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5 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

5 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

In terms of SEO, a lot has changed in last couple of years, but one thing which remains the same is Backlink. In old days your site would rank higher based on number of backlinks you have got, but in 2015 it’s all about how many quality links you are getting. Last year, Google Penguin algo update killed all the private blog networks and devalued low quality links. In this tutorial, I will be talking about some of the best online backlink checker websites, which you can use to check how many backlinks your website have got.

Backlink Checker Tools

More about backlinks:

Why you need Backlink checker tools?

When any website links to your site or any page of your site from his Website, it’s call backlinks. Backlinks used to be one of the most important parameter for high page rank and better keyword ranking. Though with time, Google demoted the priority of Backlinks and added more signals in order to rank a website. Backlinks are usually categorized in two ways: Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks. When we talk about creating back-links, we usually concentrate on creating dofollow links and using these backlink checker tools, we count how many back-link we have created for our site. Also, a good number of backlink helps in improving page rank and also mozrank of our site.

Here are few online free backlink checker tools which will help you to see all the incoming backlinks to your Website. You can select anyone of these tools according to your requirement. Few of them gives detailed results and few gives results in number of backlinks but the best part in all of them is none of them requires registration or signup which makes the process quick.

  • Update: SEMRUSH added backlink analytic feature.

Find backlinks to your site with these Backlink Checker Websites:


SEMRUSH is one tool that I have been using for almost 2 years and with the new features they are adding, it’s making it a complete robust SEO tool. Before I talk about backlink checking feature of SEMRUSH, let me tell you that it’s not a free too, but you can use this special link to use SEMRUSH completely free for first 14 days which cost $149. Getting back to the feature, they have an extensive database which is updated every day and you will be able to check check your website backlink status accurately. Here is a screenshot of their main page where I’m checking backlink status of my blog.

SEMRUSH Backlink overview report

Do notice the way their domain overview report shows the details like which TLD’s zone is linking you to the most and you can also find details about country you getting most link from. You can use SEMRUSh to check backlinks for your website or for your competitor website. They also have a backlink comparison tool which you can use to compare your domain backlinks with others, and get a complete report. Here is one such report:

backlink comparison

Overall SEMRUSH is one tool that you should use right now as a backlink checker. I have added the special link again below which will let you access it for free for 14 days. You can cancel anytime before 14 days and you will not be charged anything.

Use SEMRUSH backlink Checker for free 



OpenLinkProfiler is the latest addition in the list of free backlink checker sites. This is a complete free tool which let you check the freshest and all the backlinks pointing to your site. You can also export 1000 freshest backlinks in .csv format. This is a complete free tool, which is probably best free option available to check links to your site.


ahrefs link checker

Here is a latest addition and I find this really worth mentioning here. It’s a paid backlink checker tool but you can get complete backlink analysis along with anchor text analysis of your site, when you register for free account. This tool offers great deal of detailed related to all backlinks to your site and with time, how your site links are increasing or decreasing.  Specially after Penguin update, if you are hit by negative SEO, this tool will be your life saver, as you can get all the link details, along with percentage breakdown of anchor text pointing to your site. One of the best backlink checker tool in the whole list. < Check out Ahrefs>


BuzzSumo Backlink Checker

BuzzSumo is one of my favourite tool for content marketing and they have a free and pro version. The pro version now added a feature to let you check backlinks to your domain or to any individual page. You also have an option to export existing links into .csv or Excel format. Check out BuzzSumo

Analyze Backlinks:

Analyze Backlinks

Analyze Backlinks have a good clutter-free homepage to check back links of your blog. Apart from just entering the website URL, Analyze Backlinks gives you different options like don’t repeat backlinks from same domain, Show links only from homepage, Anchor Text, Total Links, Outbound Links and more. You can opt for any option according to your requirements.

[ Link ]


BacklinkWatch is one of the popular tools to check backlinks of your blog. But one thing which I don’t like about BacklinkWatch is it’s pop-ups of course we can close them with single click but pop-up ads always repeals me. BacklinkWatch provides you all details of backlinks of your blog.


[ Link ]

Open Site Explorer:

Of all the tools listed above, Open Site Explorer is my favorite online backlink checker site. It is worth trying if you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains. This tools work best when you have a paid account of SEOMOZ, though free tool is good enough to get you started for checking backlinks of yours and your competitor.



