Harsh Agrawal: My Blogging Journey So Far

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Speaking at InOrbit 2019 in Slovenia.
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On the 1st of December 2019, ShoutMeLoud had its 11th anniversary and I wanted to write my blogging journey which could help others to take up blogging as a serious career.

This is going to be a nice personal read, as it’s about my blogging journey so far. So if you are passionate about blogging then only read it, otherwise, check out the other categories of ShoutMeLoud.

This post is all about how I started my first blog and later on how I created a network of profitable blogs, after the first successful blog.

A Little About Me:

The best place to learn about me is by reading ShoutMeLoud about page .

For the new readers, I’m Harsh Agrawal, Founder of ShoutMeLoud.

I’m an accidental blogger and an engineer by education.

11 years back, I never imagined that I would live a boss free life and speaking at international conferences in exotic places like Las Vegas, Russia, Milan to name a few.

I have dedicated my good 11+ years to blogging and helping many individuals around the globe to grow in their career. Helping others grow has always been my biggest driving force and in this story will tell you about the important time period of my blogging journey.

Getting back to my educational background, I completed engineering in I.T. stream (2008) and by the end of my final year; I was placed in one of the most reputed I.T. Companies: Accenture.

My Blogging Journey: How it all started

The first three months of blogging:

I started blogging just out of fun in September 2008 and started writing about things I knew. I began my blogging journey on the BlogSpot platform. I was more interested in network and computer security, so I started with a community on Orkut called “Underground world.”

The first domain name which I wanted to be was the underground world, which was already taken.

So I started with the domain name virgintech.blogspot, and at the end of three months I was getting appreciation from my readers and I thought of investing in my blog.

I bought Web-hosting and a domain from and migrated my blog to WordPress.

How an accident changed my life?

On June 28th, 2009, I had a terrible accident that changed my life forever. The doctors told me I could never walk again, and I nearly lost all hope and faith for a good life.

It devastated me for days but when I saw my parents crying, the strange realization of “Am I the only one with the problem?” changed the course of my life.

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That one profound thought had a great impact on my journey. I was bed ridden for 6-7 months but instead of giving up; I turned it into an opportunity. I spend a countless hour learning and honing my skills in blogging.

A big thanks to an excellent surgeon (Dr. Prateek Gupta), I ultimately could walk and run again after being bedridden for seven months.

Selecting a domain name + Hosting

By the end of three months, I was aware of the importance of branding of a blog. Initially, I was thinking of some domain name with a keyword containing ‘Tech” but choose “Shout-Me-Loud” for its uniqueness and for better branding.

For hosting, right now ShoutMeLoud is hosted on Kinsta.

How ShoutMeLoud found its niche?

Initially, I wrote about the usual tech stuff which you could probably find on other blogs. Later on, when I discovered that blogging could make money, I was blown away with this idea.

I was wondering why nobody told me I could follow my passion and make money. That’s where I made a mission that I will let others know about blogging and how they can follow their passion and live a boss free life.

Life has much more to offer than working for someone and living paycheck to paycheck.

This is where I started sharing everything I was learning about blogging and started sharing my experience of making money from blogging.

Since all content was based on my learning experience and experiments, soon ShoutMeLoud visitors started liking it and that’s how ShoutMeLoud found its niche.

My First Income from blogging: 

As I mentioned, I started blogging out of passion and my love for writing.

I did not understand what AdSense was or what SEO was when I started. I was a hobby blogger and with time I learned about AdSense and other advertising programs. Though before that I learned SEO by reading lots of blogs and experimenting every day.

I still remember my first $10, which I earned via helping a 45-year-old Australian guy with his WordPress issue. That was my first online income and that’s how I discovered about PayPal which enables anyone to receive payment globally. Later on, I added AdSense, and in the first month, I made $40 which I consider as a good start.

Hobby Blogger to A Professional blogging:

Back in March of 2009, I left my full-time job of 6 months, and I took up professional blogging as my full-time career.

It was not a straightforward decision and convincing my family was not an effortless task, but I took my chance and selected what I liked. By that time I started making decent money which could take care of my daily needs.

On another note, I have done my blogging business plan, and I knew how I’m going to take ShoutMeLoud to the next stage.

How an accident changed my life:

Harsh Agrawal accident
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On June 29th, 2009 ( a week after my birthday) I met with an accident, and my leg was badly hurt.

The Doctor put me on bed rest for 6 months and that’s when my life changed. It broke me down because I could not walk, but later on, I saw my parents were crying because of me.

