6 Awesome Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords In Any Niche

I have written a lot about keyword research and its benefits. One of the major mistakes I have seen many people make is that they will target direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords (LTK) .

If you are not familiar with long-tail keywords, here is a quick example of the difference between short-tail and long-tail:

  • Long-tail Keywords (Ex. of short tail keyword) – Monthly searches 50
  • Long tail Keywords vs. short tail Keywords (Ex. of LTK) – Monthly searches 12
  • long tail keywords conversion rate (Ex of LTK) – Monthly searches 13

You may notice that the last two keywords have fewer searches, but the competition for these two keywords is far less than it is for the short-tail keyword. Also, long-tail keywords drive more targeted traffic than short-tail keywords do, so your conversion (sales, email sign-ups) improves a lot. If you want to learn more about this subject, check out How long tail keywords could equal massive success.

In this post I am sharing some of the best tools for finding long-tail keywords in any niche. Note that some of them are free, and a few of them are paid. I will explain the features of each, and you can choose any one that suits your needs.

Tools and Software for Finding Long-Tail Keywords:

Google Auto Complete tool:

Long tail keywords suggestion

The auto-suggestion feature of Google search is your first free tool. This is a handy feature from Google, which will allow you to easily find long-tail keywords in any niche. Google auto-populates keywords (search terms) based on popularity. All you need to do is start typing your first keyword, and select the options from the auto-suggestion.

You will need to use another keyword tool to see additional details such as the number of searches, CPC, competition and other important information.  (On my micro-niche site, I usually skip the competition check because it is easier to get a higher ranking with a niche site.)

Google Auto-suggest:

Google Auto suggestion long tail Keywords

This is a tool by Keyword Tool Dominator which actually takes the default feature of Google’s auto-suggestion to the next level.

With this free tool you can easily find all auto-suggested keywords, and it will allow you to download keywords in .csv format.

You can then use any of your favorite keyword research tools to check other important details about the keyword.

If you are using Google search to find new long-tail keywords, I highly recommend that you make a shift to this one.


Hittail long tail

I have used HitTail in the past, and nothing beats this useful web app. It’s a paid tool, but ROI is great, especially if you are running a business blog, professional blog or an E-commerce website.  HitTail will help you to make a list of long-tail keywords which can bring better results.

In short, based on keywords that are driving traffic to your website, HitTail will suggest other LT keywords that you should target. Additionally, HitTail will not only push the ranking of old content (hint: internal linking), it will also help you to get more targeted traffic.

I will not explain HitTail in any further detail here, as you can find additional details about it in my HitTail review article.


WordTracker Keyword Tool:

WordTracker is a popular SEO keyword tool. Using WordTracker Keyword Tool you can easily find profitable long-tail keywords along with important details like searches, competition, IAAT (keyword in anchor and text) and KEI (keyword effectiveness index).

With a free confirmed account you will be able to get 100 keyword results. I actually find this tool to be very effective, as you can easily find long-tail topic ideas. Here is a screenshot of this tool in use, to give you a better idea:

Wordtracker Keyword tool

You can also consider taking their 7-day free trial to get advanced features like:

  • The ability to see 2000 search results
  • The option to use the related search tools (this is very handy)
  • Access to search engine data using SEMRUSH
  • The option to save your lists
  • The option to get other details like competition details and KEI

You can create a free account for WordTracker and start using this tool right away, or grab a 7-day free trial of their advanced version as suggested above. Here is the link to sign-up for a free account.


ubersugegest Keyword suggestions

UberSuggest is a fantastic free long-tail keyword research tool.

I have written about UberSuggest before, and Steven has previously explained how he is using this free keyword tool for finding post ideas.

With UberSuggest you will not get important keyword details like keyword competition and search volume.  This tool is best for generating ideas for your long-tail keyword articles.

You can try Ubersuggest here, and read a complete review here.

Long Tail Pro:

If you are looking for a desktop based keyword solution, Long Tail Pro is the perfect desktop based software. This is a paid tool, and it offers many features in addition to finding profitable long-tail keywords.

If you have already purchased Long Tail Pro, here is a screenshot which will explain how you can search for long-tail keywords using this tool. If you have not yet purchased it, you can grab a complete 10-day free trial from here.

Using Long Tail pro


These are some of the best paid and free long-tail keyword tools and software I have tried and can recommend freely.

Once you have compiled a list of keywords, your goal should be to write down high-quality content, targeting those keywords.

You can check out this guide to understand what you should focus on in order to create high-quality articles.

And here is a guide to making your article’s keywords targeted.

The key is to write content targeting your users, and then work on optimizing things like heading tags, meta title and description, readability, LSI and keyword density, to make your article search-engine-friendly.

Here are a few more free SEO tools that you should not miss:

If you know of other free tools or software for finding profitable long-tail keywords, do let me know via the comments section below.

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    Hi Harsh Agrawal,

    Thanks for great sharing. Already I used hittail for generate best long tail keyword. Hittail is the best one long tail keyword generate tools for increase organic traffic.

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    Hey harsh very useful information i will try Long tail pro and will purchase it if i find it useful.
    Thank you so much

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    Hi Harsh, I am following you since 2012-13 but not get success. Now last time I am working with this LTK software, rest God knows or I will quit blogging.

  4. sohail ahmed says

    I have used various tools for keyword research but only Google keyword planner is wonderful software which not only tell you about high quality long tail keywords but also tell you about cost per click of any keyword.if there is high cost then high competition and high income per keyword.i also used google display planner to find competitors and impressions per website to analyze others.

