How To Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress For More Traffic

Update: I have updated this article with a new plugin which also supports iOS.

Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress
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A few days back, I shared the best Social media sharing plugins for WordPress, and most of these plugins are optimized for web-version of your blog. You must be aware of the fact that mobile usage is increasing every day, and it’s important for you to optimize your mobile version of the site for sharing and conversions.

When it comes to mobile Apps, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps and you must be having it right now on your phone. Since Whatsapp is now available on web, it’s important for you to add it as a part of your blog marketing & promotion.

Have you ever thought of adding Whatsapp sharing button on your blog? Imagine what kind of immense traffic it can bring to your site as it will make sharing so easier. Your readers read an article, and if they find it interesting they can quickly forward it to their friends/team view Whatsapp.

Before I share the way to add Whatsapp button on your WordPress blog, let me quickly share some interesting stats with you.

Popular Website Buzzfeed added WhatsApp button sometime back, and now Whatsapp button is generating more share than Twitter Share button. In a conversation with Re-code, Buzzfeed President Jon Steinberg added: “Every time we looked at WhatsApp’s numbers, it blew us away“.

After all, it makes complete sense as Whatsapp sharing button on mobile phone works like “Email to friend” option and the difference are that it’s faster and happens in real-time. Undoubtedly it has the power to make anything go viral too.

Let’s look at the way by which you can add Whatsapp social sharing button on your blog. WhatsApp button was earlier available only on Android, and now it supports iOS too. The first plugin listed below supports iOS only.

WhatsApp Share button plugin for iOS & Android

Update: Socialwarfare WordPress Plugin supports whatsapp & works seamlessly on Android & iOS.

WhatsApp share button is the simplest plugin to add Whatsapp button on your blog. This is a free plugin, and it also supports URL tracking via Google Analytics.

I suggest not to enable this, as it adds an extra parameter to the URL shared by your readers, and it makes it look ugly. This could be avoided if the plugin is integrated with any URL shortener. You can download the plugin from here.

The plugin comes with settings option, and you can automatically add the Whatsapp button on posts, pages including all your custom post type. You also have an option to add the button manually via Shortcode. (I’m using this plugin here at ShoutMeLoud)

How to Add Whatsapp sharing button on your blog-

Here is a step by step guide for you to use this plugin. Download & install Social Warfare plugin.

Go to SocialWarfare settings > Display & move the whatsapp button from inactive to Active

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Click on save & that’s it! Social Warfare plugin will take care of showing Whatsapp sharing button on your mobile device.

Here are other plugins that you can use to add Whatsapp sharing button on your WordPress website:

If you know of more plugins which now supports Whatsapp sharing button, you can let me know via comments.

Overall, After Pocket button, this is the second new sharing button I’m trying here at ShoutMeLoud, and I will share my learning soon. I will look forward to your experience and traffic details after integrating Whatsapp sharing button on your blog.

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Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress
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  1. I did not know about this plugin. Just installed the plugin and thanks for the heads up. I could use every bit of traffic. lol

    No issues with the plugin.

  2. @Harsh . This is great, i just install on my site .. thanks so much for sharing this plugins any way out for blogger site

    Share with us if way out for blogger site


    More of this information

  3. Chaudhari Anil

    Hello Harsh

    After using this button i get lot’s of traffic from whatsapp . this plugin help me lot and it’s working for me ..
    So bro Thanks for sharing this Whatsapp sharing button tricks..
    Anil Chaudhari

  4. Hi Harsh
    Now Whatsapp is popular social media and its good plugin for wordPress bloggers like me
    thanks bro sharing with us

  5. Nice article. WhatsApp plugin generating much traffic. I am too much satisfied with that plugin. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mark Williams

    Hello Harsh,
    Nice information on WhatsApp sharing, this is something I wanted but I was not getting time to hunt for the stuff and exploit! But its so awesome to get it here so easily.

  7. I am using “add to any”Wordpress Plugin and its not responding sometimes its doesn’t appears Properly.


    Can you please also share article for how to use whatsapp sharing widget for blogger. Please reply

  9. Mahadi Hassan

    It’s nice information to get new visitors via mobile & tablets. its helpful.
    thanks for sharing.

  10. Compared to other social sharing options, I believe WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter form the bulk of social sharing in India. Thanks for sharing this article.

  11. hey, I tried many Plugins (Mobile ShareBar, shareholic, whatsapp-jetpack-button) for WhatsApp Sharing but no one includes Post content they all share its Links only on WA…
    suggest me the best

  12. Adding a Whatsapp Share button is going to be really helpful to increase traffic. Is there a Share to Whatsapp option in the ShareThis plugin?? And if so, how to configure it?

  13. Bilqees Kenchi

    It’s really good for mobile users. However, wouldn’t it better to add share button specific to mobile OS, so user can share content with any application available. Please share some easy tips to share posts on whatsapp like facebook and twitter etc…

  14. Thanks for your nice topic. Im seeking your Sharing Button On WordPress For More Traffic Topic. This topic realy helpfull. I think this topic help to all

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