5 Original April Fool Prank Ideas for bloggers

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April fools day is around the corner, and as a blogger you can use it to amaze your readers with your funny sense of humor. You can also use it to grab some natural links by cracking a april fool joke, that everyone would believe. Specially, if you are one of those bloggers who are building a community around your blog. April fool day is a nice day to crack a nice humor, and grab attention from social media. I made one such April fool prank long time back, when I made an announcement of selling ShoutMeLoud, and it worked great. Many users ended up tweeting about it, and some of the big names were in the list. Though, it was a happy joke, and no one was hurt with the whole funny prank. If you are planning to do something like this, you need to be creative and ensure that none of your readers get hurt with your action.

Here I’m sharing few ideas that you could use to play a prank with your blog readers, and give them a reason to smile, when they will know you got them with your prank.

Prank idea for bloggers:

Auction of your blog :

Start an auction for your blog at least a week ahead and let it look very normal and serious . Put the best price and ask your friend to engage into comment thread so that you can distract people from April fool day and in the end let your friend buy your blog. On the 1st of April write a killer post along with URL of twitter tweets about the event. Try to make it look as realistic as you could, and try not to answer many queries about the same on Social media, as it may have negative impact on your credibility.  Give a genuine reason like you are hired by Facebook and you will be joining them real soon.

Announce you sold your blog :

Though most blogger talk about it but never implement it. Implement this trick and it work for many. People generally fall for this prank easily. Make it look big and make it viral with social media.

Giving iPhone to your top commentator announcement :

Write a post about this and tell everyone that you are sending a free iPhone to Top commentator for last month a free iPhone. Obviously you can   see a series of comments their on your blogs. In the end of april fool day write a nice email to all the commentator and use the same letter to write a post on your blog about how you played prank on april fool day. Don’t forget to write a sweet , thank you note to your top commentator. Since you are not giving away an actual iPhone, you could probably take the address of the winner, and send them a fake iPhone or a picture of an iPhone with a nice note. The idea is to be creative with your prank, and don’t hurt anyone with your prank ideas.

Fake adsense revenue :

This is not very interesting, but you can show fake adsense revenue on your website. Read more on fake adsense revenue generator here.

Free guide map /EBook to make money online :

Write a post saying you distributing free eBook related to your niche like

  • Roadmap to make money online
  • Roadmap to triple your adsense revenue
  • Roadmap to fly a kite
  • Road map to   make Pizza.

Depend on your creativity and idea and your niche, Use it to throw an idea to give free ebook. Prepare an eBook with lots of funny animals pictures and in the end a big smile along with quote

Happy April fool day . 🙂

These are some of the basic ideas that you could use this April fools day. Though, the best idea is still the one which is rare or never been used. So, use your creative cells and bring out an idea, which is never been used. I know bloggers can come up with more original ideas like this , so share your best shot and let us know what’s your idea of April fool prank? .

Feel free to send me your idea of prank on twitter @denharsh.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

16 thoughts on “5 Original April Fool Prank Ideas for bloggers”

  1. You are selling your Blog for $8000…Is that a prank??? If not all the best for your future.


      UNFORTUNATELY – I can’t think about selling my blog, even as an idea for April fool prank. It gives me pain. I can’t see anyone quoting a price for my priceless possession. ( but these are my thoughts, and I am not a extraordinary human being )

  2. Harsh Agrawal

    Hey pavan..
    I realize two things, you should consider changing your adsense fonts that will help to look them same…
    and tweak your WP for faster loading.. 🙂

  3. Well Harsh, due to some unavoidable factors I was not able to post for April Fool Day. I would call for Guest Post contest and announce “Compete Standard” Subscription for one month.

  4. Justin Germino

    I saw way too many of these last April Fool’s Day, and I don’t usually participate in the pranks on my blogs. Some can be fun and creative, other’s can even go viral but in the end it’s false advertising and misinformation. And with people being able to find posts months later, sometimes a former April Fools post can be mistaken for real.

  5. I recently wrote a april fool prank post that facebook and youtube are going to shutdown and it really doing well and going viral.

  6. Sorry I got bit late to comment here; if its 1st April today I would have told you that you are not a good blogger just to befool you; lol

  7. Loved the ideas, blog sold for one milliion USD could act as a nice status to freak out people in the community. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try them out.

  8. Vishal Chopra

    Wow , Nice tips. Now , I understood why your blog is so much popular because of your outstanding ideas or creativity .

  9. Loved the ideas, blog sold for one milliion USD could act as a nice status to freak out people in the community.

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