5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting

Starting with a website requires a domain name and a hosting space. There are many free platform like BlogSpot, WordPress.com but they comes with great deal of limitations. A professional approach is to get a self hosted site. The easiest way is to get a WordPress blog. Now, for a WordPress blog we need following things, Domain and a WordPress compatible hosting company.

Avoid Free Web Hosting

Everyone knows that the reason behind tremendous development of blogosphere is, the awesome free hosting services like blogspot, Geocities, wordpress.com, typepad etc. But in recent years, many happenings around free hosts do not seem good as it sounds.

Problems with Free Webhosting:

I know free hosting are cheap and you don’t have to spend a penny on hosting your site, but all such free webhosting companies uses this freemium model to promote their premium service. A food of thought: Do you think any thing can come up for free without any catch. I started my blog on a free webhost and it was an awful experience.  Here are some of the common issues with your hosting account, when you grab it for free.

1. Free Hosted Blog can die at any time

At any time free hosting providers can close their free service. They will definitely inform you before closing their service as per the terms & policies. But what is the use of it? You should move all content to new server. Also remember if they closed only new registrations and keep safe their already hosted domains then you can redirect your links to your new domain else if they completely close their services, then you can’t even redirect your old links. As a result, all your old links will become dead.

A great example of this:

Yahoo Geocities closed their service on April 2009. At that time, they told that new registrations would not be accepted but old domainswill remain functional and upgrading to Yahoo’s paid hosting wasrecommended. Unfortunately later Yahoo asked to transfer all data before dead line October 26, 2009 and also it said that

GeoCities is not being decommissioned — it’s being deleted. This means any data whether is not personally backed up by its owners or readers will not be recoverable, forever.

2. You can’t sell your free hosted blog

It will be hard to digest the truth. The truth is, your free hosted blog is not your own property. For example, read the terms and conditions of blogspot. It clearly tells that you can’t sell, share, and transfer your blogspot blog to any other person.

“No Resale of the Service. Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes (a) any portion of the Service, (b) use of the Service, or (c) access to the Service.”

You may sell your blog secretly to someone. But if blogspot identifies it then you blog will be closed and will be removed from search engine index also.

3. There is no safety

I don’t tell this to threat you again & again or to make this post lengthy. I tell this from the real happenings of online inthe recentyears. Free hosting service providers can’t spend cash much on security issues.

I remember a company (2ip) which offered free hosting services. Hundreds of thousand users started their blog in it. But their servers were hacked severely by hacking experts. I evenhave their email when they sent me after some days of hack And they told and in that mail they mentioned that they couldn’t get back even the data. please if youhad backup then go to this hosting company (Hostgator)which we found as a standard one.

4. There is no control on server resources for you

You don’t have control on your blog server resources. If your blog comes popular in digg, delicious or in some other one like that then your blog will certainly go down.

Do you know Leo Babauta ofZenhabits? He explained his experience in his free guide with blogspot when his blogspot blog came popular on digg at first time. He also mentioned in this book about how he felt when his blog came down onceit reached Digg home page.

When a more popular digg user submitted one of my posts, however, I hit the front page of Digg, and it was a rush. Until my server crashed from all the traffic that is. That was disappointing.

5. Don’t fall on Non-guaranteed promises of free domain

Don’t fall in some catchy advertisements. No one will give you anything free without expecting some returns, immediately or later.

Let me come to the point straight.

In recent times you might heard or tried the free co.cc domains. I have to explain something regarding this. Co.in & Co.cc are not same. Co.in is a TLD (Top level domain) that has been approved by IANA as it to be a TLD. But Co.cc is not a TLD, the .cc is the TLD, Co.cc is website name.

What they do is, they give their subdomains for free. So understand this, getting a domain example.co.in & example.co.cc is not same. When you buy example.co.in, it means you buy your own domain but when you buy example.co.cc, it means you use their subdomains.

They can close their service at any time or change it to paid model. If they shut down their website then your blog will go down even if you host it on own server. So take care of registering right domain at right registrar.


I know you wish to keep your budget minimal and instead of going to free one, you should opt for some of the cheapest hosting, which offers quality service at very reasonable amount. Harsh has compiled a useful list of cheapest WordPress hosting, which you can opt for. Always try to build your home at your own land. If you are serious about starting a blog then don’t opt for any free hosting or free domain model. Do you have already blog on free host? Then it is the right time to move for best host.

For premium Hosting discount, you can follow our new blog WordPress Hosting discount. Must read resource:

Have you ever heard any stories like these in your experience? If yes, then what are they? elsedo you still think free hosting is the best one?