  5. says

    Great Tools Indeed!

    I would like to have a trial of Long Tail Pro and would purchase it If it works.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list. Appreciate your efforts!

  6. Nancy says

    I want to thank you for your posts! I used the keyword tool dominator you mentioned above. I have a huge spreadsheet that I downloaded after importing the lists from Google Auto Suggest, Amazon keyword, Bing Keyword. The Google Keyword Tool worked perfectly and my list of long tail keywords that have over $2 in suggested ad$per keyword. Thank you! This is what I’ve been searching for.

  7. says

    Hello Harsh,
    I liked Long Tail Pro. This is just awesome and I just started using it. Traffic is certainly increasing :)
    even free tools are not bad !

  8. Akaahan Terungwa says

    Hello Harsh,

    Long tail keywords, like you correctly opined, drive more targetted traffic and in the long run, converts far better.

    However, long tail keywords (and their numerous variations) also help bloggers and information marketers avoid Google penalties for keyword stuffing as an article that properly follows this standard appears natural both to readers and search engines.

    …while being also, very highly optimized!

    Be certain to make the day great!


  9. Virendar Warwal says

    Hi! Harsh,

    What about KeywordTool.io

    An alternative to UberSuggest.

    It find long tail keywords from Google, Bing, YouTube and App Store.

    Include it also in this list.


  10. Rohit Singh says

    Great post harsh these is awesome compilation of tool for keyword research and yes we can get more traffic by targeting long tail keywords as compared to generic keywords like of example if your main keyword is ‘ Weight Loss Tips’ So you will have greater change to rank better for ‘ Weight Loss Tips For Beginner’ as compared to the short keyword. And by using long tail keywords you are focusing your content to laser targeted audience

    Rohit Singh

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    Hi Harsh

    Thats great, UberSuggest gives very good long tail keyword suggestions. google suggest tool also a good idea.. But most of the long tail keywords have no searches, what does it mean?

    Do we use longtail keywords only to get good serp’s or is anyone searcging for these keywords out there?


  12. says

    And the best one is: Long Tail Pro. I am using this tool for last 3 months and I have made loads of money out of it.

    I would recommend you to try that.

    Anyways, Thanks for the article :)

  13. Shital Bhalani says

    Great article, long tail keywords can do wonders and should be worked at as a site ranks for it’s main keyword.

    It only makes sense that while you wait for the big traffic to come in, you’re able to gain enough to make a little money.


  14. Harmeet singh says

    Hello buddy this post is really awesome now i will get some search traffic.Thanx for sharing buddy…..(y)

  15. priyanka verma says

    Hello Harsh
    I am new reader to your blog,my friend tole me that if you want to learn blogging from the core than shoutmeloud is one of the best option.thanxx for telling the importance of long tail keyword and providing some useful tool.i will start with google auto search as i find it more helpful.

  16. ravi kumar says

    Hi harsh, thanks for the useful article for our industry. My seniors are looking for good keyword tool. Let them show this article. I already showed ubersuggest for longtail keyword search which I have found here earlier.

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    Harsh I liked the first one and I wanted to ask you that Commentluv is okk for SEO or not will it cause link penalty and I want to ask that do you give do follow links in comments or not ? Iam Waiting for your reply :)

  18. Ria Singh says

    Hello sir,
    i really was looking for the best keyword tool for my new niche site, and i found it here, thankyou for sharing it.

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    Hi Harsh,

    Also if one pays attention in Google Analytics landing page with a second dimension for the keyword, it can actually come up with some good results.

    This will also help to further optimise the current page to help it gain ranking and also to gain targeted visitors. Actually a great ROI.

    My 2 cents.

  20. Liton Biswas says

    Hey Harsh,
    Good article. Informative.


    Can you suggest me any windows phone app for keywork research?

  21. Sanket says

    Harsh I liked the first one and I wanted to ask you that Commentluv is okk for SEO or not will it cause link penalty and I want to ask that do you give do follow links in comments or not ?

  22. Sameer Suri says

    Thanks for sharing this, I tried Long Tail Pro it works well but at times just doesn’t show up any long tail. Not sure if its due to google temporary ban or what. If i changes the keywords it works again.

  23. kapil heera says

    hi harsh this is such a informative article for those who is new in this industry.

    Long Tail Keywords is really helpful for all who wants to see their own website on top ten. you know what if you use long tail keywords instead exact keyword then your EXACT KEYWORD will not get drop easily.

    i use mostly Google search suggestion for finding Long tail Keywords.


  24. says

    Thanks Harsh. I’ve heard about the benefits of having long tail keywords but I haven’t exactly gotten round to utilizing them. I’ll be sure to check out the keyword tool softwares that you have recommended here. Thanks again for sharing this useful information!

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    That’s great list Harsh…
    With such a bundle of tools finding long tail keywords become too easy task for us to concentrate how to blog seo full contents…
    Thanks for the all details…

    Atul Kumar Pandey

  26. Krishnan says

    I know about UberSuggest , other is new to me , thanks.

    UberSuggest is unlimited to use and the Google Auto Complete tool is fine idea. Thanks for sharing .

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    Hey Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing those nice tools.

    I’ve been using uberSuggest for a while. I just love this tool. It doesn’t only help me to get long tail keywords but also to get some other words that helps me generate more traffic from search engine.

    I’ll try other tools soon.