Benefits Of Keyword Less Domain Names?

keyword less domain name
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When we are just starting a blog or a website for a particular topic or business, having a Keyword in the domain name has its benefits.

Now, when SEO is moving from Keywords to Social Media and algorithms like EMD (Exact Match Domain) low-quality Keyword rich domain names, it is a good idea to go for a Keyword less domain name.

Honestly, both of them have their pros and cons, and if done right, Keyword rich domain could be profitable for better ranking, but the same can be achieved with a quality content niche domain.

It is one of my favorite topics because Shoutmeloud is a keyword-less domain name and I always encourage people to go for keyword-less domains.

When are keywords less domain more Useful?

Branding and uniqueness:

The first and foremost suggestion that I give and share with my friends is to select a word as a domain name that is not widely used.

Using a domain name like Techpro or anything like this probably could have gotten you lots of results by first keyword Tech. But keeping a domain name that is personal or never used will always have a unique identity in the search result.

Your options are open:

This tip is from my personal experience.

ShoutMeLoud was started as a tech blog and over time, I shifted to the blogging niche. The best part about this is I’m not limited to any topic. In the future, if I want to extend ShoutMeLoud to some other niche such as life hacks or something similar, I can do that.

However, if I had a domain name such as “”, I would have been limited to a particular topic.

By selecting a Keyword domain name, you are binding your present and future, whereas with a Keyword less name, you stay flexible in the future.

Domain name availability:

One of the biggest problems with Keyword rich domain names is most of the good domain names (.com and .org) are already taken. I will never suggest you go for .info domain names (Now there are new gTLDs that you can use and sign up for).

Competition :

For a domain name with Keywords, you will have lots of competition for the same niche, but with your own personalized non-keyword domain name, you can rank much better.

Long domain name:

Instead of going for a long ugly domain name just for the sake of keyword richness, it’s better to go for a small memorable domain name.

It will be easy to remember and will also help in creating a good brand.  

I would like to know your opinion on keyword-rich domain names vs keyword less domain names ?

Do let us know what do you suggest? Keyword rich domain name or Domain name which you can easily brand in long run?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

21 thoughts on “Benefits Of Keyword Less Domain Names?”

  1. Ahmer Faraz

    I agree with you that keyword less domain should be used as they are unique and can be used with different topics. I also use keyword less domain name for my blog as you can see from my website. I had already selected it before reading this post of yours.

    I think that it is the value of content in a blog that takes it forward instead of keyword rich domain name. Good content
    pulls the traffic to a website. So you are right that keyword less domain name is better.

  2. Shailender Kumar

    Harsh, I travels a lot outside as well as inside India. I have never written a blog, but I do read tons of blogs for planning my travel itinerary, accommodations and things to do. Now, after reading all these blogs I am getting inspired to start my own as well. And the first question that automatically comes to mind is “what should be the name of the blog?”

    After lot of thinking I had thought of a name with couple of key words and yes it sounds very generic. I thought that the name with keywords will automatically bring lot of traffic, but after going through your write-up I am having second thought.

    Can you tell me, if there are no keywords in the domain name then how do you attract the hits to your blog?

  3. Noufal Binu

    I have also selected a domain name is a keyword less domain name but take much hard work get lot of visitors and memorable to visitors, i love freak names it will be help visitor focus the domain name and remind it later. BTW focus branding i will recommending keyword less
    and selecting a domain blog/website what subject to you like publishing? many subjects include just go with abstract (keywordless ) domain name and focus only specific subject Go with a keyword include domain name.

  4. Nirmal Kumar Pandit

    Exactly, These kind of method very help full to improve traffic to your website, which is very earlier steps. I think we need to understand what is the exact requirement of the visitors.

  5. aks

    Nice article but still I guess domain name have some advatages that’s y but on millions of dollor.

  6. Nihar

    One more interesting topic for discussion. Great going harsh. After being on web for 2 years. what I know is for targetting some keywords you need to have a domain which should contain that keyword. This is for only if the competition for that keywords is less. Hope you got what i want to say.

  7. Ajith Edassery

    Hmm… am not sure if I agree with you on this. The current trends is to go for keyphrase domain names (or something that has 3-4 long tail combinations) I think. labnol may have become famous but short domain names are no more a requirement. 80 or 90% of your users come via SEs and bookmarks (social or local on the browser)

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      That’s very true Ajith, that Keyword rich Domain have an extra edge on SEO. Though we are more concentrating on Branding and uniqueness feature, which we get from keyword less domain.
      For an example your blog MMO has name dollarshower, you might consider Dollar as a keyword here, though I find it more relevant to your niche and it’s a good name for branding rather SEO means.

      1. Ajith Edassery

        Harsh, I was talking more about keyphrase like domain names e.g. something like affiliatemarketingsecrets or usedcarsinindia etc. While short domain names like yahoo, google or bing still has domain name value (only peanuts compared to brand value), the trend is towards keyphrase names.

