5 Google Chrome SEO Extension for Bloggers

I have been an avid user of Chrome from past couple of years, being a lightweight and fast browser, I believe this is one browser which is a choice of mass after Firefox. Here I have compiled a list of Chrome SEO extension, which every Blogger can install and analyze SEO value of any site or link. This is very useful, especially when you wish to check your ranking or any other Website ranking. Specially, to maintain your domain authority, you might like to check the rank of site or Web page you are linking to. This will ensure, you are not linking to any bad neighborhood.

We all know that Google Chrome is one of best and robust Web Browser to use but when It comes to practical using many people (especially from SEO World) feel hesitated to use Google Chrome as they are using some of the very good Extensions with their favorite Mozilla Web Browser.

Chrome SEO Extension

Chrome SEO Addon

But now you can also have SEO Extension (Plugin) with Google Chrome. If you love to have SEO based tool on Your Google Chrome check the following Extensions (Plugin)

Useful Chrome SEO extension for SEO Professionals:

1. SEO for Chrome

SEO for Chrome

SEO for Chrome is one of great SEO plugin for Chrome. As it having very details like Index Pages, Backlink details in terms of Different Search Engines, Traffic and Ranking report according to different ranking providers like Alexa, Complete, Google Page Rank etc.

This plugin Help to give quick look at website insight and give an overview of site in terms of SEO. This will help you be more closer to Google Chrome. (Download Link)

2. iPage

SEO Tool for Chrome

I have been a big fan of Google toolbar to check Page rank. Surprisingly, Google toolbar for Chrome is not available and that’s why we need some Google toolbar alternative which ca check page rank. iPage chrome extension does this job really well. You can set settings to show page rank in search results or page rank for just domain or individual page. Small but useful PR checker extension fro Chrome (Download Link)

3. SeoQuake

SEOQuake Chrome Extension

SEO Quake for Chrome

Many of us are used to have SEO Quake for Mozilla Firefox. It give some add on in Google Search Result. Now you can have same value for Google Chrome too. SEO Quake will help you to get some more stats for your search result. This addon is very useful, especially when you do tons of searches. Though, I would have appreciated if this addon also start showing the social media sharing stats for individual post. This will also help us in finding blog posts which got lots of social media love.

This plugin will give you very quick outlook about the topic / site you are searching for. (Download Link)

4. Shareaholic for Google Chrome


If you are a SEO enthusiast, you can’t deny the importance of social media into search engine ranking. This is not a direct Chrome SEO extension, but indirectly this is very useful for any blogger. This addon makes it easier for anyone to share their article on various social networking site at once. In short, this addon will make your work easier.

Being Blogger or SEO guy we are used to Share many content via Twitter or Facebook as well as we are bookmarking lot many things. If you are looking for one stop solution for your Bookmarking and Sharing need then “Shareaholic” is best plugin for you.

You can customized your “Shareaholic” drop down box as per your need. If you love Twitter most then keep it that in priority else choose 100+ bookmarking option from their list. (Download Link)

5. SEO Site Tools

This plugin is in line of Chrome SEO. This is also gives insight of the current Webpage / Website. This plugin gives some good data like Social Media stats about that webpage / website. This plugin gives very depth data starting from SEO to Server Details.

Wonderful Chrome plugin to use for and that is also robust like Google Chrome. (Download Link)

I hope this list will help you be more active on Google Chrome. If you are using some more Chrome SEO Extension, which I am not able to mention here, kindly share via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Abdullah -al- amin says

    Nice plugins!
    I have not used chrome before just mostly used firefox.but i realised this site is very necessary to me.so i can use this site as soon as possible.thank you.

  2. Pablo Augusto says

    I have made a chrome extension to help the url request removal process to many os single URLs.

    The plugin named SEO Url Removal attach a little blue X after each SERP result, so when click on it you go directly to google webmaster url removal tool with all parameters filled and just need to press ok.

    You can bulk right click and open in a new tab to fast remove hundred urls.

    I hope it can help

  3. Rajinder Singh says

    thanks alot for these tools.. very important for seo.. earlier i use to go to respective website to check but no chrome plugins made it easy

  4. Deepanshu says

    wow seo site tools (last one) is great….useful tool…going to a site and entering domains iis too frustrating……thiese tools rock :-)

  5. Extreme John says

    I need to check out Shareaholic, I used that way back in the day when I first picked up Firefox but haven’t used it in forever.

  6. jason says

    Really nice post.

    I have not used chrome before. Just mostly Safari and Firefox.

    I think I will have to give Chrome a shot and check out some of these plugins.

    Does anyone like Chrome better than Firefox?

    • Jaydip Parikh says

      I was the one who loves Firefox much but after 3.0 firefox was giving one or other problem and I had tried Google Chrome. I was impress and then I started using that.

  7. Murlu says

    SEOQuake is hands down one of the best extensions for Chrome – I’ve been testing and using it for a while and have been loving every minute of it – highly recommended.

    • Carter Cole says

      the last one on list is best :) SEO Site Tools is liek the swiss army knife of seo tools