[ Link ]

Link Diagnosis:

Link Diagnosis provides you different options while checking backlinks for your blog like you need detailed report or optimized, you want to check backlink for single page or whole website, different kind of outputs and more. One thing you need to remember that Link Diagnosis works best with Firefox.

backlink Diagnosis


[ Link ]

Well these are some of the fastest and trusted Backlink checker tool which you can use right now for your blog. I would also suggest you to read the review of SEMRUSH which I shared earlier.  Let me know if you know of any other tool which let you check backlinks in the fastest possible way. Don’t forget to share this post with others on Google plus and Twitter.

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  • Muawia

    I use SemRush and Majestic and openlinkprofiler
    But you have a good tools in this article to learn abou them.
    Thanks for your information.

  • Vivek Patel

    The list is very good and openlinkprofiler which give me the good report my vote goes to openlinkprofiler for the free catagory. But this site is not good as well as ahrefs. Ahrefs provided me the very detailed report with all the backlinks but this service is paid if you wanna know complete detailed report.

  • Wojciech

    What about ? Its free and shows essential stuff. My vote goes for CEREBRO

  • Bhumi

    I like Open Site Explorer, It provides compititors information also. Thanks for sharing.

  • Swami


    You are providing quite good list and among them right now I’m using the semrush and opensiteexplorer. But from I’ll try other tools too so that I get more diversify my sites back-links result and create effective strategy for it.

    Best Regards..

  • Aashray Anand

    Thanks Harsh for providing the list and I never knew about the no. 5th tool. However, I have been using the SEMRUSH and AHERFs for quite a while now. What i think is that SEMRUSH gives much accurate information. Sometimes i also found that there is a minute different bewtween the resuslts of two but sometimes it’s quite big! No matter what both of them only gives a dot to dot idea about the quantity. Hope to see them improving in the near future.

  • Blogician Neil

    Hi Harsh
    You have provided a good list of backlink checker tools. I would like to mention one thing though. There are 2 major uses of these tools. And it is not to find out how many links you have. The uses are:

    1) Find out if any low quality spammy site is linking to you that may hurt your rankings.

    2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, finding out where other authority sites in your niche are getting links from. Are they getting from Guest Posts, Crowd Sourcing posts or what. This is the most important use of the aforementioned tools. It keeps you one step ahead of the competition.


  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Harsh,

    Nice tools. I use SEM Rush quite a bit for my freelance writing clients, checking stats for clients who need to have metrics down pat. I figure it’s one of the better backlink checking tools out there because it’s a trusted site. Either way, thanks for the helpful share bro, and good to be back.


  • Tirtha Ojha

    Hi Harsh,
    I think majestic SEO is also another great free tool to check backlink of our own blog because currently I am using their free plan to check my backlinks and their service is same as premium backlink checker tools.

  • Bhavesh Sondagar

    Hey Harsh,
    I have been using SEMrush to analyse backlinks. Recent Google update ruined one of my blog, but I have find and disavowed those links to get recovery. My blog is still in recovery mode but thanks to SEMrush for helping me to get solution.
    I have also used Ahref but did not liked it that much as SEMrush, because SEMrush is easy to use.

  • Milind

    Open Site Explorer is best backlink checker because we can check competitor’s blog backlinks with our blog.

  • Arhan jain

    Before whenever i checked backlinks it used to show backlinks
    Now if i check in any of the backlink checker it shows no backlinks are available .
    But actually there are many baclinks .
    Why is it showing no backlinks available … Please anyone help me to sove this problem

  • Vivek Jain

    Nice to read this article for checking do-follow and no-follow backlinks.
    It’s really appreciable also to read these types of articles on your site.
    I am from always a big fan of your site.
    I applied this thing for many of my new blogs and getting unexpected results, which i want.
    Again thanks for sharing this wonderful information sir. :)

  • Scrappy Geek

    This is a nice list. I tried to find my backlinks through Alexa but they now require you to sign up for a premium account. Thanks for this list, it’s very handy.

  • Kundan Raj Bhattarai

    Hi All,
    I use Backlinkwatch to find the backlink to my site and to other sites. It lets me find which sites are pointing to the other site and compare my site as well others.

  • Waheed Murad

    Nice, Very Good Tool’s List to check Backlinks to your site.
    i prefer GWT of google, and other webmaster tools to check baklink, also show it.
    Thanks for this great article dear :)

  • Martin

    Is there any other free backlink checker? Most times I use backlinkwatch, but it is not so good as ahrefs.

    • Snehal Joshi

      One of the best tool to check and analysis your website plus competitor backlinks is or moz tool. Try it out it simply works.

