5 Handy Search Tips for Bing Search Engine

bing search engine tipsBing Search Engine, which was earlier known as MSN Search or Windows Live search is a web based search engine service of Microsoft. In this new Bing Search Engine various new and advanced features are added the most useful changes are the listing of search suggestions, left side navigator pane, sub-links, display of customer service number etc. Also, bing integrates with Facebook to bring more personalized search results.

Like Google, bing also have many shortcuts, and you can use it for many purposes. Here are few bing search tips, to help you:

Bing Search engine tips

1. Just like Google, Bing has also enabled the feature for its users to make easy search about units, calculations and money conversions. For example if you will type 200 Kg in Grams you can get the instant result as “200 kilograms = 200,000 grams” at the top of results.

2. You can even get more specific results of your own choice for instant while looking for the flight information or the user is tracking any flight he can just add the word “Track Flight Status” and the search page will show the top result asking for Airline Name and Flight Number. He just need to fill the details get the information.

3. The search engines are generally country specific but Bing Search Enginewill allow you to make searches related to other courtiers as well. By using ‘loc‘operator, you can make search related to specific country. For example if you are making search for the archeology of US you need to type the Keyword as Climate loc: US. Thus, this search in Bing Search Enginewill provide the searches related to US only.

4. You can even check the indexing of your blog or web pages with the help of this search engine. To get the information about indexing of your website pages you need to add the key phrase ‘url’ just before the web address of your website or blog and you can check out that Bing has indexed your site or not.  In case if the user want to check that how many pages are indexed by Bing then you can use ‘site’ as a key phrase before your site address and you will get the required results.

5. You can even get the info about weather  forecast by adding the word “weather” after city name. For example, Bangalore weather and the search result will give you forecast about weather of Banglore.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Aaron Kay says

    Nice post, I barely pay much attention to Bing, I suppose I should read more about it. My main page is only indexed with Bing. I guess their crawler is super slow? Or just picky?

  2. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    I am trying to optimize my site for Bing. Hope these tips will help me to do the process, successfully. Thanks for sharing.

  3. shashank says

    bing has nearly surpassed yahoo & is now at sec position guys!
    take it seriously a bit,
    And do optimise your site for Bing!

  4. Suresh Khanal says

    It was nice information about bing but I never understood if my site is not optimized or bing itself is not able to send considerable traffic as google.

  5. Rishi says

    Google is for power net surfing. Bing targets a different segment of Googlers who use search engines for mere purposes.
    And Prabal, Wolfram Alpha is a whole different thing from a web search engine, it’s a logic machine. No camparison between Google, Bing and Wolfram Alpha. It will be like comparing dogs and humans. :P

  6. Tech Maish says

    Binoy@ Bing is a high trafficked search engine, but the problem is that there Algorithm is different from Google. So we need to follow there rules to get high ranking on bing.

  7. Binoy xavier says

    Bing still fails to fetch me traffic. Bing support team have poor guidelines for bloggers and lack helping mentality. Google FTW.

    • EchoBlogger says

      Yes ,,…I agree with you. it took a long time to index a new blog in Bing and traffic from Bing is disastrous!!!!