GoDaddy Review – How Trustworthy GoDaddy is (with image proof & Real Experience)

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I prefer talking about good companies and service providers that help us do better business and excel in life. However, there are times when I find it hard not to talk about a company that is duping people with modern sales techniques and making them shatter their dreams.

And this is the story of one such company.

This story is based on my real experience of dealing with GoDaddy, which is a popular website for buying domains and web hosting.

This review is totally based on my experience.

Grab a cup of coffee ☕️ and a pack of popcorn, as what you’re going to read will sound impossible or like the doing of a big company like GoDaddy.

I’m publishing this so that you can avoid working with a company like GoDaddy or be aware of their techniques to rip off their customers.

GoDaddy Premium Domain Review – Can you Trust Them? (My Experience) 

I have no intention to criticize honest and hard-working people at GoDaddy. However, in this case, something is really wrong, and it seems like the issue is people- and process-based, which is a failure and negligence by the management. I hope they rectify it, and also, there are a few representatives who tried doing the right thing; they should reward them and replace those who willfully did not perform their duty well.

Around November 5th, 2023, I bumped into an article on Google blog about the launch of .ing domain name.

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I have been dwelling into this idea of launching my SaaS tool and after a lot of contemplation decided to also grab a brandable domain name called “”.

I placed the pre-registration of the domain name and it costed about USD $4025. And, after placing the order the amount was deducted from my account. However soon I realized that renewal would not be at the base price but again have to pay the premium, which is not what was expected.

I reached out to GoDaddy support and requested them to cancel my pre-registration. They suggested me to reached out after 14 days when the domain registration is done and then they will cancel the domain registration and do the refund.

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I contacted GoDaddy support at the exact time they asked me to and the chat representative asked me all sorts of usual questions and finally asked me to delete the domain name from my account and they would process the refund.

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Then I was guided on steps to delete the domain, and the waiting for a refund started. After a wait of 9 days, GoDaddy sent me an email saying “We are unable to refund your order”.

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This seemed like some mistake as the domain was gone from my account and there was no refund.

I contacted GoDaddy support on a call and asked them about the issue. They said, it is rejected by a supervisor and they are arranging a call back.


And, I contacted again and spoke to another agent and he replied saying that he has created a case and the refund would be processed in the next few days. I was losing my patience and trust but in a situation like this, we can only keep faith and do what’s the best in such a moment.

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And, then came the new year, and I was thinking things are not moving because of Christmas and New Year.

However, it seems like GoDaddy doesn’t care for their customers, or their process is super bad and there is no accountability.

Anyway, I contacted them again on 2nd January 2024 and this time I had a long conversation with another representative, and she realized that $4000 is a very huge amount for hard working people like us, and she proactively tried resolving this.

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She asked for a screenshot of the conversation with the chat representative who, in the first place, instructed me to delete the domain, which I promptly shared. There were more screenshots, but here’s one relevant for this review.

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and again radio silence for 2 or more weeks, and I patiently keep following up.

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Honestly, at this stage, I was getting frustrated and losing all hope. But we can’t just let things slide like this, as probably someone higher up is trying to dodge the bullet here and using silence as a technique.

Anyway, as persistent as I could be, I called again. By the way, every call usually takes 2+ hours, and this next call went on for 3 to 4 hours.

This time, I was able to reach someone from the supervisor team, and after hours of explanation, and multiple call drops, he understood the situation. He said, “I will get in touch with the team responsible for this, get back to you, and resolve it.”

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I was so happy that after days of hard work, maintaining my patience, and doing the right thing, I would be rewarded. But then, I realized that this might be GoDaddy’s strategy to disarm their customers. They make us wait for hours to get in touch with someone who seems like they can resolve the issue, and then they just vanish.

To be honest, by this time, I was tired and feeling a little angry. How could these people be so inconsiderate about a job that is paying them? It feels inhuman to treat customers who indirectly help them run their households this way. This is just not how things should be.

I’m writing this review with a heavy heart and with a little hope that the right people at GoDaddy see this. I hope they identify the problem in their system and not only fix my issue but also address hundreds of others with similar unresolved issues.

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Here are the case numbers if you are from GoDaddy and wish to do the right thing:

  • Case #124781734
  • Request number – 35676733
  • Case number: 125857469

I will keep you posted on how things unfold. If GoDaddy’s management actually figures out why their customer support is so bad, why certain tickets never get an answer, and how many such unresolved issues there are, it would be great. Once all this is resolved, I would appreciate it if they proactively rectify this and other issues. I’ll keep you posted.

Over to you: GoDaddy Review

I hope that this GoDaddy review saves the precious time of other budding solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who might be thinking to do something with GoDaddy. Find some alternatives run by good people and people who really care about their customers.

If you ever had any experience with GoDaddy that you would like to share, the below comment form is waiting for you.

Note: Since we have many articles mentioning GoDaddy on this website and a few others, we will be updating the same with this experience in the days to come.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

6 thoughts on “GoDaddy Review – How Trustworthy GoDaddy is (with image proof & Real Experience)”

  1. kaviyarasu

    Hi, Sad to know about his. Nowadays, asking help on twitter (from any companies) will move the work some steps.

  2. Extremely sorry to know this Harsh.
    However, I’d like to ask you one question.
    Why don’t you move with the case legally?

  3. Hi, Harsh,

    Sorry about your experience. This is so sad.

    From your review, its evidence the Godaddy support reps acknowledged the domain deletion and the refund request followed due process. This raise the question, why has the refund request not completed as at when due?

    I haven’t use GoDaddy but most of the user reviews I have came across in online communities are negative experiences/reviews. It is either a domain name got stolen via Godaddy or a business website hosting account got suspended for some silly reasons.

    I haven’t used Godaddy and don’t think I will ever.

    Thanks for sharing, Harsh.

  4. Subham Chaurasia

    GoDaddy has a habit of adding undisclosed fees, AWS is much better ( They Customer Service is great) even though they may not be an exact replacement.

  5. Buying a domain for $4000…

    Oh My God,…

    As a blogger, if I earn $4k I would feel very happy…

  6. Kapil kukreja

    GoDaddy is one of the worst companies to deal with. I have learnt this a hard way. The only way to get your money refunded fast is to create a detailed email and loop GoDaddy leadership in them. You may get CEO’s or director email with little search online.
    Leadership won’t want to damage their brand and customer relationships while the people whom you are dealing with just want to save their skin. By directly sending email to leadership you are thrashing their delaying tactic in hope you will ultimately stop chasing. This strategy worked with me so many times.
    I did this not only dealing with GoDaddy but one with ICICI bank too.

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