  • Ellena

    Thank you for sharing the great list of backlink tools!
    Btw, I came across one more great backlink checker here –
    The tool is free, and it lets checking 1000 backlings right on this page, and the rest is downloadable in Excel.

  • Sanjeev

    thanks for sharing this post…i think Ahrefs is best website for backlink checker!!

  • Hank

    Nice comparison, I would have add SheerSEO’s backlinks checker ( which is pretty good as well, at least on the top 5

  • Ryan

    Even though it cost $79/mo, I’ve been pretty happy with Only problem is of course they are often several weeks behind in what they are fully reporting, but alas, I can’t expect them to catalogue the entire internet every instant..!

  • Jay

    I’m not sure if all these tools are accurate actually. As many people already pointed out, it takes a long time for the backlinks to show, if they ever do. Opensiteexplorer is the most accurate in the list imo.

  • Trion

    You should always verify the reported backlinks with Backlink Falcon, Backlink Monitor, or whatever other software you have. The online checkers are good, but almost none of them weeds out the dead links and the duplicate urls. Some of them can easily report thousands of links, but once you remove all duplicate urls and dead links, you end up with a few hundred.

  • jimmy

    I used use ahrefs to check my websutes before, it is a really good backlinks checker, but i threw it away last, because of it has limit and i should pay for it if i want more.
    To the people who is doing seo, a professional backlinks checker is essential, so i find to replace it. this tool is similar with ahrefs, they are so good at checking backlinks, but the difference is that the one i said is free and no limit, it is just like a perfect ahrefs.

  • Anil

    I am using backlinkwatch since last 4 years… it’s great tool for backlinks —- I hope backlink watch is no.1 amond all other backlink tools….

  • Deepak

    I had followed your given links, but the two I suggest are the best. One is Open Site Explorer and the other is Backling Watcher. Thanks for your published article.

  • Brad


    I’m really confused about back links. I have been submitting articles to article directors, web directories, commenting on blog posts and also using socialadr, but when I use the back link checker, I notice that I do not have any back links. I have even submitted my first article to ezinearticles which was approved. Can someone tell me how long it takes for the back links to show up. What is the procedure?

  • Josh Fernandez

    I also normally use backlink watch. And also sir the w3tool is not working it 404-ing

  • Saiful Amin

    Thanks to for your collection of this seo tools. I agree with you about backlink checker but I chose opensite explorer. It is most powerful.

  • The Believer

    Hi Whiztechy,

    I came upon this article in my pursuit to look for a really reliable free backlink checker tool/site to check if the backlinks I’ve been trying very hard to manually build for my newly acquired PR 2 domain name for a domain monetize opportunity…and in my count I’ve so far already done 50+ manual backlink efforts for my domain name, but sadly none of these backlinks were reflected, or tracked, by all the tools you’ve mentioned in your article. I’m just frustrated to continuously work building backlinks without the guarantee that my efforts are really accounted for by search engines.

    Could you kindly give me some helpful advice?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @The Believer
      Try It shows backlinks for the current day too…Very effective and one of the best here…

  • Huseyin

    Thanks for this useful post. i like ahrefs.

  • feri luhur

    Agree Vivek, I ussually use analyzebacklinks, backlinkwatch, and opensiteexplorer. The 3 of this is the most accurate I think.

  • Mars

    These back link checker are used by me but i like because it upadate almost every day and the others take some weeks even a month.

  • Winnebago Hire

    I agree totally with keshav. So whom should we trust. Which site , which script checks our site with every site and shows the correct accurate results.

  • Steamy

    It is such a shame the API keys have been stopped with Yahoo etc!!

    I think they should have still allowed the tool but possibly on a pay basis and they would have made a fortune!!

    I have checked all the available tools and not anyone is as good a the Yahoo tool was!!

  • keshav

    The problem I have with sites and scripts that show your backlinks is that they never give the same result. I’ve had sites claim I have thousands only to check another and it says I have about a dozen.

    • Jotish

      I agree totally with keshav. So whom should we trust. Which site , which script checks our site with every site and shows the correct accurate results. May be it depends on the page rank of the sites on which we have backlink.

  • Mayank Gupta

    Apart from pop up problem, Backlinkwatch gives awesome results. I am using it

  • Girish

    Nice collection, this is very helpful.
    Few of the important tools which are missed is also mentioned in my article.
    Backlink Watch
    Yahoo site explorer

    are few of them.

  • Nick

    I;m using to check my backlinks.

