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    Now Set Custom Name for Facebook Fan pages with Less than 25 Fans

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    Custom Username for Facebook fan pages adds another level of branding to it and more over pretty URL makes it easier for your fans to find your Fan page on Facebook. For example when you create a Fan page on Facebook, your Fan page URL would be something like:

    http://Facebook.com/pages/ShoutMeLoud/xxxxx but a page with custom username is clean and that will give your page URL like: http://www.facebook.com/shoutmeloud

    Earlier you need to have minimum of 25 likes on your Fan page to start using custom username for your page. Now Facebook has removed the 25 likes limit and anyone can have custom username for their Fan page even with 0 likes.

    How to get custom name for your Facebook fan page:

    Head over to Facebook username page and select your page which you just created or pages which doesn’t have custom username.

    Facebookcustomusername thumb Now Set Custom Name for Facebook Fan pages with Less than 25 Fans

    Check for the availability of custom name and if it’s available, you will see a pop up like this:

    usernameavailable thumb Now Set Custom Name for Facebook Fan pages with Less than 25 Fans

    That’s it confirm and you just ended up setting up a custom name for your Facebook fan page. This is a good addition by Facebook, as you can preserve your brand name from the first day on Facebook.

    As a user and webmasters, I welcome this new feature from Facebook for pages, as earlier we need to get quick 25 likes to make sure no one else grab our desired username. Though if anyone does, you can always report to Facebook using this form and grab your brand back.

    What next?

    Read more about Facebook fan page on official help page. Head over to Facebook username page and start adding custom username to your Facebook fan pages and refer to these posts which will help you to enhance your Facebook Fan page:

    Last but not the least, don’t forget to Join ShoutMeLoud on Facebook. Do let us know if you have created a custom username for your Fan pages on Facebook?

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    Frances Stanfield

    Wow! Thanks for this info. I went right over and claimed my username.

    Frantastically yours,

    Harsh Agrawal

    I’m glad Francis that this post helped you. Don’t forget to check out other posts in Facebook category, which will also be very useful.

    Rajib Kumar

    Hey Harsh, i have already changed my page name. But, currently i want’s to change it again. Can i change it 2nd time??

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