3 Best LSI keyword Generator & Research Tools to Find LSI Keywords

LSI keyword research tools
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Are you aware that it’s more important for you to use LSI keywords than to follow a keyword density formula to rank higher in search engine searches?

In one of our previously published posts, we taught our readers about LSI keywords. An LSI keyword is known to be an important aspect of on-page SEO. It is a key element for ranking that cannot be ignored.

The biggest problem with LSI keywords is that there are not many tools available for researching LSI keywords related to your target keywords.

How to find LSI Keywords: 3 Best LSI Keyword Generators

The easiest and most convenient method for doing this is by using a Google search. Whenever you search for any keyword in Google, it shows more searches related to similar keywords.

Here is one example from Google search:

LSI Keyword finder
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When conducting such a search, you should take note of words printed in bold type within the search results to find LSI keywords. Here is one such result for the keywords “buy books online” which is not listed in the “searches related section”, but is listed within the general search results.

Using LSI Keywords
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This is the easiest and most convenient way to find LSI keywords for your content.

Along with this idea, I would like to share with you some free software available online that will allow you to locate LSI keywords related to your target keyword.

2. Semrush SEO Tool

Semrush is perhaps the most popular SEO tool out there, and it offers a ton of features that let you optimise your content. They have a feature called “SEO Content template” which is very powerful to suggest you all the LSI keywords related to your target keywords.

Here is what this looks like:

I searched for LSI keywords for this article using Keywords “Find LSI Keywords”, and it suggested me following semantic related keywords (LSI keywords) to use:

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Unlike other LSI keyword generator tools, this one scans the top 10 results for your target keyword and finds LSI search terms that you should be using in your article.

3. LSIGraph – free online LSI keyword generator:

LSIGraph is the latest free SEO tool on the market that allows you to generate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. This is by far the simplest tool anyone can use, even with no SEO skills at all. All you need to do is add your target keyword, and it will generate the associated LSI keywords. I will share how to use LSI later in this article, but first let’s take a look at a screenshot of LSIGraph:

free LSI Keyword Tool
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As you can see from the above screenshot, this tool suggested LSI keywords for my target keyword. My goal here is to use at least a few of these suggested keywords within my article.

Let me share how I use these generated keywords within my blog content:

How to use LSI keywords

LSI keywords and keyword density are two different things, but they are closely related. Here is how my use of this knowledge has helped me to get 85% of my monthly traffic from search engines:

The very first thing that you need to have with you is the keyword that you are trying to target with your content. You can use SEMRUSH or Google Keyword planner tool to find keywords. (I recommend SEMRUSH, as it makes it easier for people with little SEO knowledge to find keywords with very little effort).

  • Write content naturally: When you are writing content, focus more on storytelling and writing naturally.
  • Optimize content for keywords: Follow the on-page SEO checklist, and optimize your post for the target keyword.
  • Add LSI keywords: Use LSIGraph or Google search to find a list of LSI Keyword for the target keyword. Place them wherever possible without diluting the natural flow of your content. You don’t have to add all of the generated LSI keywords – only those which go well with your article. At times you may also need to add 1-2 paragraphs in your article to add LSI keywords to the article.
  • Use as image alt tag: One of your images should have an alt tag as a primary keyword. The rest of the images can have LSI keywords as alt tags, as long as they’re relevant.
  • Don’t over-optimize: Since you know the to-do list, you should also be aware of what not to do. Don’t try to over-optimize your content for any keyword, as it will have a negative impact on your ranking. You can use a plugin like SEO Writing assistant to check the optimization of your content. If you can do it naturally, you don’t need a plugin to watch for and correct any over-optimization.

If you follow the above guide strategically and within the permissible limits, you are going to improve the ranking of your content. There are very few LSI keyword finder tools out there, and Semrush is one of the best I have seen. You might like to bookmark this tool for your quick reference.

How are you using LSI keywords in your content? Do you know of any other free or paid LSI keyword research tools?  Feel free to share with us using the comments section below.

Meanwhile, here are some additional SEO tools that you should know about:

Do spread the word about this awesome tool by sharing it with your blogger friends via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They will thank you for making them aware of this excellent information!

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  1. Asad

    Hi Harsh, I got 3 keywords after keywords research. And I added more 3 LSI to my sheet. Now I have 6 keywords. Should I start writing article on it. And can I repeat main keyword in 1st and last paragraph. Please let me know if i am doing it in correct way. Thanks

  2. Aamir

    Such a nice article, please tell me if this LSI and long tail keywords are same or its different from one another?

