7 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink for your blog

The greatest problem which I have ever faced as a blogger is getting one-way links to my blog. As far as backlinks are considered,quality matters more than quantity. It’s like, 1000 PR1 backlinks may be equivalent to just 4-5 Pr4 backlinks.

Therefore, I am going to share 7  useful ways to build quality backlinks for your blog.

Comment on blogs using Top Commentator Plugin

This is one of the easiest way to build backlinks.The importance of top commentator plugin is that, If you manage to come in the top commentators list then you will receive one backlink from each page of the blog.That means loads of easy backlinks. Alternatively you can also target blog with recent commentator widgets which give a linkback to recent commentator.

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Hold contests on your blog.

This is a great way to both spread your name as well as Build quality backlinks for your blog. Start a contest in which the participants have to blog about your contest in order to be eligible for winning OR they have to subscribe to your feeds in order to participate.And the prizes can vary from themes to free advertisements to Cash money. You can also approach products maker in your niche and ask them to sponsor your contest. This may be in the form of a free license or may be in the form of some cash prize.

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Write amazingly informative posts.

This can be taken as a killing multiple birds with just one arrow. Writing researched and highly informative posts is a great way to attract traffic and as well as compels other bloggers to link to it and gift you quality backlinks. Though you should also take advantage of social media to promote your post and let your quality post spread around the web.s

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Submit your articles to Web directories.

Find a list of free web directories and submit your blog to them.This is a fast way to gain backlinks if your submissions are accepted.
If you can afford to buy submissions in paid directories then you must go for it as it is worth your money.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a great way to popularize your brand as well as gain quality backlinks. Start a guest posting campaign and start writing for blogs, which are popular in your niche. This way you will get quality linkbacks and also vistors and loyal readers.

Participate in webmaster forums.

Register at multiple webmaster forums like DP,V7n etc, and regularly take part in discussions.Once you have build up a good reputation put a link to your blog in your signature
and thus the more posts you make the more links you get.But, never spam these forums as this will lead to 2 things:
1)You will lose all your links.
2)You will lose your reputation.
Thus it is better to go for the cleaner way.

Here is what Matt cutt has to say on link building

Do share your tips on Link building? Which method you find the easiest and best way to get one way link?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    I didn’t know about Top Commentator Plugin. Its seems to be very useful. Thanks for sharing. Before starting a contest I think first we should improve the blog traffic so that the contest will become a huge hit. Matt video on link building was interesting and informative. You have packed the article with full of info. Great work. Thumb Up!

  2. 5institutes says

    Great post – have to agree, along with what you and your commentators have said.

    I was coming here to share some thoughts, but I’ve been beaten to the punch! I did want to ask you if you had some tools you recommend in the backlinking endeavor? Some favorite services you use?

  3. Hami says

    well these are some of the best tips to get the quality back links. Thank you to compile a list in short. I was expecting some more ways.

  4. Dev says

    Hey Karen,

    Nice Post. I think blog commenting and content are best ways to get one way backlinks for your blog.

    Anyways, Other tips are good as well.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  5. rdx_karan says

    Yeah Dinesh you’re right Content as always said is the king, Quality content automatically acts as a link bait and welcomes backlinks..

  6. Dinesh says

    Karan, Nice points and your blog looks great.
    When you consider about PR back links ( Quality Back links), the dofollow matters.
    In my experience creating ‘killer Articles’, leaving comments on dofollow blogs and article submission will bring quality back links and visitors too.

  7. Justin Shoesmith says

    Great Blogs… It’s a wonderful to know that all you just listed strategies are creating a quality backlinks and its a great idea that you include guest posting because I want to tried it.

  8. Ron says

    Excellent post Karan. You wrote an amazingly informative post as you advised us. :)
    I agree with all the points you mentioned and in addition to all those, I want to add another point.

    Article submitting: like guest posts, you can submit your articles to article sites like ezinearticles, articledashboard etc. Some of the sites has PR 8 and those will provide you a lot of traffic with obviously at least 2 backlinks that you mention in author resource box.

  9. prajeesh says

    Nice post karan,

    All the 7 titles you specified is right and good.
    But, what about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    can u give some info about it

  10. Nabeel says

    Great tips.

    I do Blog Commenting and Forum Marketing.

    The benefit of these are that in addition to just back links, they are a GREAT source of traffic too!

    I eespecially like doing Forum Marketing. You are correct. It is very important to give value and add value to the forum. People will start noticing you and click through to your website.