How To Be The First to Post A Comment on a Blog-Post?

If you have a blog, you may have spent a lot of time in researching, how you can attract more and more visitors to your blog. There are various methods to achieve this, but, leaving comments on other blog is the one of the best ways. But, leaving a comment is not the only thing which we have to take into account. Quality of the page, where we are leaving comment is also very important. When we try to find a blog related to our niche, we may find various blogs having ‘no comments’ to ‘having thousands of comments’. There may be some blogs which have moderation system in place and other may be there, which allow anyone to comment anything.

First to Post A Comment

In SEO, we agree on a basic rule that, the link which comes easily has least worth and the link which can be achieved with real hard efforts only, will have most worth. So, if moderation is not there, there may be countless comments having links to any shit like destinations on web. On the other hand, a blog, which gives great SEO worth to the links placed on it (through comments off course), will have a number of links (good SEO professionals will do anything to get links there). Now, getting a link on such blog-posts is important, but don’t you think, getting a link on such blog-post before anybody else will be amazing. It will give your link a SEO worth more than it gives to any other’s link on the same page.

So, how we can find blog-posts, which have just been published and indexed by the Google and only a couple of comments (may be, none) have been posted there yet? Here is the trick. We can use Google Alerts for this purpose. Have a look at the trick we will be using Google Alerts for this…

  1. Go to the Google Alerts (
  2. Sign In with your Gmail ID.
  3. Enter ‘Keyword’ (niche related, which you want to search blogs for) in to ‘Search terms’ box.
  4. Enter ‘Blog’ in ‘Type’ box.Select ‘as-it-happens’ in ‘How often’ field.
  5. In Volume field, select ‘Only the best results’.
  6. Put your email id in ‘Deliver to:’ option.
  7. Click on the ‘Create Alert’ button.

Google Alert

Now, whenever Google will index any blog-post related to your keyword, it notify you by an email, in your inbox itself.

But, there is a problem. Till when, Google will mail you these alerts, you may get late to post your comment on first (First is always important! No?) place. So, what to do, to be there, before anybody else?

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You have an opportunity to be there, before anybody else. Just, go to the ‘Google Alert’ you have created, any time you want to check recently indexed pages. And find a link ‘Preview results’ just below the ‘Search terms’ box. Click on the link and you will find the latest results, indexed, related to your ‘specified keyword’.

Recommended reading for serious commentator: A Practical guide on blog commenting

What do yo think about this idea? Do you believe that being the first commentator will drive more traffic than just another commentator?

This is a guest post by Sachin who blogs at SachinSaxena. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 36 )

  1. says

    You have given some really amazing tips! Must say, you have described the emphasis of giving first comment in quite a detailed manner. Thank you for the ideas.

  2. Dmitriy says

    Really cool tip. Thanks to author. I really enjoy such a practical articles. From experince i know how important for pr to be the first who comment the post. So the tip is really brilliant)

  3. lucifer says

    i have done that before, but the google alert often send me the same resource of the post, so i do not like it. then i quit. i need many different domain links, not just few

    • says

      I understand your frustration and it happened with me. What I can suggest is, select “best results only” which will help you to filter a lot of junk results. This is not 100% accurate, but still effective. I have also tried a software call Mention which offers many advance option, but it’s paid. Something a serious blogger like you can look into.

  4. Sanna says

    Thanks for sharing helpful trick . You have very great ideas for comment posting. Google alert is very helpful for blog post work. I really appreciate your ideas. Keep posting such helpful ideas .

  5. Heera Krishna says

    Thanks for the trick. In my opinion both blog posting and blog commenting helps us to increase the traffic of our site. As the traffic to our sites increases it will get high page rank. While reading a blog I always read its comments too. In that I always read from top to bottom. And in my view every one gives more attraction to the first comment. So I think it is better to comment firstly on a blog.

  6. Bob says

    I had some experience with Google Alerts, but I didn’t know the preview trick. As I’m starting my own online business now, I certainly will get into this. Maybe not for traffic, but I see more opportunities with Alerts. Thanks!

  7. Ana says

    Hah…I never thought of using alerts in such a way…I will try it definitely, I used them only to get the news on things that I’m interested in. But than again it’s not only about finding a website, more importantly it’s about reading the articles !!! And leave a decent comment, just like you said…thanks for the post

  8. bobm says

    I agree with Sujith, the quality of the posts is also something that Google looks at, I really dont think first or last makes difference in the traffic. Sorry, but thts my opinion.

  9. Uçak Bileti says

    Being First commenter you can easily get good traffic but one should also think about the quality of the comment and adding value to the post ! Doing “nice post” or “awesome post” wouldn’t add any value to the post! I think doing quality comments is the best way to get traffic and this way you can even build relationship with blog owner.