    1. Aamir

      Thank you very much harsh, you are amazing.
      Now it’s clear for me, and I will share this video on Social media.
      Once again Thanks for your valuable time.

  3. Shyami goyal

    question-if i use these keywords like best romantic songs,best romantic songs for bollywood,best old hindi romantic songs,new romantic songs

    1.romantic songs is constantly use on these queries so i got penalty by keywords density for romantic songs ?
    2. All these queries are lsi keywords i can use this and not got penalyzed by Google?

  4. Aditi Aggarwal

    What an amazing and well written article.But what I believe, I have been using Adwords Keyword Planner, is the better one. As we can choose the keyword based on Competition and of course on demand as well.

  5. Shaikh Masood Alam

    Hi Harsh, Great Article. I always read and find some motivation from your article.
    LSI Keywords are great for adding variation in keywords placing without penalized by Big G and you also give information about how to use it. Thanks.

  6. Grasshoppers India

    Your Article So informative ,Useful and Helpful , LSI is really important for search engine optimization. But I would like to know that how many LSI keyword can I use for per 1000 words article.

    1. Harsh Agrawal


      There is no exact percentage of keyword density. Personally, 1-1.5% of keyword density along with “semantic keywords” and LSI keywords works best for me.

      1. Basit

        Yoast seo is recommending 2.5℅ maximum kw density

  7. Kamal

    How many(average) LSI keywords we should use in a content of 300 words ??

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Kamal,

      There is no hard and fast rule or an exact number on usage of LSI keywords, However, here are few areas where you can place LSI keywords to get the most out of them:

      Page title, H1 and H2 tags, URL address, META tags, Images alt text, First paragraph of text, Body of content,Last paragraph.

    2. Adil Mirza

      Kamal, no matter how many times you use a keyword, add how many LSI keywords but 300 words cannot take place on the first page of google unless there is no competitors who write on the same topic. If you are only an authoritative source in your topic, then using a few LSI keywords will put you on number 1 in SERPS

  8. Palash

    Hi Harsh,
    Thank you for sharing this information. But I would like to know that how many LSI keyword can I use for per 1000 words article.

  9. Apppl combine

    Hi Harsh

    Your Article So informative ,Useful and Helpful , LSI is really important for search engine optimization .. Thanks Sharing Unique Article .

  10. Rakesh

    Nice Post harsh…your blog never disappoints me in terms of content and Quality..!!!

    Cheers mate!!!

  11. Edwin

    What a powerful keyword tool. Thanks so much for sharing this site, as well as you use it properly to create great content.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I wish if they launch a WordPress plugin which will make life easier. I need to check if SEOPressor is powered by the same app or not.

  12. Bright Joe

    Thanks a lot bro! All your articles have helped me a lot improving my blog. My age is just 14 and I recently started a blog and I’m following all your guides properly and I hope that I will become successful like you are.

  13. warda farooq

    your article information is so useful.The LSI is really important for search engine optimization since its an important factor to tell Google about what our article is about.Awesome piece of advice. I got all the Information I wanted through this blog.Thanks for sharing this

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Warda I’m glad that ShoutMeLoud is helping you. Keep reading & keep adding valuable comments.

  14. Hasan Shahzad

    That’s awesome online tool, to write and rank SEO optimized articles. Thanks for sharing Harsh!

  15. Waheed Mughal

    Hello thanks for the share, I formally used Semrush for keywords research but I will try LSIGraph to see how it works for me.

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    Harsh, Thats a great info. Thanks a lot. I never knew about LSI keywords until now.

  17. Siddaiah

    Hi Harsh,

    I search for LSI keywords in word web tool, this tool is suggested by you in one of your articles, from that time I am using that tool to find out LSI keywords, now it seems this online tool will help me more compare to WordWeb, I will check and follow your guidelines to use this tool.

    Thanks for sharing the information about this LSI Graph online tool, keep rocking.

  18. Mohammed Basheer

    Thanks a lot for the information, the suggested tool is very useful in finding LSI Keywords.

  19. Surya

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for sharing the tool…But what I believe, I have been using Adwords Keyword Planner, is the better one. As we can choose the keyword based on Competition and of course on demand as well.

  20. Deepanker

    Thanks harsh for sharing this free tool for long tail keywords. I use Hittail, but the tool is paid and new bloggers cannot afford the tool. As always, your post will help new bloggers. 🙂

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