeLoud readers.

SEMRUSH Coupon Code:

This discount coupon will give you complete free access of SEMRushGuru account worth $150 for 2 weeks. This is risk-free trial and in case if you don’t like this tool, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Which I believe, no serious internet marketer would like to do.



You need to sign up using this link to get $149.95 worth SEMRUSH Guru account:

Click to grab SEM Rush Guru account for free

How to Upgrade free account to SEMRUSH Free Trial account?

If you are already have a free account with them, you can still upgrade and try 14 days completely free Guru account of SEMRUSH. All you need to do is, login to free account and follow this link and add your payment info and your account will be upgraded. Like I said, you can cancel your account anytime by going to My account > Profile. Though, as a user, I doubt you might like to cancel this awesome SEO tool after trying it for 14 days.

Want to know more about SEMRUSH, check out this video:

As, I mentioned above, this SEMRUSH coupon is specially for ShoutMeLoud readers. You are feel free to share it with your readers and let them enjoy free pro account of SEMRUSH worth $150 for free. If you have any query regarding this essential tool for marketer, do let me know via comment.

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  1. Nizam Khan says

    I was looking for a pro account coupon code and found guru account coupon code, it’s very useful. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Prateek says

    Thanks for coupon Harsh, I use SEMRUSH quite often but it provides very less info for free accounts.

  3. says

    Hello Harsh,
    I have a question… can i pay with paypal to SEMRUSH ?
    And God bless you…we want more and more from you brother !! you are my inspiration :D

  4. says

    Thats a good tool to keep a check on keyword targeting. But I had a question arising in my mind …
    Why should I consider SEMrush better than GOOGLE Keyword planner ?
    Is there something extra ordinary?

  5. Anchit Shethia says

    Hey Harsh. I have started loving the tool. One request is, can you please make the YouTube embed code allow to watch it in full screen? We have to open up in YouTube com to watch it fullscreen, which is an extra work to read an article :)

  6. Mayank says

    SEMrush is not for indian traffic (I mean .in is not there. So which option which we use

  7. Piyush says

    Thanks for the coupon Harsh.

    It was definitely worth a try :)
    Thanks a lot… I didn’t knew that with SEMRUSH agency account, i get to use there other position, audit etc tools also :p

  8. Ganesh says

    hi Harsha i use coupon but the site is automatically redirected to the payment page after 10 minutes please help

    • says

      You need to have a valid credit card to take advantage of this offer. At the payment page when you add your credit card details, it will make a test transaction of $1 to verify your card, and that transaction will be reversed too. In case if you don’t want to continue using the SEMRUSH service after 14 days, you can cancel your account and you will not be charged anything. Do let me know if you have any other query.

  9. Gagan says

    Hi Harsh, I am new to your website and found it interesting. As such I am looking to dig information regarding SEO and found the above tool. The price you have quoted is something I am unable to find in website and the current price structure is

    can you let me know how did you come up the price of 159.95 dollars and what all reports or features are with this version.

    • says

      They have changed their packages recently, that’s why you don’t see the Agency package in their pricing page. Though with above link you can try Agency pack for free for 14 days, and after that you can always change plan which will be paid.

  10. Abhijit Guha says

    Thanks for the coupon Harsh, just now created an account..

    by the way just to let you know, it’s not completely free – charged INR 64 from my cc.

    • says

      That’s a normal charge to verify your Credit card details and that amount will be reversed in couple of days. This is standard followed by all the services online.

  11. Hari Varrier says

    This is probably the only working full SEMRush trial available. I have been using their free account for over a year and recently had to ramp up operations here. This trial came in handy to check how well the agency account works and if that will be enough for our needs.

    Thank you so much!

  12. Vishal says

    Thanks for the coupon Harsh, I am signing in, and I can say that SEMRush is the best site for keyword research.

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