5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

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5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

When ever we start any new website, one of the most crucial  and important factor is selecting a domain name. There are many domain name suggestion tools are available in the market and here I have compiled a list of some recommended domain name suggestion tool, which will help you to find domain names based on your Keyword or name idea.

Domain Name Suggestion Tools

One approach which I always suggest is to go for branded or keyword rich domain name, depending upon your new site business model. If you are creating a micro-niche site, it’s always a good idea to go for name which has Keyword in it. If you looking for long term engagement, I would suggest go for a branded name like ShoutMeLoud, Labnol, Lifehacker and so on. Such branded names are very useful in long run and create a significant impact. Specially, a name which is easy to remember will always be helpful. Try not to use such name, which is hard to spell or type.

List of Domain name suggestion tools:

Just now I posted an article an article on Domain suggestion tool Domainsbot, Thanks to Google I get my hand on 4 domain search tools. Domains suggestion tools come very handy when you are searching for some nice domain name based on keywords. Specially when you get an offer from some domain registrar for buying domain at 1$ using their special offer. Before you use any of the following tool I highly recommend read this tutorial

So lets start with these handy list of sites, which help you to find best domain name for your new site:
Some common feature all these sites offer:
  • Buy domain directly from any of the service
  • Domain available or sold
  • Some of them find listing from used domain marketplace

1. Domainsbot :


A simple domain suggestion tool, which also spin your keyword to give you some nice domain suggestions. What I like about this site is, when yo search for niche based Keyword, it also find the domain listing from SEDO and Godaddy along with Price. This way, you might end up picking the best Keyword rich domain name for your new site.  Perfect Keyword domain name generator tool. Learn more about Domainsbot.

2. Nametumbler :


Another simple domain suggestion tools, where you can make changes on your domain search. You can decide the placement of your Keyword for domain name suggestion. What makes this tool worth a mention is, you can add your Keyword and combine with many Keyword suggestion. For example, add it with Animals name, add prefix or suffix and check availability. In short it Tumbler names to find available names.<NameTumbler>

3. Domain suggest tool:


Search for domain name with extension .com, .cc, .TV, .net. By default adult name suggestion is off, you can turn it on but again it won’t be a great idea as many firewall block access to site based on keyword in domain name. <Link>

4. BustAName :


One of my favorite domain search tool after Domainsbot. It makes your mind mapping too easy, with lots of suggestion and words.  You can add multiple keywords and it jumble them and see if there is any available domain names. You can quickly add prefix and suffix which also makes it easier to find your desire domain name. <Link>

I hope this domain suggestion tool will be very helpful for you to find the best domain name for your next venture. Do let us know which of these sites, you liked or do you know more such online or offline tool which help to search and find available domain names.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  1. Anil Chaudhari says

    Thanks bro for providing this one. I was searching for some domain name suggestion tools, Finally I found some useful tools here. I will use some of them. :)

  2. Asif Billah says

    These are great tools when you have a popular name or phrase for your company. I always find it hard to figure out a good name so having the ability to get suggestions opens the creativity door. I like this post!

  3. John says

    Great tools and a great article!

    For those who need a mobile app, there is a domain name generator / availability checker for Android phones and tablets. It’s called Domain Shaker (yes you can shake the phone for some domains :) and it’s part of the free Domain Gadgets app I recently published. It’s still a bit basic but it’s evolving and very simple & quick to use.


  4. says

    Hey guys,

    Great article — there are some tools in this list like Name Tumbler that I had not seen before, and this is quite literally my business. :)

    I recently launched a domain name search tool that ya’ll might also like. It’s called Lean Domain Search and you can find it at http://www.leandomainsearch.com. It helps you find great domain names by pairing your search term with 2,500 other keywords commonly found in domain names and instantly showing you which are still available.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on how it compares to these other tools.


  5. says

    A great post….nowadays it is very difficult to find a decent domain name without correct domain tool….you can also try NameStall.com….it has some every advanced and sophisticated domain tools like – domain name generator, domain name suggestions, instant domain search, brand name generator…i think you will like the site…thank you once again for your informative article.

  6. suraj says

    Harsh great tool! Some of other great tool are:
    i Tried Bustaname nice tool to get domain suggestion.

  7. rakesh kumar says

    DomainGroovy.com has the largest collection of domain name suggestion tools. If any one looking for a better domain name, he/she must check this site at-least once.

    I strongly Believe that it is up to us which type of information or services we provide through our domain name, Depending upon that we can make any name a brand name. History is full with such example.

  8. Puneet says

    These are the great tools but these are helpful when you are trying to search for a keyword domain but now days the trends are changing and everyone wants to own a brand name.

  9. DoStartup says

    I have tried nametumbler before, its okay if you are really dead for ideas. I still think that coming up with one yourself is the best option. For example, I am extremely happy with my domain name and I was surprised to find it available when I tried on the domain availability tool of my domain name registrar.

  10. aatif says

    used bustaname only and it was good but unfortunately didn’t find me a good name :) So got one by myself

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