Top Benefits of Interlinking Your Blog Post

When I started blogging I used to post the content without interlinking to my older blog posts and I didn’t notice its importance until I moved to use Blogging as a source of income. Earlier in those days when I simply do blog post and promote it on forums, Facebook etc I get visitors for that blog post only. Most of the time my visitors take a look at 3-4 posts and then leave my blog.



After analyzing my blog visitors entrance and leaving path from my stats software, I found out that most of my visitor enter my blog at most recent blog post and leave it after visiting 1 -2 older blog post. But now when I see my stats I can see that my visitors are spending longer time at my blog reading my older blogs too and this is all because of interlinking.

How Interlinking Helps in user experience and SEO?

1. Further Reading:

It was not my primary motive to publicize my older posts by interlinking it to my new blog posts, but to provide user further reading options and suggestions on where they can explore related topics at my blog. Though there is a Related Posts section at the end of my blog posts but the success rate that a user click on those link in comparison to the link in the main article is very low.

2. Increased Visitor Length & PageView:

Slowly it become my habit to interlink my older post to new one and this really helps in keeping visitors for a longer time and this may be the reason why I have average visitor length of 6 min and 47 sec (Google Analytics). And yeah, when you use this kind of strategy your page views also increases.

3. SEO:

Interlinking you old articles will help you in broader sense by increase page rank of your internal pages it also helps in building the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase by which you are linking your article to.

Once you have started linking your article be patient page views and visitor length won’t increase overnight but you will see substantial increase within a week. Also try to update in the same manner your old articles too, because the visitor that go from you main article to your older linked article may leave your blog there but if you provide interlinking at your older pages too than again the chain continues.

Some Tips:

  1. While interlinking make use of good relevant keywords to the article you’re linking to.
  2. Don’t start linking every other post to your recent post it will irritate users try to link only relevant posts and only if its necessary don’t try to overload your post.
  3. Try to add link to 2 old post in first 2 paragraph of your post and 1 link to the last concluding para of your post.
  4. And yeah don’t think visitors are stupid if you try to act over-smart than be ready to lose your loyal visitors which really matters.
  5. You can make use of WordPress Plugin InSight to quickly interlink your older posts based on keywords.

And if you have noticed, than in this post I have used  interlinks to my older posts, so you might get an idea how to use it isn’t it?


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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. sudha says

    Interlinking helps a lot in keeping your visitors for longer period on your blog. But interlinking should be done in proper way so that the visitor surely clicks on the link.

  2. Ragunath says

    can any one mention, what are all the things that we needed to increase the traffic? can any one mention step by step procedure

  3. vrunda says

    it’s really great idea to increase avg time.. and what i believe is that it’s very user friendly… user can learn and read more about the same topic…

  4. chandan says

    Yes internal link help for both SEO and pageview. We always try to link to the related post using proper keyword.

    • Mad Geek says

      Start from interlinking new ones and than start interlinking your new articles in your old articles. It is really boring, but 15 mins per day will do the job.

  5. IFRS says

    i believe this is a must for every blogger if they want to increase their page views and page rank ultimately leading to SEO

  6. Simran says

    Interlinking helps a lot in keeping your visitors for longer period on your blog. But interlinking should be done in proper way so that the visitor surely clicks on the link.

  7. Tushar says

    i always feel this task boring although i am fully aware of the fact that it is a wonderful thing to do

  8. Paul Roekle says

    This is a great idea. I have considered doing this before but I fear I don’t have quite enough posts yet. Regardless, it is a proven technique to increasing visitors time on your site.