This is where I had a strange realization that I’m not the only one with the problem and this is where I should focus on how I can make things better for me and for people around me.

I was only 22 but this strange realization has given new strength and direction to my life which is continued until now.

Since I had nothing else to do in those bedridden months, I dedicated myself completely to blogging. I used to spend almost 14 hours a day in front of my laptop, most of the time writing and learning new things.

Those 6 months changed everything in my life and given me a new direction. I read as much as I could, and I studied many top blogs and how they succeeded.

Partnership with another Blogger:

Around January of 2011, I partnered with a Pune-based blogger to take blogging to the next level. Since we both have a similar vision for empowering the youth with online money making/Digital marketing, we thought of doing this together.

Later things didn’t turn up as expected, and I shifted back to Delhi to start my own venture.

One thing which I learned from this experience is, one should be mindful when getting into partnerships. If you are undergoing a partnership, do the paperwork first and have complete exit clauses.

My Venture:

My dream and vision till now is making blogging a full-time business and help individuals around the globe to learn the art of blogging.

Like Rome was not built in a day. It will eventually take some time, but someday I will touch that dream, where I will have a big office and many bloggers will be writing on their blogs sitting in their office.

I started to taking advantage of my current domain name and named my company as ShoutDreams.

Current Blog Network:

Many people have asked me how do I manage blogs on our network. It’s not an easy task to maintain multiple blogs and their social media presence. You need to have a team who can treat all blogs as their own blog.

Whenever I hire someone (Editor, paid author), I ensure they are working because their heart is in the work they are doing.

I divide work amongst all of them, and moreover, we work in a model where everyone’s suggestions are welcome.

Future Hurdles:

When anyone sets up a company, the biggest problem you face is finding the right team. Your foundation determines the future of your company and the whole plan.

Moreover, these days there is no requirement of having a physical office. Distributed team works best for people like us who are in creative field and need a fluid working style.

It has its own pros and cons, but so far I enjoyed working with my remote team. We have a member of about 3-4 people who work on various aspect of ShoutDreams Blog network.

Earning from Blogging:

This is the most interesting part of my blogging life. If I would have gone ahead with my 9-6 job, I would be making $20-35k per year.

With blogging and other online activities, I have managed to make more than $550K a year, which is 15x of the amount from my job.

Moreover, by the end, I’m my boss and I work within my own comfort.  I’m sharing this part with you because I want you to take blogging seriously, and you might end up living a life that you never imagined.

My Awards:

I’m not an award kind of guy, but when ShoutMeLoud won best Indian blog awards numerous times, it definitely made me feel good.  However, my biggest joy came after receiving the “entrepreneurship award” from the same college where I have spent 4 years of my engineering career.

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Trip to Antarctica:

I always wondered “how’s life going to be in Antarctica?”. In December 2017, I got a chance to visit Antarctica.

I wonder, “Would this be possible without blogging”?

The biggest challenge as a blogger:

The last 11 years have been amazing, but it also comes with a significant price. This section is more of a suggestion if you take a route as a blogger, freelancer or someone working from home.

Our work style requires minimum social interaction, less physical movement, no cheerleaders, and this has its advantage and a great disadvantage. So you need to find a balance to ensure you add enough social interaction in the form of YouTube interviews, Podcast interviews, social meet up in your community, join some interest group.

You need to create a system which illuminate motivation and inspiration all the time to help you keep moving forward.

In a nutshell, you need to talk to more people in person or in the face. This will be really helpful in the time to come. I discovered this issue a little late, but taking certain actions as mentioned above helped me to get over this feeling.

What’s Next for ShoutMeLoud?

We will keep evolving as a blog to teach blogging, SEO and how you can make a living from home. I will keep you updated with what’s going to happen or when that happens.

ShoutMeLoud is not a business for me, it is a home. I spend time here, because I know people who visit, they are going to add something meaningful in their life.

You can join me on YouTube & Instagram.

This post was written because many people wanted to know a little background about me, and about ShoutMeLoud.

I will write more posts on how we work as a team, and what are the options you have to grow along with ShoutMeLoud.

Meanwhile, let me know if you have any feedback for me or for ShoutMeLoud?