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COMMENTs ( 43 )

  1. says

    I had a really awful experience with free webhosting and I will never recommend people to use it again. As you said, it can die any time and we will lose all.

  2. says

    Free Hosting is Good for Students to learning about web hosting and web site design.
    but Yes if you have professional / Business website go with paid web hosting. before subscribe any hosting provider you can compare with other providers and choose best suitable web hosting plan.

  3. says

    They can close their service at any time or change it to paid model. If they shut down their website then your blog will go down even if you host it on own server. So take care of registering right domain at right registrar.

  4. Randy Smith says

    I do not understand the down attitude on free hosts. I learned so much starting out free. Use a custom domain, and don’t try to start the next Facebook with it. Its a great way to learn without paying for your mistakes. Who here did NOTHING as a new site owner they later regretted? Why pay for that?

    I will keep the site too, even when I decide to start getting serious with a pay host. It will be a great way to test for changes to a site and resulting SERP effects. Who hates the idea of no harm done if you get hit by Google?

  5. Frankestein Abid says

    Yeah we normally should not use Free web-hosting cause it may cause you big lose.. You can lose all of your content all on a sudden .. Which can’t be again restored and if that happens that means all of your hard work for blogging is vanish.. So don’t use Free WebHosting and Harsh put up a lot of reasons why you should avoid it :)

  6. says

    I am agree with Harsh with, free hosting is just scrap these days google need quality content and quality speed websites, So we have to avoid free hosting. Bluehost is best option its too cheap.

  7. Entrepreneur says

    Thanks for the post you save my all hard work i am going to try free we hosting for one of my niche website but now i don’t think that was a good decision because i lost my all content at any time without any reason.

  8. Kaxil says

    i tried free hosting and had to pay a big price, my whole site was deleted, so i would suggest all new bie’s to buy hosting

  9. Austin Kuruvilla says

    Are you kiddin’ me? Check your point 1.
    Free Hosted blog can die anytime?
    What’d you say about Blogger and WordPress?

    Point 2-A Great Example??? :o
    I do not think so, Being a previous Yahoo! Employer Why they stopped their free ugly Geocities because of no one was using it ‘Professionally’.

    Point 3- There is no Safty…. !
    Of course, Unless you’re not Sincere. Doesn’t matter is it free or paid hosting, if you’re not careful you might get hacked. Few days ago, Amazon Cloud servers were facing some serious problems, of course they’re paid. Again, as far as I’m concerned Blogger & WordPress are the safest blogging tools ever made.

    Bro definitely your points are related to truth but I believe you should focus on advantages of Free hosting too. In this post I felt that people are abusing free hosting, but I’m sure many of you have started your web carrier on free webhost… may be just for a test purpose….

    This post satisfies only the e-commerce purposes.

  10. gow says

    Ya..paid hosting is better… I suggest all new bee like me to purchase a hosting service and domain for better earnings.

  11. Ifham khan says

    Very nice thanks dude
    I am using co.cc in my blog but now I undstnd the problem. GOing to b move on own hosting

  12. kavita says

    free hosting is helpful in case if you want to test a project or dummy site otherwise try to opt for a good hosting service.

  13. Rahul says

    I use free hosting in my blog Web Planet Freaks and i get decent traffic. I use Weebly. They have emerged better than typepad and blogger but not better than wordpress ofcourse. The initial reaction of my audience was that when some one sees .weebly they think its crap. Once people visited my site they were fond of my writing and information. Only problem with weebly is that you cannot remove the footer that says “create a free site with weebly”. You can remove that with a pro account equivalent to hosting fees. Weebly is very easy to use thats why i use it. See my blog and you will understand why i have so many visitors if not as many as shoutmeloud

    • DG says

      You may remove it. There are lots of tutorials there in the web. You may move to pro unless you invited someone in Weebly.

  14. Sneha says

    I started blogging with free hosting like hostable and when started getting traffic my account was suspended as they couldnt meet that traffic under free usage plan and wanted me to upgrade! Later i switched to Geocities and it got closed ,so I migrated to Windows Live which recently got closed.
    Ultimately i had to opt for a paid hosting !!!!
    Really a great eye opener post for newbies in this field!

  15. Gouthaman Karunakaran says

    Wouldn’t agree with #4. Although, you can’t control everything on Blogspot, their servers are very reliable and your blog WILL NOT come down even if it’s appears in Slashdot/Digg or TechMeMe.

    You should read Louis Gray’s take on the same.

  16. DJ Sophia says

    That was a nice article………But i think Free hosting is a good option if you are in practice phase……….