  • Jens P. Berget

    I never keep track of my blacklinks, although I should. I just write, and promote my stuff, and network with other people.

    Looks like the services you’ve added will be of a lot of help.

    I’m not sure why we need to check our backlinks, is it because only then will we understand how to build backlinks (because we see what types of posts will get the backlinks, and what types of sites will be linking to ours)?

  • Fareed khan

    very nice sites all in this post, i use always backlinkwatch, now i jump to Analyze backlinks, because it having one great option “Don’t repeat backlinks from same domain:” i like it very much and t useful

  • Dean Saliba

    The problem I have with sites and scripts that show your backlinks is that they never give the same result. I’ve had sites claim I have thousands only to check another and it says I have about a dozen.

    I did check out the first one and actually found links I had left on long forgotten blogs that I used to enjoy reading but had lost their url. :)

  • Bilal Ahmad

    I often use Backlink Watch for checking links. Thanks for providing the other website.

  • Nicholas Teo

    I like Analyze Backlinks and Open Site Explorer, I do not like link diagnosis because it ask me to install a plugin. Thanks

  • Mahendra

    Till now I was just checking on yahoo . Thnx for this list I will try all of these

    • Whiztechy

      Do try it out Mahendra, you don’t have to login to use these tools as it is required in Yahoo!

  • Kartik@DailyTechPost

    Thanks for sharing this……Backlinks are important for any blog/site and thus tools to check them become all the more important :)

    • Whiztechy

      Agree Kartik, Backlink are important and thus tools are also important. Hope blogger use these tools to keep track of backlinks for their blogs.

  • seenu

    We can use google search to know the back links of a site.
    Just type link:

    According to google shoutmeloud have 190 results(backlinks)

    • Tom Nguyen

      I haven’t had good luck with using the link command in Google. It hasn’t produced as good as results as the Backlink Watch tool or the Google Webmaster tool. I think the Google Webmaster tool is the most accurate, but I can’t check up on competitors’ backlinks.

  • sumanth

    nice list to analysize the backlinks for my blog….plz answer shoutmeloud a dofollow blog or nofollow blog???

  • Deck

    Awesome tools to check backlinks. Many tools are new to me.

    Going to check out. Thanks for sharing whitechy..!

  • Blog the bank

    Yeah I normally use backlink watch too thats how I’ve been growing my backlinks great post.

  • PR

    Above all of the tools, backlink watch is a great tool!
    Link diagnosis is very slow

  • Dinesh

    Nice lists.
    Some how I like to stay with Google webmaster tools and yahoo site explorer to check my blog’s back links.

    Do you know Bing also started this service recently in their webmaster tools. Worth to check.

  • Swamykant

    Backlinks are very for optimizing the site for Search Engine and it affects SERP. Thanks for these excellent collection of tools.

  • Brij

    Nice Post !!!
    ButYahoo site explorer(King to watch backlink) is missing.
    Click on “Inlinks” and select “Except from this domain”, It will also display count of backlinks.

    even in google webmasters, you can see backlinks for the website.
    I would like to add these two in your list.

    • Whiztechy

      Yeah Brij, but I preferred to list up tools which don’t require registrations or logins. Thanks for adding two more to list.

  • rahul solanki

    Open Site Explorer is best because we can check tracking of competitor’s blog backlinks with our blog

    • Whiztechy

      Right Rahul, if you need to track competitor’s backlink, Open Site Explorer is best option. But its always better to have healthy competition with other bloggers.

      • Barbara Varovsky

        I also used to be a fan of Open Site Explorer.

        However, recently I switched to WebMeUp Backlink Tool. The main reasons are:

        1) WebMeUp backlink tool finds a lot more backlinks;
        2) links are analyzed in more detail;
        3) you can analyze your competitors’ backlink strategies and get better understanding of how to outrank them.

        You can check webmeup. com website to learn more about the tool.

  • Vivek Parmar

    backlinks are necessary for any website to grow on web especially they are offering SEO service at that time your blog work as a great portfolio.
    There is o shortcut to build backlink you need to be consistent on building links without using blackhat seo techniques.

    • Rahul

      Growing website also depends on back links and dependends on seo

    • Whiztechy

      Agree Vivek, there is no shortcut for building backlinks, if someone is using unethical way to build backlinks it won’t give good long term results.

      • Muhammad Irshad

        I have been using White hat SEO despite that my client site has been hit very badly by Penguin 3.0. Can you share more better way to deal with Penguin 3.0.


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