How you Should Comment on Other Blogs?

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How you Should Comment on Other Blogs?

We all know why bloggers should comment on other blogs, and I told you we get benefits of backlink, traffic and branding. Though, the tough part is deciding a line between self promotion and branding. That itchy feeling of dropping link to our best article, using our keyword name as commentator name, and so many such mistakes new bloggers make often.

Commenting is one of the easiest way to drive traffic. building back links and building a relation with other bloggers. Though people some time mis-understood that more comments means more traffic and better relation with bloggers. This is true only if commentators are adding useful and valuable comments. From my personal experience I have build relation with other bloggers by adding comments (useful one) on there blogs.

What kind of blog comments we hate?

I moderate more than 100 comments every day, and I know what kind of comments make me feel good, make me think and what kind of comments makes me sad.

  • Nice info
  • Great Share
  • Useful posts
  • Amazing write up

Such comments are encouraging but they never add values to the post. Commenting feature should be use to add values to the posts. If you making above mistake by commenting in 2 words, you may add 100 comments on any blog, but you will never be able to build up good relation with that blogger and more over you hurting your brand name.

How You can add value to your comment?

Before I will share you this, I will suggest you should signup for Gravatar, so that you can add your personal image or brand image into your comment profile. This is a must have requisite to brand your self while commenting.

Coming back to the point, if you find a post useful, try to add value to the article. I know some posts deserve comments like “nice info” or “good share” , since there is not much to add in the post. In that case, you can share that article, and show your appreciation.

But yes you can at least add lines which clearly says what you liked the most about the post, or if you like the post what action you have taken. Have you tweeted the post? If yes, tell him about it. This will help blogger to see you as a regular reader instead of one time reader.

I know there are more tips here, but I give you the option to add your view via comment, what do you think , any commentator should do or should not do while adding comment on any blog?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1046 articles.

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  1. dan says

    Meanwhile, everyone here, whether their comments say it directly or not, is trying to add traffic to their site. I don’t mean to be negative, but let’s be honest, we’re all blog owners here, probably either new or just starting out, who are searching for ideas to grow. This articles targeted towards us, they know it, and we know it. So instead of just randomly adding comments, how about we all work together in this comment section to help each other out, or at the very least not just read the article, then let our subconscious go “better add a comment down below, it’s an easy first opportunity for traffic” and then just spit out some terribly obvious post that makes it look like you’re some beggar holding out a can on the street. There are times to be singular and offer individuality in our posts, and times to not. As growing blog owners (because who else would be searching this), how about we here in the comments section pool our efforts or shared contributability to actually make something worthwhile, instead of just a continued stream of useless comments that our (collective) subconscious thinks is doing something productive when it’s actually not.

  2. Vishal Soni says

    I think that comment is not good way to drive traffic to your website but take part in forum and social networking is better than it

  3. Aaron says

    Nice post :)
    This is just an example from someone who trying to leave a two words comment on my blog. What you said here is true, I don’t like people who leave that kind of comment in my blog. It makes me think that the comment are spam. I don’t approve spam. I never comment on others blog without contribute something related to it. This is a must read for blogger who trying to leave their comment/backlink. Thanks for sharing :). I always end my comment like this. Use to it :lol:

  4. Sujoy says

    And that is why the blogging experience cannot be complete by reading feeds. I can skim and browse through hundred blogs in a day on my Google reader, but I have to move in and park my comments on the blog link. I wish there was a way to do it otherwise. But as you said, the rewards are good. You build a social network, a personal one when you comment on someone’s hard work and provide your own personal take on it

  5. Aditya Kane says

    Even though Comments are a great way to create back links it can also be a bit of a nuisance.
    I know many bloggers concentrate on everything except good content and that can be counter productive (in the long run)
    Its as Uttoransen commented, the comment should be about the post and one should read it and genuinely have something to share or add regarding the post.
    Creating back links with comments is hardwork and there is absolutely no escaping that.

    • Uttoran Sen says

      thanks aditya,
      also, i think one must check his follow up comments, so that he can reply to question or quotes, like this one :)

  6. Gurpreet Singh says

    gets traffic and most of it building my social network that boosts my presence in blogging world. Thanks for great write up

  7. uttoransen says

    i think every commentator atleast should make sure that his comments reflects that he has read the post and most of all should atleast be better than anything an automatic bot can do…

  8. Aaron says

    I come across a few sites that are basically a promo leading to another site and when I read the past comments I notice the site owner doesn’t respond to questions or keep any dialogue with those who comment. I know that I could give some helpful info in my comment (to show credibility or showcase my expertise) but if the goal in that situation is only to increase back links is there much benefit to going beyond “Nice post” when I could spend more time and effort on a forum or site that has better dialogue?