        Basically, one can still establish a blog/website and drive traffic to it even with long descriptive domain names.

        PS: You must be kidding about the keyword ‘dollar’ 🙂 I will have to spend a million per month to get it on top of Google serps…

        1. Harsh Agrawal

          Ajith there is no point denying the fact that such keyword rich domain names are very important in terms of SEO. Infact with such domain name, with domain parking you can make good money and sell it later on for great price.

          I will never deny the importance of such domain names, You can see the value of keyword rich domain name here

          It was hard to believe for me at the first instance that with keyword domain name people can make millions, but this is a fact.

          Though point now is, it’s hard now to find a keyword rich domain name and for long run instead of going long ugly keyword, I recommend go for short but brand-able domain names.

  8. Pavan Kumar

    I would like to share with you one thing. Just visit and have a look at its alexa stats. Its time which matters most for registering a domain. That guy must be making thousands of rupees every month just spending 8$ an year. Domain business is an intelligent game.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Pavan can you give more insight on time which you mentioned here?
      Meanwhile IRCTC is one of the high traffic website in India… 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        By time, I guess pavan meant to say, being in the right place at the right time – if you’ve watched ‘Luck By Chance’, you already know what he meant 😉

  9. Abhinav Sonkar

    Another reason to keep your blog name and domain name different is after certain amount of time Google will consider your blog as an authority in the topic if someone searches using the words in your domain name. This is very difficult to achieve with same domain name and the blog name

    1. Anonymous

      Says who ? Citation or reference please.

      1. Abhinav Sonkar

        I am saying this from my own blog’s experience. I write on a narrow niche of guitar playing. But my domain name is my name itself. Search for “Abhinav Sonkar” in google and you will see my blog listed as an authority on the topic of guitar.

        1. Anonymous

          @Abhi – I guess you missed something here. Your domain name is keyword rich and the keywords are ‘Abhinav Sonkar’ and this topic was about keyword less TLD’s :).

          Btw, you should optimize your blog for :

          Keywords Count Estimated KEI
          whats going on guitar chords tabs 76 612 306
          dont dream its over guitar chords tabs 58 467 0
          no doubt guitar chords tabs 56 451 225.5
          no doubt spider webs guitar chords tabs 49 395 0
          spider webs guitar chords tabs 48 387 0
          guitar tabs chords and free lessons 43 346 0
          my city was gone guitar chords tabs 43 346 0
          prince nothing compares to you guitar chords tabs 43 346 0.03
          pretenders show me guitar chords tabs 38 306 0.01
          transpose piano chords to guitar tabs 35 282 0
          guitar tabs chords free 28 226 9.83
          inxs guitar chords tabs 28 226 113
          nothing compares to you guitar chords tabs 27 218 0.01
          spiderwebs guitar chords tabs 26 209 0.03
          inxs never tears us apart guitar chords tabs 26 209 0.03
          ramones guitar chords tabs 23 185 61.67
          roxanne guitar chords tabs 19 153 0
          show me guitar chords tabs 18 145 0
          guitar tabs and chords 17 137 0
          sweet dreams guitar chords tabs 16 129 0
          guitar chords and tabs 10 81 0.01
          guitar tabs or chords sara evans youll always be my baby 9 73 0.01
          audio adrenaline the farewell concert guitar tabs and chords 8 64 0.01
          ingrid michaelson guitar chords tabs 8 64 0
          this love guitar chords and tabs 8 64 0
          guitar tabs and chords for spirit in the sky 5 40 0
          tommy walker only a god like you chords guitar tabs 4 32 0
          creedence clearwater revival guitar tabs chords 4 32 0
          master exploder guitar chords tabs 3 24 0
          free guitar tabs and chords 3 24 0
          guitar tabs chords endless sporadic impulse 2 16 0
          guitar chords tabs 1 8 0
          addams family theme chords on guitar tabs 1 8 0
          guitar tabs chords 1 8 0
          guitar tabs and chords for star spangled banner 1 8 0
          free tabs and guitar chords 1 8 0

          There is a lot of kEI data and stuff. Eliminate the numbers concentrate on the keywords.

          PS: Harsh please edit this content once Abhinav gets hold of content.

    2. Harsh Agrawal

      Seems like we are on the same pitch. That’s a good point, but there is a catch here. That we have to keep writing on one niche. So that Google will define our keyword accordingly and we can see our blog at number 1 for certain keyword.
      Meanwhile thanks for useful input and welcome to Shoutmeloud 🙂

      1. Abhinav Sonkar

        Yes, of course, we have to write on a single niche. I personally believe writing on a specific niche helps you a lot in becoming an authority even when you are learning it urself!

        Thanks! I found your blog through one of your comments on some other blog. Keep it up!

        Abhinav Sonkar™s last blog post..How to Decorate Your Music with Suspended Chords

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