  10. Sammie Clemmons says

    I never thought of setting up an alert to be the first blog commenter. This is a really good idea that makes a lot of sense for those of us who believe in blog commenting as a way to drive natural traffic to our sites.
    Of course, the blog comments need to be “real” comments– not those “great post, thanks” ones that come from automated commenting software of some sort.
    I do think that the higher you are on the comments list, the better. Some popular blogs and writers get upwards of 50 comments….if yours is buried at the bottom, not many will read it.

  11. Emma says

    This is a wonderful tip. I have created 5 google alerts before posting this comment. have to see whether it works or not. I know about google alert before, but i haven’t tried that in this way. Thanks for the idea.

  12. genname says

    another google service quite effective, thanks for sharing the information is very useful for webmasters who want to attract more visitors to your website or blog.

  13. hitlendir says

    Grate tip, this way you don´t only have your link, but also may have some trafic, whish increase the value. Off corse, ypu have to leave a grate comment too. I have never thougt about juice link on this way, another plus

  14. Adrián Ramirez says

    Grate tip, this way you don´t only have your link, but also may have some trafic, whish increase the value. Off corse, ypu have to leave a grate comment too. I have never thougt about juice link on this way, another plus

  15. Jayanthi Ravichandran says

    Whether the comments yield good traffic or not, some expression is really necessary to appreciate good stuff like the one above.

  16. Nihar says

    Great post dude.

    Apart from alert i think adding to google reader or any other rss reader software and keeping track of latest posts of your favorites blogs will also help you aim the goal

  17. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    This title itself is interesting. Making the first comment creates lot of attention and converts into traffic very well. At the same time the comment made is also important. It should be something valuable.

  18. aatif says

    Used this for alert only . never thought of making comments first … thanks for the adice will try to make comment first on blog :)

  19. Sachin says

    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for your responses.
    Here I would like to clear a couple of more things about ‘Blog Commenting’. I personally don’t use ‘blog commenting’ for driving traffic to my blog/website. If I get some traffic from this method, I consider it as a bonus.

    When I recommend doing ‘blog commenting’, it is basically to generate a link which has quite good SEO-worth (or link-juice for that matter).

    Idea of getting a link, before anybody else, is basically surrounded to the theory of link-juice. If there are to WebPages with same quality and importance, a page having less number of ‘Outbound Links’ will release greater link-juice to the ‘Outbound Links’. So, if we can get a link on such pages, before anybody else, we can get greatest link-juice, for that time at least. Later, when, there will be more links (from other visitors), definitely, link-juice will be distributed among all, and our share will be reduced.

    So, by using, this method, we can get higher link-juice, for a significant period of time. And, if we can include it in our ‘blog commenting’ strategy permanently, we will be having a leading edge all the time.

    One more important thing, when you leave a comment on a blog post, please concentrate your comments on the topic of the blog-post only. Don’t try to endorse or sell your product/services there. Give respect to the author, and don’t try to violate, his/her topic. Leave your link in credits only. That way, you can force (in a way) moderators to approve your comments and get higher approval rates.

    Keep motivating me by your comments.

  20. Brent Carnduff says

    Interesting idea Sachin,
    I have been using “alerts” on the daily setting to keep track of content that is important to me, but had not thought about it for making comments. I agree with the previous comments that unless your comment adds value, it doesn’t matter whether you are first or last, however, if you have something to add to the discussion, I believe that it is helpful to be one of the first to post. I think that most people only read the first few comments. Not sure how many readers follow a comment back to the website, but it can’t hurt to be there and be read. Thanks for the idea.

  21. Deepanshu says

    i dont know about the first or last but thanks for this as i can find more blogs in my niche for backlinks ……thanks ;-)

  22. Wasim Ismail says

    I use Googles RSS reader to stay up to date with news and articles, being first doesn’t bother me, as long as I get to see good quality content, and if I feel I need to comment on it, which will be of value, I would. Google Alerts is also a great way to keep on top of things.

  23. Usman@FirstHosting says

    OH My God this is really interesting, i really don’t know about this earlier.

    this will really help many people, because its also an easy way to find blogs as well.

  24. Devesh @ Blogging Tips says

    Great idea Sachin.

    Being First commenter you can easily get good traffic but one should also think about the quality of the comment and adding value to the post !

    Doing “nice post” or “awesome post” wouldn’t add any value to the post! I think doing quality comments is the best way to get traffic and this way you can even build relationship with blog owner.


  25. Sujith says

    I don’t believe in this. First or last , whatever it may be, like the quality of post, quality of comment is also important. The first comment may attract the author but I don’t think it will attract others also. Google alert is a good option to track the topics but it’s purely depends upon the indexing, it can vary.

  26. Coolguy says

    I have always ignored traffic from comments…
    Rarely comment on other sites for the sake of traffic..
    P.S- i am not saying it doesnt work, but just i havent tried