  9. Blogsolute says

    Gravatar adds more trust about commentator, these are likely to be approved commentators.

    * Nice info
    * Great Share
    * Useful post
    * Amazing write up :)

  10. free says

    Thank you for reminding me the fact that Gravatar has an important role in commenting. I were knowing this, but were not much aware about it. Sometimes if you spam with gravator under someone’s post in a blog, they won’t delete if you are having a good avator.

  11. Extreme John says

    I spend a tremendous amount of time out of each of my weeks commenting and staying active on other blogs, it builds excellent relationships and of course the backlinks. :)

  12. Srinivas Rao says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is a really interesting point because I don’t think that man bloggers learn to refine their commenting strategy until they’ve been doing it for a while. One thing I learned after going through my analytics yesterday was certain blogs provided much stickier traffic from my commenting efforts even though they may have not have yielded as many visitors. That to me is more valuable then the person who comes and looks at a site for 30 seconds. One thing that I have found effective is to pick about 5 blogs and take an active role in the conversation there. While I still comment on others it’s really about applying the 80/20 rule and focusing your efforts on high ROI activities.

  13. Shabnam Sultan says

    Blog commenting is very important and i get some nice traffic to my blog while commenting on other blogs. I believe that the commentator should have something to contribute to the discussion. Blog commenting also helps you to make some brilliant relationship with your readers.

  14. Karen @ Blazing Minds says

    I can’t stand those annoying two word comments, they are almost as bad as those comments that say something like “Inspiring post added you to my RSS feed” when the post could be just a photo! Often than not I do RT a blog post so I don’t need to mention it in a comment, oh I just have ;)

  15. Nihar says

    You are right. The reader should give his/her point of your either supporting or giving some contradicting views to get more insight and in this way more ppl can also pitch in the discussion…

  16. chandan says

    All are some nice points Harsh when commenting on other blog, well we should try to build one good relation with other blogger by giving some nice comment.

  17. Ash Nallawalla says

    I moderate all comments, so I get a chance to delete any “nice post” comment where the URL is from a site that the poster (or bot) is promoting. I don’t need links to spammy sites, even if they are no-followed.

    Pingbacks from splogs are also deleted here. Far too many idiots out there using bots in the hope of getting links.

    A decent comment needs to be several paragraphs in length. Then even a no-follow link to a splog “” can be excused. :)

  18. Malhar Parve says

    Yes, you are right? But, if a person is not from Tech background then it is difficult for him to post detailed comment.

    • Dinesh says

      It does matter that you comment in depth but only thing that matters is that you try to bong with other commentators while commenting.

  19. Manish says

    My readers comment a lot on my posts and I am glad that they make lot of big comments .. sometimes its hard to match their length while replying :)


  20. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    Commenting is really worthy community building system but sometimes many visitors just add “Nice post” etc words on the blog in commenting section which is unethical way to go into hell.
    If you want to be an authority,you should read complete blog post and then write any points or feedback about the post.
    One more advantage of long and relevant commenting is to get popularity in the blog-sphere.
    Isn’t it ?

  21. Pavan Somu says

    Yeah you are right Harsh. Especially the gravatar point was true. It shows the loyalty of the readers towards the blog.

  22. Dana @ Online Knowledge says

    The first thing that we should do is reading the post first. You will only able leave a good comment after reading it.

  23. CA Karan Batra says

    dude… I was about to ask you the same
    I just forgot it when we met that day
    thnx a ton for this post

  24. Pubudu Kodikara says

    Most of the people don’t even read the post before they comment, so i think your post will teach most of us a good lesson! And like to add some more to this…. if you don’t have something valuable to say…. just try to find something to add to that post or try to find a place where you are unclear in that post and ask it… :D

  25. Samir says

    Even if you don’t have anything to add to a post, you could always ask a question, or even better suggest a post idea to clarify your doubts on a related topic! According to my experience, commenting on blogs providing newsletters is especially very useful in terms of traffic. The visitors are usually looking for additional info, and follow you through useful comments.

  26. Lucifer@Blog Contests says

    All Points are True And Gravatar is a Must SO That You Have Your Own Identity…But To Encourage the Commenter To Comment more The Blogger Should Also Do Something Like Having Commentluv/KeywordLuv/Top Commenter Widget Will Also Help To Increase The Comments and That Too Quality Comments :)

    Btw Retweeted ;)

  27. Bhanu @ HackingArticles says

    Yes that’s right. Commenting is the best way to get backlinks and increase your ranking on search engines. By the way, I would like to congratulate Harsh because ShoutMeLoud is again back on track with <10k Alexa ranking. ;)

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