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Speaking at InOrbit 2019 in Slovenia.
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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

347 thoughts on “Harsh Agrawal: My Blogging Journey So Far”

  1. harsh good people are hard to see but i just found some still exist …you are one in a million may God bless the work of your hands and how you have encourage new beginner thumbs up….WE ALL LOVE HARSH A MILLION TIMES

  2. Manish Raushan

    Thank you for sharing your experience of blogging journey. It is not only inspiring but also very helpful for those who want to make a career as a blogger.

  3. Such an inspiring story and true motivation. Loved every bit of the experience you have shared. Keep up the good work. All the best!
    And Thank You So Much

  4. Prosper Tulula

    Dear Harsh Agrawal, I wonder why you have been encouraging me to respond to your emails. I want to assure you that while other bloggers do this and succeed to build a huge following as a result, you do it in a surprisingly friendly way with a tone that sounds personal and irresistible to the extent that you finally won my heart and trust.

    In fact I intend to start out as a blogger, and I will write you by the end of this month after Hebrew Easter; when I am back to my country Tanzania. Right now I am in Kenya.

    I wonder how you mantain friendship and business without comprosing on any of the two. You are differrent as you can make money and still sacrifice much to lift other newbies up. I normally don’t respond to blogs because it is always about money, but with you it is different as you can proportionately strike a balance between the two–selling your services and building relationships that assures you of a sustainable blogging. That is possibly a first secret I have learnt you.

    While everybody can be a good blogger out of hard work and persistence, not everybody can be a heart-winner to mantain a loyal market share in a competitive market like the internet.

  5. Wow sir I am really inspired by your footsteps . I also want to be successful in future years in blogging . Congratulations .

  6. Ed Requintosa

    Hi Sir, thanks for sharing your story, it’s really give a great motivation to me to work harder for my newly blog that someday I will be successful of my blogging career. And get out to the corporate world. God Bless and more power to you.

  7. It’s funny how good ideas stand the test of time — love your enthusiasm and drive, and vision of the future.

  8. HEY Harsh Agrawal

    Sorry to hear that you met with an accident.
    Congrats Harsh and keep growing all good wishes are with you

    This post will be a big inspiration to give more efforts in blogging. Thanks.

  9. Hello Harsh,
    Well, Your journey is truly an inspiration for me and I also want to start a blog wish me.I wasn’t interested in WordPress but after reading your story and ShouMeLoud blog, Now I decided to start a blog.Thanks for motivating us and keep motivating.
    Wish you all the best

  10. Mayank Neralla

    A very inspiring story about you, Harsh. In fact one of my friends who ventured into online promotions one and half years back introduced me to online promotions and blogging. He only introduced your site shoutmeloud.com to me. It was very inspiring. I would also like to earn money and follow my passion in blogging. Can you advise me how to do it?

  11. Mashum Mollah

    Hello Harsh,

    This is Mashum from Kolkata. I generally follow some people to build my digital marketing career and they are likely YOU, Neil Patel, Syed Balkh, Brian Dean etc. I read your post thoroughly and it’s enjoyable for me. You and your blogging journey inspired me a lot and helped me to move on for next level. In this post, I loved your 1 lines and also agree with you “one should try to avoid partnership until last”.

    Thanks for sharing and wish you a happy life!

  12. Hi Harsh,

    Starting is always hard and taking initiative is even harder.
    But once initiative is taken and constantly worked upon it, lead to success which has no limit.

    But for this one has to be motivated all the time to keep working for their goal. Many people including me lack in this.
    Still working on it. A kudos to you harsh.

    -SK Lohar

  13. Sincerely speaking you are the person that keep me live on my blog l.I gave up on it but when I read some articles from you I got inspired and decided to keep working l.

    Thanks for the advice I also want to use this to say sorry about the accident you had

  14. Hi sir Such an inspiring story and true motivation. Loved every bit of the experience you have shared. Keep up the good work. All the best! And Thank You So Much

  15. Rakesh Thakur

    Hii Harsh,
    As usual thoughts are inspiring, motivating encouraging nad what not, you are the trendsetter in this Blogging Community and your blogs are just a blast for new bloggers.
    Thanks you

  16. Hi sir! You are a true inspiration for us. I am an aspiring blogger and your journey always motivates me. I wish I can achieve at least half the success you have.

  17. So, that accident changed your life forever. Everything happens for a reason and you are the best example.


  19. great sir thanks a lot giving us sharing such a great inspirational story. basically, i am doing a job and also learning digital marketing but everywhere people who know about you they all say us follow shoutmeloud so that i have started writing blog. as your guideline, lots of shouters will become a famous blogger very soon.thanks a lot, sir.god bless you and your all team.

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