How Dedicated Servers Can Contribute to your Business Growth

Dedicated hosting is a server with dedicated resources that is assigned to customers who purchase a dedicated hosting plan.

A dedicated hosting plan offers a large amount of CPU, storage and bandwidth for the customers.

Dedicated Servers To Boost Traffic
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When you website’s traffic volume have increase, you must quickly transfer it to a dedicated server. If you don’t, you will exceed the bandwidth limit usage on the shared server.

When the site exceeds the bandwidth usage limit, the hosting service of your hosting account will automatically shut down.

The message “bandwidth limit exceeded” or “account suspended” will display across the webpages that belong to the site.

When visitors perform a search in the search engine and land on your site, they will see the default message.

They will have an impression that you close down your website so the message appears on the webpage. Most visitors to your website are first time visitors. During the first visits, they will already have bad impression on your website.

They will also assume that your company is unprofessional so that the hosting company suspends your account. In addition, the search engine will quickly deindex a site whose hosting account is suspended.

To prevent this from happening, you must quickly move the site to a larger server. The solution to this problem would be to purchase a dedicated hosting plan.

You can start with dedicated hosting at as low as $99/month from The Planet. It is expensive because it allows you to use up the entire resources in a dedicated server. You will also have control over the aspects of your server and domain which are not possible with a shared hosting plan.

Once you subscribe to a dedicated hosting plan, you won’t see the default message display on your web pages anymore.

It is best that you transfer your site to a dedicated hosting server when you found out your traffic volume is increasing rapidly. In this way, you won’t risk your account being suspended and lose customers.

Note: If you are using WordPress for your blog or website, you can rather use a managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta or WPEngine. For the WordPress environment, managed WP hosting is better.

With dedicated server, your website will load fast. A Dedicated server plan allows you to have a bandwidth of 100 MB per second.

This means that dedicated hosting plan customers will be utilizing the full bandwidth limit. Large sites that are hosted on a shared hosting server often loads slow. Your visitors will be happy to navigate your website.

They will stay on your website for longer hours because they are no longer bothered by the slow page loading problem. In this way, your site traffic will increase significantly. The increase in traffic will also increase your conversion rate and monthly revenue.

For beginners shared hosting is always good and once you crossed the shared hosting threshold, VPS servers can take care of your need.

In case if you are a pro and have 100 +websites, a dedicated server is what you need.

According to you when one should make a switch to Dedicated Webhosting from Shared or VPS?

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13 thoughts on “How Dedicated Servers Can Contribute to your Business Growth”

  1. chizoba

    i recently moved to a dedicated server and all of a sudden my site traffic went down. Everything seems ok on my webmaster tools. I don’t know how long it will take the traffic to return back or is it because of the world cup going on because i am not understanding

  2. Melissa Berg

    Nice post you have created it’s a more informative about dedicated server to boost your web traffic. Dedicated Server has no limitation of bandwidth usage. It provides huge data space which is managed or control by entire network. This hosting server has better performance, reliability and flexibility.

  3. Kishore Kumar

    When its suitable to move to vps or dedicated.Please explain it with an example of pageviews

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It’s not actually the number of pageviews, that matters. What matter is what platform you are using, and how much resource you need.
      Lets take an example with WordPress blogging platform.
      A normal shared hosting like bluehost can easily hold up to 20K page views daily on well-optimized WordPress blog, and when your traffic grows or you using lots of custom script, which inturn increase the need of server resource, a good idea is to move to VPS to give more dedicated resource. At times, when VPS is not enough to handle your server resource, dedicated server is what we recommend.

      Do let me know if you have any other question.

  4. Sjef Jens

    Thank you so much for that information. I had no idea dedicated servers could help me get more traffic.

  5. ashish

    hi very good post indeed. Can you tell me the actual number of visitors per day with pageviews , after which one should consider going for a dedicated server?
    i want numbers? like is it 500 visitors with 1500 page views per day or 2000 visitors with 4000 pageviews perday?

    What is the number off visitors after which this website went on to a dedicated servers?

    Any good and cheap dedicated server services??

    1. Sachin

      ASHISH , as Harsh already mentioned that it does not depend on page views. It always depends on how much resources your website needs and you have to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated server accordingly.

      I am using servers from Hosting Pari and they are good enough with cheap price. If you like, you can check with them once.

  6. Jayant

    I note for users who wanna go for[shared hosting]…It can handle upto 3000 visitors per day…

    BTW,what are good hosts for VPS?

  7. sureshpeters

    now its the colud servers are came..and then people will go to the dedicated servers?? its very easy to create a private coulds:),,,

  8. chakkravarthi

    Well good information, but having a dedicated hosting do not mean more traffic to your site. Site speed is just one of over 200 factors in Google when it ranks webpages. Also you Search engines are very much aware of the common problems like bandwidth exceeding issues and they give sufficient time for the website to bounce back to normal before they alter the rankings.

    Having a dedicated server is more of necessity for large websites due to the resources it consumes, I do not see it as a way to increase or boost your traffic, though it might help to an extent with loading times and downtime of a site.

  9. Thiru

    Well said Harpreet Singh , Once I got bad impression on the site at my first visit, i wont go back to that site. So to stick with our visitors, dedicated server will be recommended. Clean and Informative write up.

  10. Sathish

    There is no time to make the switch to Dedicated Hosting. But if sees that his blog or website has the potential to gain more traffic, then it would be real good for him to make the switch even before he gets the traffic.

  11. Reshab |

    hmm… Informative post… But still I’m very happy with Blogger and super fast Google servers. But will keep it in mind when we migrate to WP or drupal.. thanks…

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