How To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites

Few days back Shoutmeloud has published a post on How to index your website in search engine within 24 hour. We talked about how you can submit your site to analytic websites and they will help you to show you in search engine.

This is a method to get your site indexed quickly and receive high PR backlinks at the same time. It is as easy as submitting your site to who is sites and analytics sites.

Sites such as:


Are great for getting high quality backlinks in no time. You can easily do a web search and find thousands of these websites. Generally, submitting your site is as easy as looking it up. Most sites do not even require registration!

Using this method you can quickly get your site indexed. Spiders crawl these stat sites constantly. I have been able to get sites indexed in under 24 hours by simply submitting my site to 10 or 20 of these sites.

These sites will most likely bring you no traffic. That’s okay though. The purpose of this method is to get indexed quickly, or to get high PR backlinks in no time at all. Enjoy backlinking!

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  1. says

    That is certainly an interesting way to get recognized and indexed by Google. So once you search for the website you want indexed on those sites they must keep some kind of record for the spiders to find…..

  2. Andrew says

    Does this still work in 2015? I’ve tried submitting a new site with alexa, and the other ones on this list, but I’m getting a 404, or no data available. Will it still work even though this error is being displayed?

  3. says

    Many Thanks Paul,

    I will check out those websites and try to submit my urls.
    reading this article i have now create new ideias for my websites.

  4. Sahibinden İlan Ver says

    Sites with edu domains typically have high authority as they have been around for a long time and have many trusted and quality sites linking to them.

  5. Saurabh gupta says

    I agree with your mentioned information, if you want to indexed your website quickly in search engine then better to take part in some top do-follow websites. Website quickly indexed, if you take part in some high pr websites. thanks for sharing your information.

  6. Rohan Sharma says

    I’ve been missing this. This is just the information that I needed. However, I personally think that Alexa’s backlink item is not free, and it doesn’t qualify under the title of this post. Otherwise, it was just a great post. You’re awesome!


  7. Julian Ray says

    I’m afraid the information is misleading. Number 1 – Alexa charges $10 for their backlinking facility, else they only allow to create an account. Period.
    Number 2 – Quantcast is just a poor version of Google analytics that demands tags to paste on each page (thats tedious!!!) there is no website linking or whatsoever
    Number 3 – Why on earth pinging on who domains or similar site gives you a link or even pinging (indexing facility)..

  8. Sunil says

    I have recently started a site on Discount coupons. Should I focus on on-page or off-page first ? Also how much time should I put in for off-page ?

  9. says

    @Tim In most of the cases your comment won’t be accepted and if webmasters will mark your comment as spam.. Akismet will start treating all your future comments as spam..So kindly avoid doing it.. !!

  10. TheOnlyMp3 says

    Thanks for the info..I am struggling to bet backlinks to my site..Ur info helped me a lot..
    Thanks again

  11. Cryoffalcon says

    Well i have used websiteoutlook but i haven’t used the remaining ones i would use them, its really a good idea as its for free ^_^

  12. Jen Richardson says

    Thanks for the tips. I’m going to look at the sites you suggested. I am also interested to know of any other websites similar to these that can get you indexed quickly. Does anyone else know of any? :-)

  13. Tonis says

    Thanks for the list, I forgot about half of these sites:D
    Now updated and viola got backlinks from all of them:)
    Thanks for reminding me about them!

  14. Altaf says

    “There is an online DVD product that sells really well and now I am seeing chinese domains, all relatively new (1-3 days old up to 30-40 days old) dominating position 2-8 on one big keyword and top 10 on many other related terms”
    Could you tell us how they do it? What magic terms they use?

  15. Dany - make money easy says

    Thanks a lot for sharing your site’s list publicly and I hope to give us more sites :) with page rank.

  16. vrunda says

    humm good tips… can you give lsit of such sites so that we don’t need to find and decide which are the best ?? thanx for the list you have given,,


  17. blogger2help says

    yes,if you type your blog name in search bar more over first you get these type of websites as 2 or 3 search results and then your blog

  18. Addon Solutions says


    Its more interesting if we get list of all sites from where we can create one way back link instead of reciprocal link and paid links and thanks for sharing this info – Thanks
    Addon Solutions

  19. stylo says

    where is the list of 10 to 20 websites really waiting for your reply… i read something before thats why i searched and its really a good idea

  20. Lisa Morgan says

    Thanks for the info .It would be great if you could provide those 10-20 site you submitted to.

  21. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says

    you have mentioned the sites but i think u also need to explain the way t get the backlinks for the sites cited above..

  22. Loud says

    I am bit confused here, are you asking us to search in Google and look for sites or something else?

  23. Tushar says

    this is something i have heard of few times….and immediately used websiteoutlook which gave me good traffic and back links

  24. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    Hurray.. im having backlink from all these websites…

    Nice post Paul

    • Alan says

      Dear Sudharsan, Ishanbanga,
      What techinics did you use to get backlinks from authority sites?
      Other Folks! including Paul what step followed?
      Appreciate feedabck. Thanks.

  25. Tom says

    Great post Paul! I usually Digg and Do-Follow commenting to get my new blogs indexed quickly, but I am heading to check out those website now.