  17. Tuan @ Technology Blog says

    I had a really awful experience with free webhosting and I will never recommend people to use it again. As you said, it can die any time and we will lose all.

  18. Pascal says

    Ya. Rakesh, the wpwebhost is good one. Already it has been recommended by too many bloggers. Keep going. Thanks for writing comment here.

  19. Suhas says

    Free hosting = Pain in the butt .. You should always worry about the uptime, server speed etc etc…

    Free hosting model = FAIL

    Nice article BTW,

  20. Chaitanya.GK says

    I used to use it(0fees) some time back to test my sample PHP code and other scripts :p, but a big NO for hosting websites…nicely put together.

  21. Lisa Raymond says

    There is a sixth and very important consideration: If you are a startup or small business looking to get on the web, you don’t want your site hosted for free because it looks unprofessional and suspect. Ask your colleagues and close friends if they have a business website/blog and who they host with and what their experience with that host has been. Can you talk to a human during business hours and without a lot of hoop-jumping (or pushing a bunch of numbers)? Do they have an after-hours chat/call line in case of a problem? How many levels of security do they have to keep your information safe? Is their software current and up-to-date? How often do they update their software and long does the update process take? (translation: how long will your site potentially be down? Critical for e-commerce sites) Do your homwork and choose wisely. Great article, thanks for posting!

  22. Samir says

    I agree totally with you. Free websites simply cannot be sustained without advertisements. For new bloggers who want to start their self-hosted blogs or bloggers who want to reduce hosting costs, I’m offering $1/month unlimited hostgator reseller hosting services. The domain prices too are as low as possible.

    • fourblogger says

      Self hosted wordpress blogs are current blogosphere trend setters. Google not only love wordpress but it loves bloggers fresh content.

      I appreciate for your low cost services.

  23. Tushar says

    free hosting is one of the attractions for which everybody falls…it should be avoided….one more big example for this is the removal of no 1 blog at blogspot….

    • fourblogger says

      Tushar, I haven’t heard about the no 1 blog removal. May I know what the blog name is?

  24. Avi Singh says

    Nice Written…..Though you can use free web hosting for learning purpose like wordpress…..

    • fourblogger says

      Ya Avi Singh, Thats the only case we can go for free hosting. I have also learned so much things through free hosts in my initial days.

  25. Rajeel says

    Ya, I too recommend to move to your own hosting rather than a free host. The companies won’t get anything other than some advertisement through giving free webhosting and therefore, there is much chance that these may run in loss. When they run in loss, normally they think of canceling them.

    The matter of geocities is a great example for this, eventhough from the biggest online company, they was forced to cancel their service…
    How can we such kinda hosts for hosting our blogs, containing our hard works …

    • fourblogger says

      Rajeel, you are correct. Free hosts don’t have good earning model. Thats why they’ve to stop their services at one point. More than that, as their income is too low and expense grow, they can’t finance for security issues.

  26. DiTesco says

    At the long run, I think that it is highly recommended that people should start in the beginning to a paid web hosting service. The problem is “what if someone wants to start a blog without money”? Are their chances of being in the blogosphere doomed? In this case you should opt for a free hosting that has been proven reliable and has the less risk of being “deleted” or “closed”. If you do have the condition, then I concur that a paid hosting service is the right choice.

    • fourblogger says

      DiTesco, In starting period blogger can start with free host. Even it may be how big brand, there is always risk of getting deleted. Yahoo’s Geocities is the great example. They built millions of pages and even they are the main reason to growth free hosts. But at a time, they had to accept the hard decision.

  27. John Paul Aguiar says

    Great tips.. People think free is good, untill they try to add more to their blog, or start to see nice increase in traffic, by then it will become a bigger mess then you want.

    • fourblogger says

      John, as you said, people like free. That’s why some brands take advantage of this. Every blogger should build their authority in their domain & host so that it lasts long.

  28. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Pascal,
    That’s exactly right bro. I did the same mistake when i first started my blog, i highly recommended everyone should go with premium hosting and domain.
    Thanks for sharing this great post. :) !

    • fourblogger says

      Yes. Dev. You have taken good move. Own host & domain is great experience. We can learn cpanel and database basics etc. Isn’t it?

  29. Rajkumar.R says

    Nice one. I am already planning to move my wordpress hosted blog. working on the move now. :)

    • fourblogger says

      Hi Rajkumar,

      It is bright idea to move for self hosted WordPress version. You can get more functionality in your blog through plugins.

    • NpXp says

      Having a domain of your own is not a costly affair anymore.

      Anyways I am giving out free domains on my blog so if anyone needs them let me know ;)